17 of the Best CCW Handguns

June 8, 2018 By Nick

17 of the Best CCW Handguns

Armscor 2 inch revolver


We’re firm believers in carrying a handgun if your State allows it. There are just so many crazies out there and we preach a selfish philosophy here. Look out for yourself, because you really can’t rely on anybody else these days.


Get a CCW license, carry a gun and shoot regularly at the range. Do dryfire training in your own home and get comfortable with firearms. One day, it could save your life.


You should have a full kit, to be honest, including a rile, shotgun and full-size handgun. But the best gun is the one you have on you, so get the best CCW you can. Find the extra money, don’t get a Hi-Point. We like you,and we want you to come back…


We took a look at the best options and read around for your verdicts.


Here is a list of the best concealed carry guns for  sale  right now. Just be aware there might be a slight variation in the prices over time.




Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 Review


1. Springfield Armory XDMOD2

Price: $464.09


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There are two kinds of buyers, the collectors that delight in curiosities and eccentricities and those that just buy the best.


The Springfield Armory XDMOD2 is, in our opinion, the very best concealed carry weapon for sale. It’s  more than that, too.


The 9mm and the 3″ barrel version is the one you want for concealed carry purposes. You can opt for a 45 ACP or 40 S&W version, though, if either one suits you more.


The 5 inch barrel version is still a compact gun and will be more flexible as a multi-purpose handgun. But if concealed carry is your priority, then the shorter barrel could be  a lifesaver in a tight situation and it also means it can be a pocket gun when required.


Read the user reviews on this gun, though, and you’ll find it isn’t just a one-trick pony. You can buy a larger mag with an integral grip extension that gives you 16 in the mag and one in the chamber, which means it’s a popular range gun.


It has a polymer frame, but Springfield Armory has engineered some weight into the gun and that means reduced recoil. It also has one of the most precise triggers on the open market.


Seriously, it’s that sharp. It’s that clean and it’s that good. It makes a Glock trigger feel like a wet sponge and it helps you group shots tighter. When you shoot this back to back with even a full size pistol, you’ll be amazed how accurate this shrunken semi-automatic really is.


The massive capacity means it’s a firm favorite as a last line of defense when  it  comes to home security, too, as this gun can hide almost anywhere.


You can put it  in a slimline vault beside your bed, or simply in a holster on the frame behind your pillow, so it’s always ready to go.


It isn’t small, it’s a 6 inch gun in total, even with the 3 inch barrel. But it’s like someone took a 4th Gen Glock 19, fixed everything wrong with it and then streamlined  what was  left, shrinking it that inch that turns it into a realistic concealed  carry.


The grip safety is clever as you just need a positive grip, which should be second nature after pumping hundreds of rounds through it at the range. As for that ‘Grip Zone’ label, yeah it sucks. If you need to be told where to grip a gun, you probably shouldn’t have one.


Apart from that, the Springfield Armory is a near perfect polymer pistol.


This gun has silently worked its way up the rankings, but it  might just be the best concealed carry gun in the world.




Sig Sauer P365 Nitron, the best concealed carry gun in the world?

2. Sig Sauer P365 Nitron




It’s only a natural sense of caution that kept us naming the new Sig Sauer P365 Nitron as the best CCW handgun in the world, in fact we’re pretty much at that point where we’re going to switch the order and knock our beloved Springfield Armory XMOD2 off the top spot.


The Sig Sauer doesn’t hold as many rounds, even though it is a double stack, so the Springfield Armory wins that one. But the Sig Sauer P365 is just a beautifully egineered thing that is small where it matters and yet still big enough to fill your hand.


It’s a Sig, so the US dollar will fail before it does, it’s engineered to last and it’s just the perfect compromise of size and capacity.


There’s a offer on right now if you pe-order with Brownells. But that price will go up, so if it’s more expensive when you come to buy, we tried to tell you!




RugerLCP380 II. A cheaper version of the Sig Sauer



3. Ruger LCP380 II

Price: $277.79



The Ruger is affordable, reliable, accurate and truly compact.


It’s arguably the best concealed carry gun you can buy online and the original consistently comes near the top of user polls. You can still buy those for less than $200 and that is an almighty back-up or ankle gun.


Finding a good price for the Springfield Armory made the difference here, but if you want a cheap concealed carry  weapon that won’t  let you down then this is the one.


It’s a bit of an apples and oranges comparison if we’re honest and comes down to personal priorities.


The glass-filled Nylon frame is mated to an alloy steel slide and barrel with a 1:10 inch right-hand twist.


It’s a 0.380 caliber weapon, so it has real stopping power too.


You get a seven-round magazine, which is pretty much the sweet spot when it comes to usability and size, and an adjustable 3-dot sights.


It’s just 5.16 inches long and it’s one of the smallest guns here. You won’t notice it under your clothes and you know it’s going to work if you need it.






Smith and Wesson 9mm

4. Smith & Wesson MP40 Shield Compact

Price: $477.49



This is one of our personal favorites. Some might like the .380 Bodyguard, but this is the gun we’d prefer to have in the holster.


It’s more expensive than the Ruger, significantly so, but then it does pack in 10 rounds and you get a .40 caliber.


You get a polymer frame, a stainless steel barrel, a black Melonite finish and textured palmswell grip.


It’s a slightly bigger gun, which you will like or you won’t.




Glock G43, a great concealed carry?

5. Glock G43

Price: $518.99



It would have been simpler to name the Glock as the overall winner, but where would be  the shock value?


Truthfully it’s a new weapon, too, and we haven’t really had a chance to hear that much feedback. It’s a Glock, so it stands to reason that it will be near perfect. But we don’t know that for sure.


It’s more expensive than the Springfield Armory and it’s limited to six rounds in the standard magazine, although you can beef that up if required with a grip extension.


Still, it’s a pretty serious handicap in this fight, even if it does measure up to almost any other concealed carry gun in the world when it comes to performance and accuracy.


In time, it might work its way u the list and if you buy one you almost certainly won’t be disappointed. But the Glock G43 doesn’t quite have the X-factor to win this time around.





Smith and Wesson revolver

6. Smith & Wesson 642 38SP

Price: $585.39



This gun is so small it could fit in your sock, but it comes with a red dot in the grip so you really shouldn’t miss when you need it most.


It’s a 21st Century revolver, with five chambers. The barrel length is just two inches and the whole gun weighs 0.95lb. So, you can conceal this more or less anywhere.


The Smith & Wesson is a pretty little thing, too, which counts for something. We think…




Taurus concealed carry gun



7. Taurus 709 Slim Compact

Price: $261





The Taurus is a low-budget, lightweight gun. It’s simple, but it does the job and owners rave about its accuracy and reliability.


There is no clever red dot, the sights are pretty basic if we’re honest and yet people still love it.


It’s an honest, down to Earth and simple 9mm handgun and the ribbed grip means you shouldn’t drop it at a critical moment.



Taurus Protector 38 Special


8. Taurus Protector .38 Special

Price: $209.99 (On Sale  Now)



It’s another snubnose pistol with a 2.5inch barrel, but it’s a beautifully designed handgun at the right price.


You get five 38 Caliber rounds and that means its a potent force for self defence.


It’s a beautifully simple gun with tried  and trusted technology that shouldn’t let you down when you need it most.




 Kel-Tec P11, conceal carry gun on a budget


9. Kel-Tec P-11

Price: $225



The lightweight P-11 9mm has the perceived recoil and practical accuracy of a much bigger gun.


The 3-inch barrel and slide are made from SAE 4140, heat-treated steel. The aluminum frame keeps the gun lightweight and the trigger is linked to the hammer with a transfer bar.


A free-floating extension spring drives the hammer and it’s a mechanism that has won the Kel-Tec legions of fans around the world.


You get a 10-round magazine, which is pretty good in this company too.


It’s a favorite back-up for law enforcement, which at this price says a lot.


People rag on Kel-Tec and it’s understandable, but if you get a good one then you honestly can laugh at them and point to the money you saved.




Armscor 2 inch revolver


10. Armscor Model 206

Price: $238



This small-scale revolver looks like it got shrunk in the wash, but then that’s what you want when you’re talking the best concealed carry handguns.


The barrel length is just two inches and yet it packs in six .38 caliber rounds. All the controls fall easily to hand and you even get an extended hammer that’s disproportionately big.


It might be a clone of the classic Colt Detective Snub Nose, but then it’s an affordable gun that does the job.




Beretta concealed carry handgun

11. Beretta 84S 380 Cheetah

Price: $699.00



Seriously, 13 rounds in a concealed carry gun. So if you are the type who could get into an epic firefight, really consider one of these little beauties.


It’s almost overengineered to look at and there are so many details that it’s kind of messy to the eye. But then you don’t buy a gun to sit and look at it.


It has a full metal frame, it’s super accurate to 30 yards and although there is significant recoil, it’s manageable.


This 380 is expensive and it’s pretty close to a full-size pistol with a 3.81-inch barrel. So think carefully about the compromises. But, 13 rounds…




12. Sig Sauer P938 Blackwood

Price: $679.99



This is a real compact gun that stays true to the spirit of concealed carry.


You get six rounds in the magazine, which isn’t that much in this company, and it’s expensive.


But it does give you the classic Sig reliability, a lightweight gun and it will fit snugly in a concealed holster.


It’s a microcompact, which means you can slot it into your pocket if you want and nobody else will know it’s there. And it is a pretty little  gun that almost qualifies as jewelry.







SPringfield Armory Bitone 1911

13.  Springfield Armory 1911 Compact 40S&W Bitone

Price: $899.99



Ok, the price is insane, but we’re just in love with this gun. It’s artistry, as much as a tool of death, and we could sit and stare at the details all day.


The drilled out trigger and hammer show the obsessive quest to save weight and this is a gun that can fit in your pocket, or in a waist holster.


We love the two-tone colors, too.


You get an eight-round magazine and you can upgrade that to a nine-round mag.


It isn’t as capable as the XDMOD2 and it’s so much more expensive, but artistry costs and this is one of those guns where fashion, as much as function, has dictated the final price.


This is a 1911 with a total length of 6.5 inches, which weighs in at 2lb. So you can justify  it as a  daily carry gun and it is a thing of beauty.



Walther PPS S&W40


14 Walther PPS 40 S&W

Price: $399.99



Like the Springfield Armory, the Walther PPS isn’t a really compact gun.


At 6.25 inches overall, it is bigger than the traditional sub-compacts. It’s also better.


Some people love the Walther PPS trigger and the way it sits in the hand. It’s single-stack magazine means it got blown off the road by the Springfield Armory in terms of capacity, though.


The Walther has the 40 S&W ammo in its favor, but then you can order a similar caliber XDMOD2. Anyway, in this form, the Walther is a devastating self-defense weapon, even with it the suddenly limited 7+1 rounds.


The 3.2-inch barrel means its compact enough, the pronounced grip and undercut triggerguard means you can get a secure hold and the mags and integral grip extensions are easy to switch out in a hurry.


You get a back-up safety in the trigger set and it really looks like a more ornate and finished Glock G43.



Taurus curve 180

15. Taurus 180 Curve

Price: $299.99



We know this one is going to be controversial, because some people just hate this gun. In all truth, we’re not sure we can recommend  it. But we love the concept.


At first glance, it looks like one of those disposable pepper spray guns. But in actual fact this is a tactical approach to concealed carry.


It’s comfortable thanks to the constant curves and it comes with a built-in laser and a light. So  this could be the gun that saves your life in the dead of night.


Capacity is a problem. You get seven rounds,of .380, which is good, but it isn’t right up there with the best here. This gun was always going to sacrifice ultimate capacity for comfort, too.


Still, it’s cheap, you can clip it on your clothes and dispose of the holster entirely. You can literally keep it inside your waistband  with the integral clip and there really is no reason to add a holster.


It’s  a clever concept, we like it and we think we’ll probably have one before too long.




We know we said 15, but we’re feeling generous. Here are two more oddballs you might not have considered…



Bond Arms Derringer



16. Bond Arms Cowboy Defender .357 Magnum

Price: $429.99



The Derringer is one of those guns. It’s better to have one and not need it than to need  it and not have it.


Now, a pocket back-up gun isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking for a Derringer then you could do much worse than this 2-round Magnum-powered handheld rocket launcher.


Bond Arms are among the best and if you’re down to your last two rounds then it would be good to think you can rely on the beast in your pocket and it’s also nice to know they will have a real impact.


.357 Magnum shells blasting out of this three-inch barrel and five-inch gun almost make it worth buying just to shoot it at the range.  The novelty will probably wear off, but it will be a laugh for a while.




17. S&W 500

Price: $1199.99



Some people are just contrary for its own sake. If you’re that kind of person, thenn the S&W500 is your perfect EDC.


Now, we’re going to qualify this, because honestly it’s an illogical gun for a concealed carry.


You’ll be lucky if you can get all five shots in the same direction, forget about grouping. Fire off five rounds and you’ll probably be nursing an injured wrist if you don’t spend serious time in the gym, too.


It’s a big, cumbersome gun, but then if you hit something, like anything, you’re going to blow it apart.


This is the legendary .50 handgun, after all, and there is an intimidation factor to this weapon. If somebody is waving a Hi Point in your general direction and you pull this, then if they’re even smart enough to know how stupidly outgunned they are, they will run.



In an actual gunfight, this is probably not what you want. But as a nuclear button, a way to settle any dispute before it gets to that point, then this might be one to consider.



This article originally appeared on the USA Gun Shop.


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