15 of the Best PS4 VR Games in 2018

May 14, 2018 By Nick

15 of the Best PS4 VR Games in 2018


The 15 Best VR Games For The PS4

This story originally appeared on Alpha Reboot.


VR is taking over and the new wave of games will just blow you away. The PS4 has enough computing power to really push the limits of what we even thought possible and all you need is the VR kit for your PS4 to get started.


Virtual Reality is the future of gaming. It’s also the future of education and even, perhaps, online dating. So if you haven’t jumped on board then now is the time to do it.


And here are our choices for the best VR games on the PS4 right now.





1. Gran Turismo Sport


Yes, it really is that good folks. Gran Turismo Sport is such a leap forward, especially when you put it to work on the PS4Pro, that we think it is the new king of the VR world.


We know it’s a driving game, and that’s niche, but there’s asimple purity and sense of speed that translates so well to the VR rig. Pair this with a wheel, seat and pedals and you’ve got the most immersive game we can honestly imagine.


You get to take Le Mans cars, DTM racers, World Rally Cars and more round some of the best-known tracks in the world. You’ll get more standard fare, too, including the Ferrari LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno.


You could never take these cars on to the old Nordschleife in the real world, but you can here. You can even drive a modern day Group B rally car or the Bugatti concept created purely for the game.


Choose from 150 cars and in true Gran Turismo fashion get ready to work your way through the ranks to the monster FIA GT Le Mans cars.


Honestly, this game alone is worth upgrading to a full driving rig and faster internet. There will be more tracks, there will be online races and it’s going to be epic.


Gran Turismo games are always visually stunning, the trailer looks just ridiculous and it’s meant to be normal gameplay footage.


Now we have VR, it should be the final piece in the puzzle that makes racing games truly great. Gran Turismo was always the best of the bunch and now it really has the hardware it needs to produce gameplay miracles.


It’s FIA-sanctioned, Lewis Hamilton is an official Gran Turismo mentor and there will be a global competition for this one, with regular online games. So get practicing.


With a top of the line wheel, pedals and shifter, this game is now officially better than owning a sportscar.




2. Farpoint

This First Person Shooter pits you against disgusting space spiders and a whole world of other vicious bitches that you have to blow to Hell. It works best with Sony’s new gun controller, but PS Move works too.


You can duck under enemy fire, take aim and shoot the living shit out of them. Motion sickness isn’t a big issue with this game and it’s the aficionado’s game of choice.


It looks amazing and makes the best use of the VR graphics to put you into another world.


Get the new Sony gun controllers for the ultimate experience. This new ‘gun’ looks absurd, but then in the game it can be anything the designers can imagine.


Let’s just say it’s more dangerous than it looks.


Get it here, together with Farpoint.

Alternatively you can  invest in this  beefy AR-15 rifle-style  attachment for the Playstation Move. I haven’t tested it,  but it looks the tits and the Amazon crowd seems to love it.




3. Until Dawn

It’s a brutal, frightening first person shooter that has set Amazon alight.


You get a ride through an old-school house of horrors and a shoot em up element in there too.


It has seven levels, it gets seriously freaky towards the end and horror fans will love it.


This is a dark, dark game and if you weren’t afraid of clowns before, you will be soon.




4. Batman Arkham


Now Batman will lose it’s top tier status soon. Maybe it should have already.


But this is still an epic introduction into the VR platform, with characters you know, and it’s probably the most satisfying all-round VR experience to this day.


Rocksteady Solutions produced a great game here, even though the actual gameplay is pretty limited. Confused? So were we, but this is a winner.


It’s primarily a puzzle-based game with enough dramatic footage intertwined to make it an experience.




5. DriveClub


Simply put, it’s the most immersive driving experience for the Playstation VR set up you can get right now. Gran Turismo Sport is coming, so we don’t expect that to last.


It isn’t perfect, but it is pretty damned good. It has more or less every supercar on the planet and you can race them on mountain passes, real circuits or the city streets.


There are no American cars, bar one Hennessey Venom, and no Japanese cars at all. But you do get the unicorns from Pagani and Koenigsegg, as well as the cream of the European sportscar world.


You need a wheel and pedal set to really enjoy this game to the full effect.


And if you really want to get serious, and even enter the online challenges, then invest in a racing seat.


Online racing is going to turn into a viable sport soon, if it hasn’t already. So, get good, and become a star in the slightly weird online world. Get this set-up and you can drive what you want, when you want, as fast as you want.


That’s better than owning just one car and it’s almost as much fun as real driving these days.




6. Robinson


This could be number one, if the game lived up to the outstanding visuals. This is basically Jurassic Park, give or take, and you’re stranded there.


You get a friendly T-Rex baby and a robot helper, but then you’re on your own with an array of puzzles to solve. Personally, I’m not that into puzzle games and other reviewers have noted that it’s easy to get stuck and frustrated with Robinson.


Still, if you want to step back in time and visit Jurassic Park in VR, this is the closest you’re going to get until, well, Jurassic Park comes out.





7. Destiny 2


A ragtag selection of heroes is all that stands between a huge force of soldiers and total world domination.


This epic shoot em up and puzzle adventure will take you across the whole solar system as you go to war. There’s a touch of RPG and a lot of MMO in there, too, and seasoned gamers will feel right at home.


Again, it needs the Sony gun, or something cooler that we’ve yet to find, to really make the most of the game.


As for the playability, there’s a bit of Halo in there as the developers cut their teeth on that iconic game. Play online against friends and randoms, though, and you’ll have a game that goes on forever and can be as simple or complex as you like.




8. Playstation VR Worlds

This is like a series of playable demos, rather than games in their own right. But it’s a great way to get your friends and family into VR gameplay without overloading them.


It’s made up of a series of separate minigames and London Heist has been hailed as the best VR game on the PS4, bar none, by some keen critics.


The full list of games is:

  • London Heist – Become a gun toting gangster.
    VR Luge – An exhilarating street luge ride in full VR. Awesome.
    Scavengers Odyssey – Steer your all-terrain vehicle through alien worlds.
    Danger Ball – A futuristic sport. It’s different.
    Ocean Descent – A deep dive to the ocean floor with VR.



9. Eve: Valkyrie


Become an elite intergalactic pirate who takes from the rich and, well, keeps it.


Take control of a ship and fly through space, with the odd vicious dogfight. There isn’t much to the game, but what is there is stunning.


The feeling of flight is pretty much unique and it’s worth the price of admission for that alone. But the online element brings this game to life and you can take on anybody, anytime in a vicious hail of bullets.


That’s what you’ll end up doing and that can keep this game fresh for a long time to come.




10. Raw Data



There’s an attempt at a backstory and it’s probably a pretty good one. But it doesn’t really matter in the end as Raw Data is another first person shooter with some RPG and MMO thrown in for good measure.


You’re a cyborg ninja, basically. You get to use jacked up Samurai swords, about 1000 guns and you get to blow the hell out of a cyborg army through a sprawling, spectacular landscape.


Play together with friends on the same team in a co-op or go head-to-head.


It’s possibly the best, quickest flowing and challenging VR game to date.





11. Resident Evil: Biohazard

It’s another shooter and an adaptation of a classic game that’s been with us since the start of the console. Is it too much bringing a horror movie to VR?


A lot of reviewers have declared it just too spooky. Watch the footage and decide for yourself, but it’s definitely ‘atmospheric’.


You don’t even need Move to play this one, although it will help. And you get 17 hours of VR gameplay with this beast of a game.


It’s too scary for me, I don’t like horror movies and my heart can’t take the sudden shocks. But if you’re into that kind of game, this is the one for you.


It is another dark game, but the details are stunning and the whole house is horribly intimidating. So I’m not sure I could play this game for long before I needed to lie down with a Disney movie and a cuddle. But you and me could be different.




12. Rigs Mechanized Combat League


Real Steel is here, mixed in Unreal Tournament and Avatar. Yes, teams of heavily sponsored robots with human pilots break out the heavy artillery and shoot the shit out of each other for the crowd’s entertainment.


It’s a simple concept and a massively playable game. The online aspect means it can’t go stale and you can play this game as often as you want.


It’s mindless entertainment, but that’s exactly what you want sometimes.




13. Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing


Now this is a 20-minute sub-game in Star Wars Battlefront. So it’s more of a sampler if we’re honest.


But then it’s an amazing 20 minutes that makes the whole thing worth it.


Take on a fleet of Tie Fighters and flash between asteroids in Luke Skywalker’s trusty steed.


It’s an incredible short game and a peak into the future. Star Wars will inevitably give us everything from the full rebel uprising through to light saber duels.


We like what we see so far.




14. Eagle Flight VR


This is part game, part birds eye view of a futuristic version of Paris as you take to the skies through the French capital.


There is a game there, too, but they are really simple tasks that take you on a stunning tour of a deserted city that is overgrown and we’re told simply this is post-humanity Paris.


The game itself is really about the sensation of free flight through a visually enhanced world. It’s a beautiful game and you can just soar above the trees, or deep dive into the city streets and drains. It’s all up to you.


Get good enough and there’s an online multiplayer ‘Capture the Flag’ style game waiting.




15. Star Trek: Bridge Crew


Trekkies rejoice. You can join the original Bridge of the Starship Enterprise and take command of an all-new ship that just happens to look like the old one.


Either play alone or join an online crew as you take on a variety of missions. It’s really like an old-school roleplaying game as it’s a game of strategy and puzzles.


It’s interesting, it’s an immersive VR experience and it’s a surprising amount of fun when you join random online players for new quest.


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