11 Best Xbox Games 2018

May 14, 2018 By Nick

11 Best Xbox Games 2018

It hasn’t been a vintage year for the Xbox One, even with the introduction of the souped up One X console.


Fable Legends and Scalebound were both cancelled and Crackdown 3 was delayed. But we did have some stellar games hit the market and keep the Xbox One X in the hunt.


Here are the best games for the Xbox One in 2017.



1. Forza Motorsport


Gran Turismo has gone deep into the online mode and embraced Virtual Reality. Forza is an old-school console game in comparison, but it’s still absolutely amazing.


The graphics are incredible, you can tune the hell out of the best cars in the world, and some of the worst. It’s just an incredible game that you won’t get tired of playing.



2. Assassin’s Creed Origins


This origins story takes you into a huge and immersive Ancient Egyptian world.


The basics are the same. It’s a game based on stealth and cunning, as much as wanton violence. There is some of that, too, but this is really a game about solving puzzles and moving like an assassin.


Of course, you can just forget that, play in Arena mode and just fight to the death with increasingly tough opponents in an arcade-style minigame. It’s like Gladiator, to keep things really simple.


The main world is immense, the game will keep you hooked and if you don’t own it already then you know what you have to do.




3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


Yeah this is about as politically incorrect as it gets, as the Nazis have taken over the US of A and all you’ve got to help you is a girl straight out of Jackie Brown.


That aside, it’s a solid and entertaining World War II shooter  with a compelling storyline. It’s actually set in 1961, after a German occupation of North America.


It’s your job to spark the revolution. And you do that by mostly killing Nazis.



4. Halo Wars 2



You’re either in to this kind of strategy game or you’re really, really not. If you are, then  Halo Wars 2 is about as good as it gets.


The multiplayer modes mean you can team up with online friends and you get to take charge of an army of distinct units. It’s in depth, it’s visually stunning and fast-paced thanks to the brutal onslaught from the enemies.




5. Injustice 2



This is the superhero and villain packed fighting game that has proved a surprise hit.
You can choose Superman, Hellboy, Bane and just about everyone in the DC Universe. The roster is massive and there are villains and heroes I have never heard of.
Under the skin it’s a fairly standard fighting game. But the unique powers and personalities of these instantly recognizable stars elevates it to a higher plane.
It has left the likes of Tekken in its wake. So it must be pretty good!

6. Call of Duty WWII


Call of Duty is always epic, even though this World War 2 edition is about as grimy, muddy and uncomfortable as a video game can get.


There isn’t anything spectacularly new here, but Call of Duty keeps evolving into a sumptuous artistic masterpiece. The narrative is always strong, too, so you’ve got a reason to keep playing.


It’s a return to the company’s Worrld War II roots, as well, as the whole franchise started in the second great war.


There’s no high tech weaponry, although there is a zombie mode. It’s Call of Duty at its purest, with some truly gory close-up death.



7 Destiny 2



This first person shooter is the sequel to the 2014 epic and the world had high hopes.


It’s a good game, a great game even. But it’s probably not quite as good as we hoped for.


You can go player versus player or PvE, non-player character development was a big deal in this world and the storytelling has come on in leaps and bounds, together with the budget.


It’s a shooter with role playing and massively multiplayer online game elements. It was a hit, too, so if you don’t have Destiny 2 for the Xbox One then buy it online now.




8. Tacoma


This is a narrative-based adventure where you have to figure out what happened to the crew on a space station, and what exactly did the onboard AI have to do with it?


The game consists of augmented reality points of view, during big events. You can rewind, fast forward and pause to find out more about the people and start to stitch together their back story. It’s an interesting storytelling twist, at least.




9. Cuphead


This is a really unique game. It’s an old-school run and gun with garish, cartoon-style graphics.


It’s simple, it’s addictive and it is truly something different. It’s like a playable, fun version of Ren & Stimpy.


Everybody loves this game, so put it on your shopping list.



10 Resident Evil Biohazard


You could argue it should be higher up the list, but honestly it’s just too damned scary to enjoy.


I’m not into horror films and things that go go bump in the night. If you are then you’ll love it.

You might want to go the whole hog and do this in Playstation VR. But I don’t ever want to do that.


11. Super Lucky’s Tale


It’s a pretty simple premise: Lucky the cat has been sucked into a magic book and has to fight evil cats to get out.


This isn’t in Super Mario’s league. So, if you’re really into platformers or you just want something fresh, then go ahead and buy it. If you’re really not that big into platform games, though, pass on this one.


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