10 Expensive Boys’ Toys on Amazon – 2018

May 14, 2018 By Nick

10 Expensive Boys’ Toys on Amazon – 2018

The most expensive boys toys on Amazon


We love outrageous tech, boys toys and telephone number price tags. We’ll never buy any of it, but that doesn’t mean that this kind of tech doesn’t give us a raging hard-on.


We know it’s pathetic, we know girls don’t get it, and we don’t really care.


This is as close as we’ll get to a tech and geek safe space.


So sit back and enjoy some of the most insanely expensive tech we could find on Amazon!




A widescreen TV that is 18 feet wide!


1. 220” Video Wall TV

Price: $44,999.61



This TV is 18 feet wide. Really, that’s not a typo.


This is the biggest, most expensive TV set on Amazon.


It could easily fill the longest wall in the average home.


You might even need to move house to accommodate your frickin’ massive widescreen TV.


It’s actually 16 55” televisions, fitted together and connected to create the mother of all home entertainment systems.


Honestly you could just get a headset like the Avegant Glyph for a completely immersive experience.


But there’s no doubt this video wall is cool in its own special way.





Hasselblad H6D - A crazy expensive camera on Amazon


2. Hasselblad H6D

Price: $32,995



Hasselblad is the king of the medium format world and a darling of advertising photographers around the world.


The big name portrait photographers pretty much all use the Hasselblad and it is famous for capturing incredible color and dynamic range.


It shoots true 4k video, has 15 stops of dynamic range and 16-bit color.


The price for this medium format, 100mp camera is mindblowing, though. It really is the most expensive stills camera in the world, we think.


Bear in mind the price you see is just for the body.


Hasselblad camera lenses, and lighting, can easily double the overall cost.


So unless you’re a top level photographer, you really might want to consider something cheaper, like a Sony A6000 or the professional grade Sony A7R II.








3. Patek Phillipe Nautilus Rose Gold  40.5mm

Price: $80,730.00





There are way more expensive watches from Patek Phillipe that pop up from time to time. But the Nautilus is a mainstay on Amazon and the Rose  Gold version is a stunning watch.


It’s  too much money  for most of  us to ever  conceive  of  spending on a watch, but then it could be the daily, go-to  timepiece for an Arab Prince who could order this wit a one click delivery.


You need to be in the top 1% of the 1% to have a watch like this, which I guess is the point after all.


It’s a 40.5mm rose  gold watch with a Saphhire crystal back and a black dial with gold overlaid  numbers.


Don’t worry if you can’t afford one, though, you might be happy with a cheap and cheerful Rolex Submariner instead.





I-X2 Mediastation, a beast of a computer



4. I-X2 Mediaworkstation

Price: $23,250





This is $23,250 for a black box. It doesn’t light up, it doesn’t dance and there is no visible water-cooling system.


It does have the kind of spec that could make your computer jump off a roof in pure shame, though.


It’s a dual 18-core Intel Xeon processor, so yeah, 36 cores.  It has three NVIDIA GTX Titan 12GB graphics cards, 128GB of RAM and aa 512GB Solid State Drive.


This is so far beyond a gaming station we don’t really know what to call it. It’s a beast and it’s easy to see why it’s  one of the most expensive computers on Amazon.


It makes even the biggest, most expensive Mac Pro look like a kindergarten toy and it’s really meant for professional work like film editing.


For home use and gaming, you really don’t need anything more than this Microtel.




Redline GT Driving/Flight Simulator


5. Redline GT Driving/Flight Simulator

Price: $3,091.13





We’re getting used to a VR experience we can use in our home, but this traditional  driving simulator is pretty badass.


It has real motion, well vibration, which adds a sense of realism to your driving games.


It’s compatible with a Playstation or PC, and you can switch out a variety of driving games and even flight games.


This is pretty much a commercial application, but super rich people could have them in their home and link them up to a gaming station.


It’s basically a dressed up version of a kit you can buy for less than $1500, and there you get a full VR kit with a headset. Add a vibrating chair to that and you’ve maybe got a better kit for less money.




Freefly Systems Drone, makes the DJI Mavic Pro look a bargain


6. Freefly Systems ALTA UAV Drone

Price: $11,995





The DJI Mavic Pro is generally considered the best drone in the world, per dollar spent. But take the price limit off and you’re left with this – the ultimate drone.


You can buy more expensive drones on Amazon, but they’re professional tools for digital and thermal mapping.


This is just a heavyweight drone that supports cameras up to 15lb. So you can take a Hasselblad or RED camera airborne.


Imagine that for a moment, more than $50,000 of delicate equipment and glass going through the air at 40mph plus…


It’s really for professional film makers. But then a keen hobbyist can buy one too and do really slick movies of their roof and car.





A gold iPhone, when you have literally nothing else to do with your money

7. Gold Plated iPhone

Price: $7,995



Yup it’s just an iPhone 7 Plus, but it comes in a 24K gold-plated case.


And it comes in another case, a locked carrying case with a carbon-fiber insert.


It’s pretty much all show and a way to extract money from super rich lunatics that want to feel special.


But then that’s a pretty good industry to get into. The 1% are always looking for pointless ways to outdo each other and this is right up there.


It functions like an iPhone, because it is an iPhone. It’s just heavier, and golder.


So if you’re want to buy a 24K Gold iPhone for a loved one, here it is.


Want something cheaper? A normal iPhone is a pretty solid place to start, or a ZTE Axon Mini!





Kestrel Carbon Fiber road bike

8. Kestrel 4000 Carbon Fiber bicycle

Price: $5,527.04





To be honest, the big surprise here is that there isn’t something much more expensive.


Cycling nerds get way too into their bikes and carbon-fiber bikes, once the preserve of top-level professionals, are now pretty standard fare.


This one is a carbon-fiber bicycle taken to the nth degree, including aerodynamic tubing designed in the wind-tunnel.


It gets internal Teflon coated cable routers to keep them  out the airflow and adjustable dropouts so you can swap out these aerodynamically-tuned wheels.


I think it’s mad, but if you spend your Sundays in junk-hugging lycra with a teardrop helmet on your head, you left shame by the side of the road a long time ago and you really don’t care what I think.


So buy the most expensive bicycle on Amazon with pride.






3D Printer Bench for $31000

9. 3D Printer Workbench

Price: $31,000





Need a 3D printer AND a workbench? Well you are in luck…


For the bargain price of $31,000, you can have this printer set-up.


Is it the most expensive 3D printer on Amazon? Not quite, but it’s close and the other listing just didn’t seem real.


Now I have to be honest, there’s no way in Hell I would buy this, but it does look like it offers a pretty massive, adjustable print volume.


For some applications, that means it’s actually worth it.


But the print head looks like much cheaper items you can find for hundreds, not tens of thousands.


Most people would be satisfied with the much smaller Makerbot+, which costs $2,499  and comes with a cabinet design that limits the size of your creations.


We were all meant to have a 3D printer in our house by now and be printing most things from home. We’re not, most home 3D printers get used to make weird little models instead.


That could change, but not this much…




Makita Toolkit, the best


10. Makita 9 Piece Power Tool Kit

Price: $2,499





Now you really have to love home improvement to buy the most expensive tools on Amazon.


Or be a professional contractor.


That would work too.


You get a two-speed hammer driver drill, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, an impact wrench, a rotary hammer and a cut-off/angle grinder.


It’s all top of the line gear, which it should be at this price.


For pretty much 10% of that outlay, you can have this Ryobi power tool kit instead.





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