17 of the Best Airbnbs in America

May 29, 2018 By Nick

17 of the Best Airbnbs in America



Remember when you wanted a vacation, a few days away or a mind-blowing overnight stay and you had to look through reams of hotels that are basically the same?


Well you can still do that, or you can show some imagination, hit Airbnb and come up with something truly special. You can save money with Airbnb, or you can go balls to the wall and rent a place that will blow your mind for the same price as a relatively forgettable hotel suite.


Having your own place is just more comfortable too.


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Here are just some of the weirdest, coolest and quirkiest Airbnbs we found in North America.


All pictures courtesy of Airbnb.




1. Malibu Airstream
Malibu, California
Price: $500/Night

Check it out here!


Set high in the hills above the Malbu beach, this Airstream provides one of the world’s greatest views and one of Airbnb’s most popular experience stays.


You can leave the high-stress week in downtown LA behind, be here in less than an hour and you get the most badass retreat we’ve seen on Airbnb.


The owners have fitted floor to ceiling glass windows that open down one side of this classic silver Airstream, so you get to see the sunset, or sunrise if that’s your thing. It’s like a small luxury apartment with an incredible deck, where you can look down on LA and the ocean.


It’s compact, it’s awesome and it might just be the coolest thing you can do for a weekend of passion in the hills. It’s undoubtedly one of the coolest Airbnb rentals in the world and you can use my Airbnb discount code to save money on this ultimate overnight  getaway.







2 Craig’s Execution Rocks Lighthouse
Port Washington, New York
Price: $350/Night


It’s just a few miles East of the Big Apple, but it’s on the island of Port Washington, you’ll have to get there and you need to use a Portapotty.


That might kill the romance, especially if you have to go for a stinker in the middle of the night. There are also the ghosts to consider. The island has a grizzly past, t is totally abadoned and the owners swear it is haunted. So if you’e got a girl with a weak heart, or you scream like a girl if you hear a bump in the night, this one might not be for you.


But if you can live with the basic facilities and you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, then this could be the coolest Airbnb in New York. It is also a hell of a hideaway for a romantic weekend.









3. Boxcar Caboose
Agoura Hills, California

Check it out here!


If you’re more of a countryside kind of guy, then you can take a girl to this secluded, converted boxcar on the edge of the Santa Monica mountains with a view over Malibu.


It comes with a deck, a king size bed, a basic lounge and all the atmosphere you can handle. It’s an awesome place for LA residents to take a girl for an unusual night away and it beats a hotel any way you look at it. This is a left-field Airbnb, but you can find thousands of places with more character than a standard hotel in minutes. Try it yourself and take advantage of my Airbnb discount coupon.









4. The Treehouse
Atlanta, Georgia

Check it out here!


Apparently this is Airbnb’s most wished for property, worldwide, for 2016. It’s in Georgia, so that’s saying something…


As you can see, it’s stunning. It’s really a three-room treehouse that lies a few minutes away from downtown Atlanta.


You get separate cabins, connected by rope bridges bedecked with lights. It’s a pretty special place to take someone for a romantic weekend and Atlanta really isn’t that bad.







5. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Schwart House/Still Bend
Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Check it out here!


This is the iconic designer’s ‘dream house’ and he created the original plans in 1938 for Life Magazine. He went on to build the house in Two Rivers and now you can rent it for $400/night.


At first glance that looks expensive, but this house sleeps eight, so it can work as a family retreat. It is also an architectural masterpiece and a piece of architectural history.


The hosts have dressed the house to perfection, with Bakelite radios and an open fire setting off Lloyd Wright’s wood-heavy interiors and exposed brick to perfection.








6. Vintage Trailer in a Loft
Los Angeles, California
Price: $78/Night


Check it out here!


This place is so hipster it hurts, but it is quirky and different. You get a 1954 trailer, complete with a king-size bed, inside an actual loft apartment in the Arts District.


The trailer is basically the owner’s spare bedroom, but you can access the kitchen, the indoor swing, the air hockey table and more. It might not be the most intimate trip away, but it could be fun.








7. MGM Grand Signature Penthouse
Las Vegas, Nevada
Price: $675

Check it out here!


Yes, a lot of hotels have privately owned quarters and you can book some of the best hotels in cities around the world for a massive discount with Airbnb.


Now you’ll get the same treatment, the same facilities and the same perks. But because the hotels took private money to help build them in the first place, you can skirt the hotel entirely and get the best deal on your vacation trough Airbnb.


You can book this top floor suite in one of the Las Vegas’s iconic hotels and get a panoramic view over the city that never sleeps.


Vegas is just that kind of place where chaos reigns, but this apartment will give you a few fleeting hours of peace and serenity before you dive back into the moral abyss.







8. Earth Ship
Taos, New Mexico
Price: $125

Check it out here!


It’s off-grid, it’s in the middle of nowhere and it looks incredible. It’s luxurious, it’s simple and it comes with a wall of windows that let you take in the atmosphere, the sunset and the surrounding desert.


You simple cannot get hotels like this and if you take a girl here then she’ll always remember you.








9. Williamsburg Loft
Williamsburg, New York
Price: $350

Check it out here!


At first glance, this hipster hangout seems expensive. But then it’s a three-bedroom, so it’s good for group outings to New York or even a family gathering.


It’s super swank, has art deco pieces on the walls and apart from that it’s a pretty minimalist pad. But this converted factory unit is different, quirky and another stellar example of how Airbnb can change your outlook on the city.


It’s in the heart of Williamsburg, which is known as the hipster capital of the world. That’s something you’ll either love or you won’t.







10 Dog Bark Park Inn
Cottonwood, Idaho
Price: $124

Check it out here!


Stay in a Beagle-shaped guesthouse in Idaho because, well, why not?


The owners are clearly batshit crazy about dogs and they make their money selling carved wooden dogs and now the hotel. As you’d expect, dog stuff is everywhere, but you also get a deck with a view. Unsurprisingly, it’s dog friendly too.


This is literally getting sent to the doghouse, but you might just like it this time.






11. The Log Cabin
Estes, Colorado
Price: $175/Night

Check it  out here!


If you’re looking for the ultimate log cabin experience then head to Estes for this luxury, four-bed mansion made of wood.


One wall is window heavy, which means you get to look at the mountains from the warm comfort of your house. You even get a hot tub with 33 separate massage jets, which sounds like enough.


It’s also in Colorado, so you can get baked and watch the sun go down and then go skiing the next day. This is one of he most stylish log cabins on Airbnb and you can use my coupon to get a big discount.








13. Houseboat
Charleston, South Carolina
Price: $199 night

Check it out here!


This houseboat offers panoramic views over the Charleston harbor, as well as a deck for BBQs and cocktails.


It’s compact and bijou, so much so that the TV show Tiny House Hunters featured the boat on a recent episode. It’s typically nautical throughout, and it’s sure as hell more interesting than the mid-range hotel you’d get for this money. It’s a weird and quirky Airbnb that we love, eve though it’s quite a hefty price for such a small boat.






14. The Love Nest Ranch Barn
Morongo Valley, California
Price: $137/Night

Check it out here!


Just 20 minutes outside Palm Springs, you’ll find the Genuine Draft Ranch and this bizarre little hideaway.


Head to the saloon, enjoy the animals on the ranch or just chill on the 25 foot swing. This place is a way to escape the rat race and relax with a taste of the old west. It’s exactly the kind of oddball Airbnb rental that we love and you can disappear down a rabbit hole looking at stuff like this.





15. Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway
Topanga Canyon, California

Check it out here.


This place is clearly a dressed up guesthouse and we’re not 100% sure what it will look like in the flesh. It does look like a Caribbean hideaway from some angles and it will definitely make an impression on your lady friend.


You get a hot tub and, although the guesthouse itself is pretty basic, this host has made up for that with imagination, flair and so many lights.


There are skeletons, lights and an outdoor teepee to serve as the lounge. So, if you want to try something different, this could be the perfect Airbnb getaway one for you.








16. Mushroom Dome Cabin
Aptos, California
Price: $120/Night

Check it out here!


It’s a tiny wooden cabin in the woods, but sleeping beneath the geodesic dome with a window has turned this relatively unassuming California retreat into an Airbnb celebrity.


You get a deck, too, and your own creek. The price makes it a really attractive and unusual getaway if you want to take someone away for a romantic overnight stay.


You’ll see the sunset and the stars through the observation window in the roof and this could just be the perfect romantic trip if your girl is a nature lover. Airbnb smashes it out the park once again. This oddball property makes a night in the Marriott seem heartless and cold.







17. Undergound Hygge
Orondo, Washington
Price: $190/Night

Check it out here!


This house is basically cut out of the mountainside in the Colombia River Gorge.


Go through the round door and you’ll step back in time to a world of natural stone and wood construction. It’s a character house with chess boards and olde world details that make this Airbnb so much better than a hotel room could ever be.


It has grass growing on the roof, it’s in a stunning location and this is one of those places that can’t fail to impress.This is the epitome of the unusual and quirky Airbnb rental properties you can find, so dig around and look for your own now you’ve seen what’s out there.








18. Bird Island
Placencia, Belize
Price: $395/night

Check it out here!


OK, it’s not in North America. But look at it. Seriously, it’s a freaking tiny, man-made island paradise. Belize is a stunning place and this might just be the coolest place on Earth for a weekend getaway. It isn’t that far away from the Southern states either.


You’re out on your own in the water, with a boat to get you back to the main shore. There’s a three-bedroom wooden villa on the island and it sleeps up to six.


It isn’t even that expensive and this would be the kind of trip you simply never forget.


There’s a deck with a hammock overlooking the water and I’m struggling to imagine a more chilled out place. It’s almost too perfect, like it’s the stage for a horrendous shark attack movie. But, that aside, we love this weird and wonderful Airbnb.


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