10 Best Christmas Presents For Men Under $1000

May 14, 2018 By Nick

10 Best Christmas Presents For Men Under $1000


Men are nightmares to buy for, we know it.


So, the best thing we can do to avoid that tortuous moment on Christmas Day as we open another present we really don’t want is to just tell each other the things we do like.


If you like what you see, share it far and wide and you might actually get something you like this Christmas. If you’re a girl reading this then take the subtle hint. This piece found you for a reason.




1. Tag Heuer Formula One Watch


This is one of the cheapest Tag Heuer watches that you can buy new, but it’s a stellar piece of engineering that will stand the test of, well, time…


It’s a big money brand, too, so he’ll know you care. His friends will be impressed and you’ll look like the best person in the world. For a while.


A watch has those connotations, too, of staying together, of permanence. It’s also the only piece of jewelry a man can wear without looking a total tool.


So, if you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life, this is a stone cold winner.





2. PS4 Pro VR Kit With Gran Turismo



You can buy your man a supercar for Christmas. More than one. You can buy him a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Bugatti and more, all for $1000.


It sounds bizarre, but the new PS4 Pro and VR set-up means that this is really a simulator now, not a game. Get the wheel and pedal kit, and if you want to go over budget then go mad and get a full racing chair.


Do that and you probably won’t have to wonder where your man is. He’ll be lost in his own little virtual world, driving his new Porsche round the Nurburgring. And he’ll love you dearly for it.


This is the gift that keeps on giving, because it means you get the TV to yourself and your weirdass soap operas.





3. Marcy Diamond Elite Home Gym


Again, this is a gift for both of you. It’s a gym rat’s dream and if you both hit the weights then you can finally make a gym in your home. Also, if you don’t exercise and you get one of these, it’s a hint.


If you’re busy, then you can do your workout in the corner of your apartment, or a room of your house. It really doesn’t take up much space and it offers a full body workout with a vast number of different combinations.


In all, you’ve got 100 separate exercises available to you.


You get a bench, an Olympic freeweight rack, a curling rack for your arms and legs, cable pulleys and just about everything else. Get a range of weights and some dumbbells on the side and you’ve got a total workout at home.


Seriously, you might be able to ditch the gym membership and get in the best shape of your life.






4. Apple iPhone 8



Of course, we can get into a rant about the Apple iPhone and its overpriced new generation. But Christmas isn’t about needs, it’s about want.


And we all want the new iPhone.


Yes, there’s the iPhone X, but that doesn’t fit the budget and there are doubts about the super complex gesture controls. The user interface is a mess with the X, but the 8 retains the Home button and is awesome.


It’s the slickest smartphone you can buy right now. Of course, you can get one on a contract. But if somebody’s getting it for you then the full unlocked iPhone 8 is the way to go.



Hover-1 Electric Scooter - it's awesome

5. 20mph Folding Electric Scooter



This scooter is just one of those weird Christmas presents for men that will pretty much always go down a storm.


There’s definitely an age cut-off for riding round on this thing, but if you’re young and hipster enough to carry it off then all power to you.


If you can, this electric scooter will take you to 20mph and beyond and you can get away with cycle paths in the city. It’s an awesome commuter for a young man in the city and it’s way faster than sitting in traffic.


You can fold it up and put it under your desk, recharging on the company’s dime. It shouldn’t cost anything to run, in real terms, and it can be a commuter or a bit of fun.





DJI Mavic Pro, the world's best drone?



6. DJI Mavic Pro



Nobody quite knows why drones have taken off, boom boom, to the extent that they have. All we know is that guys love flying drones and the DJI Mavic Pro is the best bang for buck you’re going to get.


The camera offers creamy smooth footage. So, you can do everything from aerial views of your city through to tracking your dog running through fields.


The DJI Mavic Pro comes with a range of auto flight patterns, gesture control and autonomous crash avoidance tech to make it as easy as possible to produce aerial epics.


It’s the best consumer drone in the world by a long way. So, if honey is going drone shopping, make sure she gets the link…


Or you could treat yourself right now, just sayin’




Buy pool table onlne


7. Pool Table



A pool table is pretty much the ultimate mancave toy.


There’s just something about a pool table. We all played when we were young and a table in your own home means that suddenly there’s a reason to have the boys round.


This pool table is one of  the best for sale  online in this price point. It’s elegant, it fits modern decor and it’s easy to level.





6 Sony A6300



Are you into photography and video? If so, you know your cameraphone has limits.


Considering how small it is, the Sony A6300 is a ballistic camera that will teach you the fine art of photography.


Photography fans have taken to using this basic kit and buying cheap, vintage lenses from eBay that work with an adapter.


If you’re not shooting action, then it can be a really awesome way to learn the camera and to take unique pictures.


Dialing in the settings and seeing the results pop up on the LCD screen makes it really feel like an artistic process. There’s a mechanical beauty to the old lenses and they start from a few bucks on eBay.


The body, though, is the important part and that is bang up to date. It’s pretty much a compact camera in terms of dimensions. The lens detaches, which means you can add a long-distance lens if you really get into it.


This 16-50 is a great lens, though, and will be more than enough to get started. You get a 24.2mp sensor, which is massive, and real 4K video.


So, if you want to do videos of your family, your friends, stupid shit to turn you into a Youtube millionaire or more or less anything else, this Sony is the camera that can do it.


It’s pretty much the best camera in the world at a reasonable price point. After that, you’re going to have to look to the much more expensive A7 line to get your rocks off.


You can keep it largely automatic, but you can really play with this camera in manual mode and learn how to work the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.


If you need to sell the concept, talk about all the happy memories of your love you could capture with this camera.





Avegant Glyph Review - A personal cinema in a headset

8. Avegant Glyph



We love the Avegant Glyph, and it’s one of the few on this list that costs way less than $1000.


We think it’s still here on merit and it might give your girl a fighting chance of buying it for you without having to work the street.


Essentially, it’s a movie theater in a headset. You get the big cushioned earphones, a bridge for your nose and the two screens are actually so much more.


It’s proprietary tech and they’re not screens. They contain 2 million mirrors and present a more natural viewing experience that takes you into the heart of the action.


It’s about the equivalent of a massive screen, and you’re totally cocooned from the world. It hooks up to your phone or laptop to stream movies, you get a battery with four hours of use between charges and that means you’ve got a movie experience wherever you are.


The Avegant Glyph is the best gift for business travelers. They can kill time in the airport, on planes, trains and overseas hotels. You can also use it as a monitor for work or gaming, which make this one of the best Christmas presents for men.





9. Fully Stocked Cigar Humidor



If you like to smoke a fine cigar now and again, or you go full Michael Jordan and smoke Cuba’s finest every day, then there wouldn’t be many cooler Christmas presents than a kickass humidor stocked with some of the world’s best.


This electronic humidor is basically foolproof. Just keep an eye on the gauges and the humidor will regulate the temperature and the humidity. If you have the best cigars, you need this humidor.


Then for the cigars, head to Thompson Cigars and take advantage of this 15%  off deal. Go for the luxury samplers and you’ll get 50 cigars for as little as $2 each.


Take 15% off Cigar Gifts! Use Promo Code: GIFT15 at cart



Pad  it out with these, then top it off with a box of Padron 1964 or quality Montecristos and you’ll have something for just about everybody.


If you entertain clients, then this can be a real winner in the office, too, although you’ll probably have to go outside to smoke.




Segway One S1 Electric Unicycle Review


10. Segway Unicycle



It’s fun, it’s decadent, it’s pointless and it’s destined to end up forgotten in a corner in the end.


Until then, it will be a hell of a lot of fun.


This electric unicycle is pure recreational fun and it’s seriously quick enough to zip round your local park and bicycle routes.


It isn’t easy to master and you will fall off, so get a set of pads too. But when you get the hang of it then you can be ‘that guy’ on the boardwalk, in the city center and you can even do some high-risk dog walking.



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