11 Best Travel Gadgets For Men On The Move

May 23, 2018 By Nick

11 Best Travel Gadgets For Men On The Move

Are you constantly on the go? If you travel for pleasure, or you rack up thousands of air miles every year with your company, or you’re moving halfway round the world like I did, then you should take a good long look at this list and get the credit card out.


These are simple things that will make your life easier when you travel abroad.






1. Theftproof Backpack



It’s a sign of the times that you have to think of protecting your stuff before you actually buy it, but you just do.


This is a stab proof bag with hidden zips that is perfect for the city. You can lock it to a pole, too, with the cable. So, if you have ever fallen asleep in an airport or on a bus, wrapped around your luggage, you know how useful that could be.


It comes with an integral cradle for a power bank and a USB cable port. So, you can charge your phone or tablet. It works with a powerbank, which will definitely save you at some point when your phone or laptop is out of juice.


This is one of the best power banks for sale right now.



The backpack is also water repellant, not just waterproof. So it should keep your electronics dry in a monsoon. One day, that could matter.


There are alternatives on Amazon, but they’re missing that looping flex cable that means you can secure it to a post and that’s a feature we love. So, order from Bang Good for this one and get the best of the best.







2. Avegant Glyph



This is incredible. It’s a mobile cinema in a headset. So, you can watch your own films on a plane, train or even a bus, and isolate yourself from the outside world.


The screens are actually made up of 2 million mirrors and this patented technology promises to be easier on your eyes and offer a more realistic viewing experience.


You can hook it up to your phone or laptop, so it could also turn into a mobile office if you want a massive screen and know how to touch type.


Either way, it will give you your sanity back when you’re stuck in a loud environment. Technically it’s like looking at a 50”+ screen at about a meter distance, but you can adjust it perfectly for your eyes.


It’s wireless, comes with a three to four hour battery and is just a very clever bit of kit.


Snoop explains it here, of course…






3. Google Translation Buds



The Google Pixel Buds mean you can basically just listen to a foreign language and get a real time translation in English.


It isn’t perfect, but it is a total Godsend. And it will get better as Google tries to literally conquer the world with this awesome tech that harnesses the full power of AI and the Cloud.


Here’s the catch. The translation function only works if you go right into the Google family and pick up a refurbished Pixel or the flagship Pixel 2. The range-topping phone costs more than $750, so it’s a serious investment, but it does allow for total voice control.



Google Assistant can pretty much operate your phone from your headset. And when you want to speak one of 40 languages, you can simply tell the phone to listen and it will do the rest.


It’s cool tech, watch it in action:






4. Mini Projector



I know, two kinda similar things. But then the projector can turn a hotel room wall into a giant monitor for work or you can watch a film if the hotel TV isn’t an option.


It is barely bigger than an iPhone and you might prefer this to the Avegant, or you might want both.




5. Skyroam


A Wifi box in your pocket that can give you internet access for $8 a day. That can work out way cheaper, and more convenient, than logging in to different systems when you’re on the move.


It’s battery-powered, lasts for 16 hours between charges and it’s pretty much good to go and automatically connects in more than 100 countries.


Get this gadget and you’ll never have to sit in a café and bash out work as the deadline looms large again.


It comes with a power bank as part of the package. So you could do without the main power bank in your backpack. But that will shorten the battery life, so if getting online abroad is your main priority then you probably don’t want to run too many other devices off it.







6. Travel power bar



There are never enough power outlets if you’re working on the go. So, the best solution is to take your own power bar with you, which comes with inbuilt surge protection.


That means you can plug in expensive electronics anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that you won’t blow them apart or wake up to a bricked device.


This one comes with three plug sockets and two USB charging points, which should be enough.


It also means you don’t have to carry multiple adapters. Just one will do, so you can get a good one and throw those little plastic things in the bin.





7. Travel Adapter



Get one, get a solid one and do it right. This adapter will work anywhere in the world, so you won’t be helplessly looking for power.


You might want to buy two, or keep a couple of those cheap plastic ones around for additional devices.




8. A real camera


Now you might not be that interested in taking pictures, or you might opt to take a cheaper smartphone that you don’t mind losing.


But if you like snapping pics, then you’ll already know that you take your phone places you perhaps shouldn’t.


Leave it at base and slip a relatively cheap camera into your pocket instead. You’ll get better pictures and it’s not the end of the world if it goes missing.




9. A proper laptop



Some people insist they can work on their phone or a tablet.


They’re kidding themselves. If you need to work properly then you need a decent laptop. That might change in the future, but we’re not there yet.


Get a 2 in 1 and you can switch to a tablet to answer emails and do the late night, last-minute stuff in comfort.


This Lenovo Yoga 700 should handle everything you can throw at it, it weighs 2.4lb and it has a compact form. If you want a big screen then break out the projector and you can turn a whole wall into a mobile office.


This 11.6” touchscreen laptop is perfect for most places, though, and you can break off the tablet if you just want to browse the web.


Remember you have got the Avegant and the projector if you want to go big. But when you’re on the move then a small laptop can be a Godsend.


It fits on to coffee shop benches. It rests on your lap in the corner of a windswept train station as you check your flight details and it will leave you with plenty of elbow room on the plane.


The latest Lenovo Yoga is an absolute beast, too. Yes, this is junior Apple money, but the you get a tablet and a kickass laptop in one package.





10. Tile Mate


It is more security, but this way you can make sure that you have a tracker on all your expensive gear and you can sometimes find it in a hurry if it’s stolen.


Now these tiles aren’t exactly subtle. So don’t expect it to stay on your iPhone for long. But if you have one in each bag and another with your laptop then you stand a fighting chance of getting your stuff back if the worst happens.


It will also make it much easier to claim on your insurance, which is probably a valid reason for buying them on their own.





11 A Cheap Smartphone



Depending on where you are going, it might not be smart to walk to streets with an iPhone X.


The first thing criminals look at are your phone, your jewelry and your shoes. So, give them nothing to look at.


You might be able to do this for free, if you have an old phone in a drawer somewhere. Otherwise, check out our five budget smartphones and consider investing in one as a travel phone.


My Moto G is incredible and I would recommend it to anybody. At just over $200, it could save you from getting a brick to the head in some desolate corner of the world.


But for this specific purpose, you might even want to buy a cheaper third or fourth gen, which will do the basics well.


We found 4th gens for as little as $137 on Amazon, so this can be a really cheap way of insuring your best phone. It simply doesn’t belong in most countries, but your Moto G will blend right in.




10 Dragon Naturally Speaking

This is software, not a gadget as such. But it will save you time on the road as you can just dictate emails and even write blog posts with the spoken word.


It’s way, way quicker once you learn the system’s quirks. That means a spare 10 minutes means you can cover your mails, or get that vital piece of work done.


You can also dictate notes into written form, so you’re prepared for the day ahead.


Get a headset with a microphone, too, and you’ll be blown away by how this changes your working world. You can use it home, too, naturally.


You will.




Do you have any other suggestions for gadgets that will make business travel, or just regular travel, that little bit easier?

Let us know in the comments!




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