13 Best Vacation Destinations For Single Men

May 20, 2018 By Nick

13 Best Vacation Destinations For Single Men

Sex tourism gets a bad rap. There’s nothing wrong with getting laid like a normal person, with a consenting adult, when you’re on holiday.


That’s easier to do in some places than others, especially if there’s a language barrier.


So you have to decide in advance if you want to spend a little money and go for  the full sordid sex vacation experience.


You don’t have to. You can learn the lingo, get your game tight and then go at it the old fashioned way.


I like that enthusiasm.


There are so many girls out there and not all of them want money. It’s so much sweeter when there’s no ulterior motive, too.


Meet Women Before You Get To Your Sex Vacation


If you’re really smart, then hit Badoo or a localized dating site before you arrive, don’t worry we’ve got suggestions for each one.


It might be the lazy way, but Oh My God it works.


When you’re there and mongering for some quality girls,though, a little cash can sometimes grease the wheels. This is just a simple fact.


If nothing else, it’s a fallback plan.


So where are the best places in the world for a single guy, or a group of friends, to go on holiday and be sure to get laid?


Where is the sex capital of the world? Where is the best place for a single man to go on holiday and get guaranteed sex?


What about the sex capital of the world?


In fact, the sex capital of the world is a debate for another day as there are grimy industrial locations that kick ass for getting laid but have nothing else to offer.


I’m talking about a place you can go for a legitimate vacation and get some hot sex with a beautiful girl while you’re at it.


Here are some of the places on this list will serve you up a steak, a drink and a girl for less than the price of a, well, steak…


I’d love to hear your alternatives too.


By the way, forget girl friendly hotels in Sosua, Pattaya, Costa Rica and more. You can get them, but it’s soooooo much easier to rent an apartment instead through Airbnb.


Some of these will actually be in the hotels, but you’ll skirt all the extra charges for the guests by renting privately and you’ll get the  same level of service.




Alternatively, you might want a private apartment without a hotel reception. Airbnb is the answer and you can get more than $40 off your first booking with my personal Airbnb discount code.


Also, check here for some clever ways to save money with Airbnb that you might not have thought about!




1. Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Price: $50-100 whole night


Honestly we could have chosen any one of a number of central American countries and we’re coming back here later in this list.


Have a look throughout the Caribbean right here and this is an ideal way to decide where you want to go in the first place:


Costa Rica, though, has a wealth of stunning girls from around the world all there for your particular pleasure. The natives are some of the best looking women you’ll see anywhere, ever, and the country is actually amazing.


It’s supremely easy to get laid, you can tell people you’re going for the rainforest, the wildlife and the natural beauty and you actually will enjoy these things too.


It’s great to meet a hot girl for the night but, seriously, it’s a holiday as well.



Monkey Beach bar has the girls


Head to Monkey Beach bar if you’re happy to skip the chase and go straight for a financial transaction.


Otherwise learn a bit of Spanish and try your luck, the locals are friendly and you’ll find everything from pale-skinned ladies through to dusky beauties.


These are great, open girls.


So if you learn a little Spanish and you go at it with confidence then you’re golden and you can leave your wallet in your pocket. Mongering in Costa Rica might literally become your new favourite hobby.


You will have the holiday of a lifetime and one way or another you’ll get some action, too.


If you want an excursion, head to the infamous Hotel del Ray in San Jose, which is basically a brothel. Here is what you can expect to find.



2. Manila, Philippines

Price: $30-45 whole night


Everybody raves on about Thailand, because they simply don’t know any better. If you want to get neck deep in depravity then you should really do a Google image search for Angeles, Philippines and see what pops up.


The only real problem? Angeles is an inland hovel that used to be a US airforce base.


You basically cannot go wrong with this country, though, and you’ll be shocked how easy it is to get some action. Thanks to the European invasions over the centuries then the women have much more ethnic diversity than the Thais, too.


So here’s where you’ll find the Mestizas, half Spanish/half Asian/100% hot girls.


Have a look here, right now. It’s free to sign up and you could get a great girl lined up before you go:



Don’t be tempted by the lowest age of consent in the world


Technically the age of consent is 13 there, but don’t mess with that. As soon as money changes hands then you’re going to jail or you’re going to get blackmailed by some of the sharpest people you’ll ever meet.


There’s a red light district in Manila, freelancers will stand out in bars and even girls that aren’t really hookers will be your girlfriend for a while if you ‘help the family with the essentials’.


It amounts to the same thing.


Some of the best beaches you’ve ever seen are just down the road, too. So you can go to Manila without getting leered at and you can rent an apartment from $500 for a full month on AirBnB.


Once you’re there, you can head to the likes of the Panchira KTV bar and this will be waiting for you:



3. Kiev, Ukraine

Price: $100 for a few hours


Ukrainian women have long been considered some of the most beautiful in the world and the country has been ground down by hamfisted communism. So now it has played to its strengths and become a thriving hub of the sex tourism industry.


It’s a much more culturally diverse place than you might think, the girls aren’t all tall, leggy blondes. Mila Kunis is Ukrainian, so imagine Mila Kunis naked for a moment. Yes, you can have that.


Forget street walking hookers, almost 20% of students in the Ukraine get through university in the sex trade.


That means it’s not a formal business, you’ll find the girls in bars like D-Lux, SkyBar, Dante Park, Arena and more.


The girls also advertise in magazines you can pick up in the tube and on the web.

Or you can meet them right now, on the Ukraine’s best dating site:


You can also head to the beach at Odessa and party with the locals, which has semi naked Ukrainian girls on podiums and it looks a little something like this:



Want to know about living in the Ukraine? Or do you want the in-depth lowdown if you’re heading there? Check out UkraineLiving.com, we can recommend them.





4. Port Louis, Mauritius

Price: $40-120


Mauritius has long been considered a vacation paradise. It’s a stunning jewel in the crown of the Indian Ocean and has some of the best beaches you’ve ever seen, luxury accommodation and more.


You can rent an apartment for $600 a month with AirBnB, too, easily. In fact, there is cheaper accommodation available.


So this once in a lifetime holiday destination actually isn’t that expensive.


Two hours with a top Vegas hooker will cost less than a month in paradise and a lady to keep you company. That’s something to think about…

You can score with a local here, easily, and secure the girlfriend experience for your whole trip.


You shouldn’t need to learn Creole, most Mauritians speak English and they are stunning. Try it now and find out.



Head to Port Louis and the surrounding bars to meet the stunning locals, or if you want to play it absolutely safe then you can head to the clubs with rooms upstairs.


You’ll pay extra for this privilege, expect to pay $40-50 for 60 minutes of fun if you do that.


If you’re up for the game, though, then head to the bars, catch a girl’s eye and give it your best shot.




5. Pattaya, Thailand

Price: $50 whole night/$30 short time


I wanted to be different and avoid Pattaya because it’s so damned obvious and I refuse to make it number one because I’m stubborn.


But then, it is pretty awesome.


People basically go here to get laid, that’s it. Sure the beach is gorgeous and the weather is good, but people go to this part of Thailand for Walking Street.


That means if you tell people you’re going to Pattaya, they already know what you’re doing. That’s fine if you’re a 20-something red-blooded male. If you’re a priest? It’s not so good.


It’s like one big brothel with thousands of girls, boys and something in between from all over Asia.


You can see naked Chinese girls, naked Thai girls, naked Chinese girls doing naked Thai girls. You can probably get a donkey involved for a bit more money.


Personally Thai girls don’t rock my world, but if you’re into a little Eastern delight then expect to pay a girl about $50, including the bar fine.


If you like her then you can negotiate and have the whole girlfriend experience thing for your vacation.


You can even meet girls online right now and get set up for  your arrival:


If you want to pay for sex with a hot girl on holiday, then this is basically your Disneyland:



6. Mombasa, Kenya

Price: $25-40 all night.


You can get laid even cheaper in neighbouring Uganda, but Kenya is a spectacular country.


You can go on safari, head to the beach in Mombasa and enjoy five-star luxury. You can also get whatever you want, and some things you don’t.


HIV is rife in Kenya, so be careful. Wrap up, double bag, put a bin bag over that, just be safe. Child prostitution in Kenya is also a big issue, so unless you want to appear on an FBI watch list then don’t get involved.


You can find some stunning women in Kenya, though, and the price of two weeks of debauchery will set you back about the same as a couple of hours of fun in the US.


Have a look at them here:



Just up the coast in Mtwapa is the sex tourist’s capital and Casaurina, the nightclub, is where older Europeans go to pick up quality African girls that wouldn’t look twice in their direction back home. If you’ve got game and you look after yourself, you’re on to a winner.


Like this, in fact…



If you just want to look at some hot black women, they’re here on Instagram. But head to Kenya and you can have some real fun with dark beauties.




7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $400-1000 all night


You don’t need to go to the farthest flung corners of the globe to have fun, you can stay firmly in the first world and in Vegas you can have all the fun in the world.


You speak the same language, girls are there to have fun too and if you’ve got game then you won’t pay in Vegas.


You can meet all kinds of girls out there for exactly the same reason you have gone and remember: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”


So don’t think it’s not going to happen, girls are as into this game as we are and you just need to find the right one, or two, to have the wildest night of your life. Go big on the hotel, make yourself a party pad and you can get crazy easier than you think.


The bars in the hotel can be the happiest hunting ground, so play it right and you won’t spend anymore.


That’s good, because if you do have to pay to play then sex gets expensive.


Hookers are expensive in Vegas


Girls in Vegas think they know their worth, so you’ll pay up to $1000 for a night of fun with the highest quality, I won’t say highest class, Vegas hooker.


So it’s a den of sin, but it’s a painfully expensive place to have your fun.


Where to look? The casino, the sidewalk, I even had offers getting in to the lift at the Mandalay Bay. Yeah it happens.


That said Vegas is relatively safe, you’ve got less chance of coming home with a horrendous green, oozing reminder of your travels and you can have fun in lots of other ways too. Just don’t look at your credit card statement when you get home.


8. Havana, Cuba

Price: $80-100


If you speak Spanish, you might want to head to Melacon in Vedado, Havana, which is the social spot where all the Cuban girls go to party on a weekend.


Just join in the fun, have your dance skills ritually humiliated by the natives and have fun with it. Mongering in Cuba is easy.


Remember the skills of game and laugh off your obvious ineptitude and some girls will love you.


If you don’t speak the lingo, money talks…


If you don’t speak Spanish, then you probably have to live with the fact you’re going to pay for sex in Cuba.


But then that’s easy to do.


A lot of girls are up for it and even girls that you might not think are hookers, girls with real jobs, are ready to compromise their principles from time to time for a little extra spending money.


I have even heard of Cuban girls abandoning their boyfriends when faced with the chance to earn money on their back. What can we say? Shit gets weird sometimes.

Again, you can meet them from the comfort of your own home on Caribbean Cupid.



If you’re in a hotel then the girl will have to register, which can prove tricky, but consider slipping your concierge a few bucks to get her in the back door to make everything go with a bang. Alternatively, rent an apartment and have full control over your own life. It’s a better option.


Cuba is another eclectic mix of white, black and mulata girls that will send shivers up your spine. They have some true stunners, and Cuba is, of course, an awesome place for a holiday too.


Despite the poverty, Cuba is so close to the US that the prices are what they are, you can expect to pay up to $100 for a Cuban girl.


But she’ll give you the time of your life and you’ll be back for more until the cashpoint says no.


Check out some of them here:


Want to check out some of the best Latin girls on Instagram? Have a look here.


9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Price: $100-200 all night


If budget is an issue, head to Recife or Florianapolis, although in Recife just do not go in the water if you value your limbs. The Bull sharks have gone nuts in recent years.


If money isn’t an issue, though, then the capital is where the action is at. If you speak good Portugese then there’s a good chance you won’t have to pay at all.


The girls are fun, they are some of the best in the world in the bedroom and they’re a personal favourite of mine.


I spent years with Brazilian girls and if you’ve never been with one then you’ve missed out on one of life’s great experiences.


Rio is going through hard times at the moment and declared a state of emergency recently. So whatever you do, don’t get shot. If you need an ambulance, a policeman or a firetruck then you’re basically screwed.


Are Brazilian girls the best?


It also isn’t quite as good in terms of girls as the PR would have you believe. Yes, Brazilian girls have amazing asses and their reputation is well deserved, but there are more stunning women in Bueno Aires and Bogota. It’s probably easier in Rio, though, just…


Have a look for yourself and see what you think.



Still, Copocabana is one of the world’s most famous beaches, it’s absolutely stunning and full of hot women with outrageous asses split by dental floss bikinis.


The nightlife is incredible, the city has a tempo that you have to see to believe and as long as you don’t fall victim to the endless street robbers, you’ll have a great time.


The infamous Help nightclub is closed now, but you’ll find a girl in almost any nightclub around Avenida Atlantica.



10. Lima, Peru

Price: $40


The capital of Peru is one of the easiest places in the world to get laid without spending money, if you speak Spanish. The sheer novelty of a foreign guy is enough to get the local girls’ interest.


Miraflores is the place to go and head to Tequilas nightclub. Pay the $6 cover charge, it’s more than worth it and if you leave this place alone then you really have to work on some pretty fundamental issues.


You can seriously date in Lima, not just P4P. So if you want to make an early contact, then have a look here at the best online dating network for South America!



Peru has a massive rich-poor divide and you’ll find the girls are either so rich you’ll need a helicopter to impress them or they have nothing. Either way, coming from an ‘exotic’ location gives you a head start, if you speak Spanish then it’s like shooting fish in a barrel in Lima.


You shouldn’t have to pay for sex here.



12. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Price: $100 all night/$50 for a short time.


The capital of Cambodia is a cultural experience, it’s a feast for the eyes, stomach and more. Mongering Cambodia is a popular hobby, though, and it’s one that’s well catered for.


Either get a ‘girl friendly’ hotel, including the California 2 that has its own ‘girly bar’. That’s convenient when you think about it, it’s all on your doorstep. As for the other hotels, some of them will turn your date away at the door, so you could go for the AirBnB apartment and save money as well as the embarrassment.


There is a red light district and, let’s be honest, you’re not going to learn Khmer and get a girl that way. So this city is strictly one to go for if you’re happy to pay for sex.


The good news is that freelancers are readily available, you won’t get charged much and you will have a good time.


You can even meet them right now. Just have a look here!


The Heart of Darkness is a legendary place for meeting girls, but the ones that invite you into the bars can be had for a short time, as in a couple of hours, for somewhere between $20-50.


For the whole night, you’ll pay double, but it’s still an awesome deal.


12. Sosua, Dominican Republic

Price: $25-40


Yes, you get an additional bonus one and it’s one of the finest holiday destinations on the list. This small town on the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic has a selection of perfect beaches and a vast number of Dominican and Haitian girls to choose from at night.


Sosua isn’t the mongering force to be reckoned with it once was, as the police have closed a lot of the bars. Freelancers still line the streets at night, though, and you can head to City Lights for the darker Haitian girls and Merengue and Classicos for the lighter Dominicans.


Have a look for yourself at the girls you can hook up with in the Dominican Republic and have yourself some fun lined up before you leave home. Honestly it’s the best way, but just take everything they say with a pinch of salt.


They are not ‘looking for work’, they are not a student. If they’re online, talking to you, they will expect payment.



The prices go as low as 1000 pesos ($25) and go up to 3000 pesos ($60) for all night. You’ll have fun, the girls are great and there’s a fascinating blend of blonde Dominicans of European descent right through to ebony-skinned Haitians that are more ubiquitous and tend to be slightly cheaper.


This feature could run and run, and it will. There will be more coming. So tell me your top destinations and I’ll add them as we go! The comments section is yours, go for it! And remember to join us for more of these kind of features!





13. Goa

Price: $40 all night/$10 for a quickie


This Indian state is a haven for hippies that love the all-night Goa trance beach parties, the food, the laid back vibe and it’s just one of the best places in this world you can visit for a holiday.


Goa has some of the best beaches in the world, you can get cheap accommodation and it’s one of the coolest places in the world if you’re into nights out, yoga, seafood, just about anything.


It’s a collision of Indian and Portugese cultures and it’s just a stunning place full of stunning women.


See for yourself on Indian Cupid:



Goa has free love


To be honest, you don’t even need to bother with the working girls, it’s that kind of Woodstock vibe with EDM and the beach parties that go on all year have the kind of free-love atmosphere about them.


Girls get naked on the beach under the influence of a variety of substances and it’s really not difficult to get some action.


You could go there for weeks and not even think about it, especially if you’re into hippy chicks. But you can get laid for a few bucks with a local girl if you really want to and you know where to go.


It’s not easy and there are lots of scammers. So you need a recommendation really.


You can spend a lot more, if you want to, but the girls from Goa and neighbouring Bangladesh are pretty accommodating and you can have a night for stupid low money.


Women are basically cheaper than liquor, so if you want to pay to play then you’ll have a great time.


You won’t need to look for long. There is no clearly defined red light district anymore, just talk to the girls in the bars and you’ll know soon enough if they’re available and if it’s going to cost you.


It’s not the mongering capital of the world. There are better places, but it’s a great holiday, a cheap place to get laid if it comes to that and there are some stunners there.


And when you’re done, you can head to the beach, get off your face on MDMA and dance until dawn with a girl with a hula hoop…




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