10 Ways To Get Rich Quick

May 20, 2018 By Nick

10 Ways To Get Rich Quick

Get rich quick 10 ways


Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it sure can rent it for a while.


Let’s face it, life is so much easier when you’ve got money. And despite what the lie of modern feminism tells you, women are more attracted to a man with means.


They call it drive, or ambition, or whatever they need to tell themselves to spin that hamster wheel, but an ugly rich dude gets his pick of the girls.


So get wealthy, or on the road to wealth, and you can throw your PUA manuals, field reports and game tips in the bin. It’s really that simple.


But how do you get rich? What’s the magic recipe to make $1 million?


Not every method will suit everybody, so we’re going to add to this list. But these are ways that you can make $1 million and basically secure your financial future.


10 Ways To Get Rich Quick


1. A 100K Job


I know, this is the boring way. But the truth is that most entrepreneurs barely scrape a salary while they learn the ropes and they always have to play catch-up.


If you’re young enough to angle your career with a STEM subject, then walk in to the right tech or computer-related job and you should be able to score six figures.


You can do the same with trade school. Yes you’ll work for your money, but if you work for yourself or find the right job then you can easily hit six figures without getting saddled with college debt.


Then rinse and repeat, essentially for 10 years. Invest along the way and you’ll shortcut the process, but a six-figure salary is honestly the straightest, most direct path to $1 million.


If that path is there for you, don’t listen to anybody’s bullshit. Take it. Stash your money, don’t live like a player and you’ll be financially secure before you know it.


Here are some 100K a year jobs that don’t need a college degree. But it’s easier with a degree, and tens of thousands of student debt.



2. Affiliate marketing


The power of affiliate marketing is immense, because you can sell top of the line products with no investment.


All you need is a website or a solid social media following. Ideally both.


I’ve got affiliate deals throughout my other sites, Alpha Reboot, Boys Toys, USA Tool Store and the slightly controversial USA Gun Shop.


On top of that, I’ve got social profiles growing for a luxury watch store and several other lifestyle brands that I could develop into sites if they show potential.


Social media basically gives you the chance to test a niche, including your own knowledge and passion for it, without getting into a full blog.


I’m honing the list of tools now, but you can build a potent presence on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook without too much effort.


You do ned tools, though, because if you try and do it manually then you’ll go mad.


With ContentStudio, I send out up to 40 offers a day on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Medium. I just load them up and repeat them every few hours, or days, with a constant stream of Amazon deals and eBay finds.


I send out everything from wireless chargers through to laptops and vintage Rolex watches. I also send out posts on the best budget GoPro alternatives, and the best drones on the market.


You can sell digital products, vacations or luxury houses, whatever floats your boat. Some niches pay more than others, inevitably, and you should do your research. But also do something you enjoy.


Automating and boosting blogs is going to be a big part of Project-Millionaire, because I know it works.


You sell other people’s stuff, through Amazon, eBay and other big players and take a percentage.


I have deals with Shareasale, which gives access to household name advertisers and direct products, as well as JVZoo and Commission Junction.


With digital products, you can make as much as 100% of the first sale, and they make their money on the upsells. For physical products, you can make around 10% of the sale price.


It takes time, but I have the feeling I’m on the verge of cracking the code for fast traffic, which is the key to success.


I’m still looking for the perfect shortcut to fast and cheap traffic. I am sure it involves the perfect recipe of IM tools, proper social media and great content.


I want to avoid paid traffic, although we’re going to try a system or two along the way.


I spent most my life as a journalist and the content creator, so this is what I do well. I also want a system, I want to own the tools and create as much of the content as I can.


It’s all part of the journey and it keeps the costs right down. That matters.


Right now, I’m sending 20,000 people a month to Amazon alone and my idea is to have a ring of roughly related sites or social media only accounts, selling guys cool stuff and feeding each other with links and cross-promotion.


It’s a simple plan that’s slowly getting there. Alpha Reboot pulls in 100,000 people a month and it’s helping feed the gadget site, the guns site and the upcoming watch store. I’ll distil the method and share it with you as I go.


Master affiliate marketing and you can do well, but expect to spend a while putting in the hours for almost no reward until you build a brand, a blog or a massive social media following.


Yes, we’re going to show you social media hacks and tools that will help you. But you won’t start making money right away. This is a long-term plan.


My site is starting to turn over $200-$300 a month through affiliate deals, but I know there is a lot of room for improvement. It’s a process. The framework is in place and now I need to connect all the individual wires, build bridges between my sites and social networks, to turn them into a solid income.


I tell people it will work, but it might take three years to make serious money. I hope it doesn’t, but I’m in this for the long-haul.


If you want a quick introduction to the basics of affiliate marketing, well we will do one soon. If you can’t wait, then this sub-$4 book does a solid introduction of a specific strategy. As your knowledge expands, then you can weave in the rest.



Alternatively, you really can get a great course on Udemy for as little as $9.99 that will save you endless hours of internet research and some painful mistakes.


When I started, I never bought courses. I thought some guy was trying to rip me off. Now I buy more than I need, and even if it’s for one specific answer then I’m prepared to spend $10,$20 or even $1000 on a course.


Why? Because there is a goldmine of information out there and each one of these courses is a carefully thought out and presented action plan. You can’t just copy people, but you can weave together five different methods and it can be the smallest piece of information that gives the biggest results.

So go for a course, right here:


3. Cryptocurrency Investment


Bitcoin has made a vast number of millionaires and you could have made seven figures almost any year out of the last decade.


One guy bought $115 of Bitcoin at the start and eventually bought a near $300,000 Lamborghini with the profits. There aren’t many other investments that can do that and even we can do this math.


Basically if you bought $350 of Bitcoin, right at the start, you’re now a millionaire. It will happen again, with other cryptocurrencies and maybe even with Bitcoin if it goes on another rampage.


It’s a volatile market and just recently went through a brutal correction, but cryptocurrency is going to be here for a while at least.


Ripple looks set to be a government-backed fund that will be a controlled cryptocurrency. That could make it a safe bet.


To make a quick million, though, you’ll have to take a flyer on a new coin that catches fire.


Educate yourself on the Cryptocurrency market and really understand what you’re doing, or you can lose money in a heartbeat.


What’s the quickest way to educate yourself? Yup, a Udemy course will sidestep half the rubbish you read on the internet and save you getting stuck in forums asking newbie questions for months on end without ever taking action.


Seriously, almost whatever you want to do, Udemy has the answer.


This is the best selling course on Udemy and it’s normally priced at $194. Right now, it’s less than $14.

If this one has shot up in price, just check Udemy’s offers right now and see if there’s a cryptocurrency investment course on sale. There normally is and if you sign up for the offer below, you can get three courses for $30.


This is a bargain.


Now you need to be aware that you can lose with Cryptocurrency, even if you know what you’re doing. But you can also win big and I personally know one guy who started with $200, two years ago, and is deep in to six figures already.


If you want to know how to get rich quick then this is one of the best ways.


Consider joining The Crypto Club, which will give you a crash course on cryptocurrency investing and access to a network of investors who all do their own research. Then make sure you read the news and keep up with the latest coins.


That network should keep you on track and save you from some costly rookie mistakes. If you seriously want to know how to start Cryptocurrency trading,then this is probably the quickest and simplest way to get going an making money.



A small investment could snowball into something massive if you get the right coin at the right time.


There’s an element of luck, of course there is. But you can learn a lot and make much more educated guesses.


4. Shopify Store/s


Shopify has opened up the world of online commerce to just about everybody and now you can have a store up and running in no time.


That means everybody can, which has turned Shopify into an intense battleground with small margins and it’s plain and simple hard to stand out.


But people can, and do.


You can make a million in a year with Shopify if you do it right, and largely the principles are the same as affiliate marketing. You need great branding and,more importantly, you need traffic.


So the same basic formula applies to Shopify stores and affiliate marketing. Lure enough people to your site with advertising, social media tricks and more and you have a million dollar business.


This basic recipe will be the cornerstorne of Project Millionaire, but we do want to cover other ways to get rich too.


We are going to do a Shopify store once we have the main affiliate sites established and we’re even going to do a side-by-side comparison to see which one works best: affiliate marketing vs Shopify.


Shopify is arguably more advanced and looks better, but it’s more expensive to get it running and it could cost you a lot of money while you’re still figuring out basics that means you wouldn’t make any money anyway


So keep it cheap, start with affiliate and then move on to Shopify is my advice. If you want to take the plunge, then this is a great course that will probably save you a fortune in ‘learning experiences’.


If you want to go for it now, or even if you don’t, then yup, Udemy has another course that can get you started.



5. Dropshipping


Yes, dropshipping is another quick way to make money online. But it’s more complicated.


You can sell AliExpress products on eBay, and eBay products on Amazon, and Amazon products on eBay. But it gets intricate.


While it might be tempting to sell other people’s stuff and never touch it, you can end up dealing with angry customers, especially if you dropship from China and AliExpress. It can take weeks for a product to arrive and your feedback can get trashed before you have made your first delivery.


So dropshipping is possible. In fact it’s more than possible, but you need to learn the nuances or you will crash and burn.


If you’re thinking of dropshipping, then you need to study this stuff before you get started.or get a real blueprint that you can follow to the letter. If you don’t, you can learn the hard and expensive way.


This is the best-selling guide on Amazon and it costs just $0.99 in Kindle form.



If you’re really smart then your dropshipping business will swiftly morph into a private label sales business on Amazon and eBay. What are private label sales? Simply put, it’s buying products in bulk on AliBaba and then selling them.


Why is that a good idea?


It means you don’t have to wait for a Chinese supplier to send your goods, you make a much bigger margin on each product and as long as you manage your business like a professional, and use Amazon fulfilment or another pro service, then you can keep your customers happy.


Want to get started. Where do you think I’m going to send you?



6. Professional Gambling


It might sound stupid, because not many people can win forever and the houses always gets you in the end. But if you know where to look, you can boost your odds of winning.


If you’re basically playing online poker with a table of of easy marks, then you can keep winning, double your money each and every day and turn a few bucks into a million before the year is out.


Most people don’t take the smart approach, is the problem.


Gamblers are erratic people and tend to make emotion-based judgements. That’s literally the last person you should send into a casino.


If you’re cool, a critical thinker and you simply play the numbers, then professional gambling is actually an option.


Think about what you need in front of you as you’re playing. You need an odds calculator for each and every hand, so you probably need a second cheap laptop.


Then you need to practise. Do this at a free table. Play for fun, then get better and learn how the system works.


Start here, sign up for a free account and see how you get on.


When you’re winning more often than you’re losing, you’re essentially a professional gambler.


You don’t have to go to the casino, you can stay at home and play poker. There are other forms of gambling where people are making a killing.


They include:


Spread betting
Accumulator betting
Political betting.


But if you’re determined to be a pro poker player? Start here.





7. Forex Trading


Currencies go up and down every single day and you can make a fortune on a fractional change if you’ve invested enough.


Again, it’s a risk, but a basic understanding of world events will narrow your odds. If you seriously get into currency trading as a business then you better know everything and how it relates to individual nations.


Some people have made Forex their life. Others have lost their house on a rapid correction.


Again, it’s trading in some form or another and you can lose


Forex trading is way down the line. It’s on the agenda, but it’s not high on the list. If you want to get in to Forex trading then you probably want to start here.


Just type in Forex on the Udemy website and there is one course with more than 4,600 ratings and a 4.6 Star rating. It’s more than 50 hours of videos and it costs, yeah, just $13.99.


Do this, it will save you a lot.




8. Stock Trading/Penny Stocks


Again, this is one of those how to get rich quick schemes that can work. But truthfully, very few investors get rich quick.

Daytrading and penny stocks are the quickest way to do it, but they’re also the highest risk. So the best approach, if you want to go hard on the Stock Exchange, is to spread the load.


Hedge your bets, put some into a safer, long-term hedge fund and then effectively take a risk with a smaller amount of money.


Funnily enough, Udemy has a course…



9. Franchise business


Everybody knows you’re an idiot if you get a franchise, right?


Wrong, dead wrong.


If you get the wrong franchise then you’ll realise you’ve been totally had before too long. Get the right one and you’ll have your money back and be on to your next branch in no time.


You see a franchise is a GREAT way for someone that’s new to the industry.


Other people have worked for years making a formula that works.


The business already has the branding, the product and the proven track record. That counts for a lot.


A few years ago I was offered a franchise and I decided to go it alone. It was partially money, partially the way the franchise was structured, but I opted to train myself and stand and fall on my own.


I fell. Hard. And I lost $50,000 in the process.


It was a humbling experience and given my time again, I’d take that franchise in a heartbeat.


Get it working, really working, and you’ll have your stake money back in no time. Really, successful franchisees can roll out a chain of sites within just a few years and if you’ve done it once and the cash is flowing then it will be easy to borrow the money and expand.


The parent company mentors you, they want you to succeed. So you can learn and grow with them. They will help you and plug the gaps in your knowledge.


This can be the difference between success and failure. But you have to choose the right franchise. Get the wrong one and you’ll realise you’ve handed over tens of thousands of dollars for some embroidered shirts from Walmart and a useless website.


We’ll cover good deals as we go, because I think franchise businesses get a bad rap. If you can start small and then reinvest your money then you can get rich with a franchise.


Sorry to be boring, but Udemy has an awesome course entitled: ‘Welcome to the 1%: The Master Class For Buying A Franchise.


It’s $13.99 and it could save you an absolute fortune.


Please do this course if you’re going this way.





10 Real Estate


There are lots of ways to make big money in real estate.


You can sell it, if you’re good, and make stunning commissions.

Or you can buy run down houses, give them a new look and flip them. You can also take the long-haul approach and get renters in.


Even if you just live in your house, it can make a fortune due to inflation.


Real Estate is a solid, long-term approach to making a million. You’ll have to be seriously brave to become an overnight millionaire.


There are ways, but it often involves buying off-plan or investing in a resort that is really just a set of drawings and a cleared spot of mud in the third world.


That can go right, or very wrong…


But if you have some seed money, from another venture, or an inheritance or simple nest-egg, then you can set it to work.


This is one of the great unspoken truths of money. You have to get some, then get it to work for you. Money makes money, is the phrase, and it’s true.


So focus on getting some money first, but then real estate can be one of the most powerful ways to make a fortune over your lifetime.


Don’t have cash or credit? There is a way forward, Udemy has another course for creative real estate investment, which essentially means starting without your own money.




This post originally appeared on Project Millionaire.


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