11 Subtle Signs She Likes You

May 31, 2018 By Nick

11 Subtle Signs She Likes You

Get the art of seduction right and you can win every time. But, like a good salesman, you absolutely need to learn the signals so that you know when to play it slow and when to go for the kiss.


It’s a complex dance and if you miss the opportunity when she opens the door then she could slam it in your face for the rest of time. So make sure you know what to look for, so you can escalate your game at the right time.




1. She plays with her hair

Everyone knows this one, so don’t take it in isolation. Even a girl that’s flirting while you buy the drinks knows she has to do this. This is like flirting 101, it’s so cliché that it’s almost worth looking past it.


But it’s all part of the rich tapestry and you should at least take it as a positive sign.


The psychology behind it is, apparently, that they subconsciously want every hair in place. I’m inclined to go with the other theory, our hair is the equivalent of plumage.


She’s peacocking and drawing attention to the luscious shiny locks that show she isn’t riddled with disease and likely to die at any moment. Seriously, that is what’s happening in the animal world. They’re showing off how healthy, fertile and well fed they are. That stuff matters when you live outside and don’t have a credit card or dinner reservations to fall back on.


It turns out that peacocks also hypnotise their potential mate with a near inaudible rattle from those feathers, too. We could maybe learn something here…



2. She bites her lip, touches them and pouts

This is a better sign because it’s one of the more subconscious ones that girls do. The lips are one of the most common erogenous zones. So if she’s biting at them or licking them, then it’s time to make the move.


If she ties a cherry stalk in a knot with her tongue or makes exaggerated blow job gestures while she’s at it then you need to fish in a classier pond, or get ready to spend some money.




3. She touches you

If a girl finds you physically repugnant, then she just won’t touch you. Conversely, if she is touching you, then you’re in with a good shot.


She’ll lean in, she’ll put her hand on your arm and she’ll let her leg touch yours. If you’re walking together she’ll bump into you, repeatedly. When that happens if you know she’s not blind, hugely uncoordinated, or hammered, then she wants your attention.


If it feels like she’s just that couple of inches too close, then she knows it too. She’s doing it deliberately. Take advantage of it and escalate it. Take the lead, be a man and go to touching, then to kissing. Then, well, go as far as you can…


4. She laughs at your lame jokes

If all your jokes are hitting home runs then you don’t have exactly the same sense of humour. The odds are against it anyway. It’s a sign she likes you, so she wants you to be funny.


If you’re feeling brave you can even test the strength of her feelings. Pull out one of your worst jokes. If she laughs at it, she’s going to sleep with you. Or she’s retarded. Or both…




5. She makes eye contact

Prolonged eye contact is a sure sign that she’s into you. If she’s listening to your stories and gazing at you longingly, especially if it’s in combination with the other things on this list, then it’s the time to go for it.


By the way if there is no eye contact, then you have a problem. Some girls are shy, but if she can’t look at you then she’s hiding something. An insecure girl can actually be the worst one you ever meet. So it’s worth putting in some critical thinking and actually filtering out the crazies at this stage.


The real green light is prolonged eye contact, looking away, then the little cheeky smile. See that and you’re golden.


6. Look at the feet

Even if she’s looking at you, talking to you and pulling the moves with her hair, take a look at the feet. If they’re pointed towards you and her whole body is in on the act then seriously, make the move and seal the deal.


If the feet are pointing the other way, especially if it’s accompanied by other defensive gestures, then you might have to warm this one up a little first.


7. She shows you her neck

This can be a confusing one, because a girl touching her neck can be seen as sexual, and it is at times. But make sure you read it right.


When a girl is actually showing you her neck, tilting her head to the side and touching it softly, it’s a show of submission. She’s into you.


Maybe every woman alive has seen too many vampire movies and wants you to pull a Twilight on her. But the neck is also a vulnerable point, so if she’s freely giving you access then it means she feels safe and wants you to take her.


If she’s covering it up, that might not be a green light for sexy time, she might actually be nervous and covering up a vulnerable part on case you try and bite her.




8. The boobs come out to play

Girls know about the power of the boobs far more than we do. They know we’re hypnotised by them, we love them and we like it when they dance.


So if a woman is presenting them, pushing them together and generally making them a part of the show then it’s a clear sign she likes you. It’s never an accident, especially when she makes a big deal of being shocked how much cleavage is showing.


If she’s brushing them against you then she’s literally bored of waiting for you to do something and she’s doing the work for you. Grab her already…


9. You find yourself alone

If a girl likes you, everybody else can know the score well before you do. That can work well. So if you suddenly find everybody making themselves scarce, then take it as a good sign and start to look for the others.


Now if you find yourself alone and she makes herself at home next to you, then this is your time…




10. Make sure there are no defensive signals

If she’s perched on the opposite end of the sofa, covering her neck, crossing her legs or looking at the floor, there’s a good chance she’s going to duck the kiss and give you the cheek. Nobody wants that and when a girl offers you the cheek to kiss then it’s a long way back from there.


So look for the subtle signs she likes you and learn to back off. Treat it like a sales pitch, sometimes you need to let the prospect come to you and if you push too hard when they’re not feeling it then you’ll lose the sale. Or get arrested for sexual assault…


You should assume she wants you, but also know that you have to play the game right and you still have to get the final play right to get into the end-zone. It’s always possible for a drive to get stuck on the goal line and that is the worst feeling on Earth.


11. She calls, a lot…

Learn the signs and the tricks and this will actually stop happening. You know why? Because if a girl isn’t right in front of you and she keeps calling you then she’s giving you more chances to get it right. She wants to be there.


You see we live in an age of equal rights, but unless you’re in a club and she’s wasted, most girls aren’t going to make the move for you. It’s up to you, you’re the man and that’s the way it works.


What a girl will do, especially if she’s keen, is make it as easy as possible for you. She’ll let you know she’s thinking about you late at night, she’ll call you for random reasons about nothing and she’ll ask for help she doesn’t need.


That’s your chance, make a date and then make the move. Don’t talk on the phone for hours, don’t chat forever and think it’s lovely, make the date and stop talking.




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