5 Low-Effort, Health-Boosting Lifehacks

May 29, 2018 By Nick

5 Low-Effort, Health-Boosting Lifehacks

Your life can be better, today, right now.


Systems and long-term  goals are great, but they can take time, effort and discipline to achieve.


Some of you just won’t be ready for that. Others will already have started on that path.


But these are simple lifehacks you can put into action, now. They will change your life.


OK, they’re not a magic bullet. There really isn’t a magic bullet.


They will, though, make a major difference.


You will feel better, you will function better and you will become better. Just by doing these things on a daily basis.



1. Hypnosis or Guided Meditation


It sounds stupid, until you have tried it.


Join the hypnosis club and you’ll wonder how you managed without it.


Now this kind of hypnosis isn’t the bullshit you see on stage between strippers. And you don’t need to sit on a cloud to do it.


Its guided meditation and you can try it right now.


And it’s free, there’s some great hypnosis online on Youtube.


So you can start with your phone, preferably with headphones, and your bed.


Hypnosis Is A Cure For Insomnia


Even if you use hypnosis for sleep and you don’t think it will do anything else, then prepare to be amazed.


It will help you slow your breathing, clear your mind, physically relax you and send you off to sleep without thrashing round in the bed for an hour.


If nothing else, that makes it worth it.


Any added benefits, then, are just a bonus.


Over time, there will be serious benefits.


It isn’t a case of doing this once and you’re ‘fixed’. Treat it like the mental gym. Do it evert day and you’ll make big gains over time.


The thing is, you’ll need to find the best one for you. Some simply won’t work on you, but then you’ll find one that really does.


My personal favorite for beginners is Grace Smith.


Her inductions, the bit that sends you into the trance, which is the next door neighbor of sleep, are super simple to follow.


She doesn’t have much on Youtube, but this is good.



If you get deeper into it, then try Michael Sealey. His stuff is a little more complex, but wow it works.


Try one of his most popular recordings. It’s an hour long, but you’ll probably be asleep before the end.


Yes, really, this one recording has 12 million views. But you just need to put headphones in, zone out and listen.




2. Take cold showers


The benefits of cold showers are well documented, but I didn’t take them until I moved to the Dominican Republic.


Hot water really isn’t a thing here, at all.


So there was no choice.


That first day, I almost died. I thought about staying dirty, or making my own shower with the kettle.


Then I got over it and found the amazing benefits of cold  showers.


Cold showers improve stress resistance – Honestly, there are scientific studies and everything. Cold showers reduce stress causing Uric Acid levels in your blood and build your tolerance to shock, which can be both physical and mental.


Cold showers boost testosterone naturally – Really, the hormone that people take destructive steroids and other natural supplements to boost. You get a natural testosterone booster by just turning down the temperature gauge on your shower. Science said so.


Cold showers lift depression – Embrace the brain freeze, because a cold shower hits the ‘blue spot’ and stimulates the release of noradrenaline. That is a natural remedy for depression. The cold is also a basic form of electroshock therapy that stimulates impulses through the brain.


Cold showers build willpower – You don’t want to do it, you think you can’t do it and then you learn very quickly that you can. This will help you face other challenges.


Cold showers wake you up – This is pretty obvious. But if you stumble into the shower half asleep, then a blast of cold water will shake the cobwebs out pretty damned fast. You’ll breathe deep as a natural reaction, get Oxygen to the deepest recesses of your lungs and your brain will scramble into action as it tries to work out what the fuck is going on and how it can get your body out of this uncomfortable place.


Cold showers improve your skin and hair – Human beings weren’t designed to bathe in hot water and it can dissolve and strip a lot of natural oils that we really need. Cold showers are better for your body, it’s really that simple.


Cold showers speed up muscle recovery – Ice baths are hardly a big secret. Professional athletes use them and a cold shower is just a cut price version.


Cold showers help you sleep – Messed up isn’t it? But a cold  shower before bed, and a hypnosis session, can send you straight off to  sleep.




3. Sleep one hour more


If you’re in a rut, suffering from depression or just not on your game, then your sleep pattern can suffer.


In fact, one of the clearest tells that your brain isn’t jiving right now is how well you are sleeping.


I work from home, for international clients, so I know when life is spinning out when I go completely nocturnal and am working at 5am and sleeping half the day.


That’s extreme, but if you are staying awake and watching shit TV or browsing Tinder, then go to fucking bed.


Set a time, keep it regular and your body will be ready at the right time.


Don’t bullshit yourself that you can’t sleep and you function fine on four hours. You don’t.


So even if you end up staring at the ceiling for the first week, go to bed at a decent time, after a cold shower. Use the hypnosis.


See how a lot of these lifehacks tie together? It’s the basis of a system, a simple system you can build on.




4. Drink a breakfast smoothie and fresh juices


If you drop into Starbucks for a burnt espresso and a bucket of milk every morning, stop it.


Too much coffee wrecks your nervous system and you could be taking in something so much better.


Soda, too, is terrible for you.


You don’t need to buy a big name. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to the Nutribullet.



What do you put in the smoothie? Well, within reason, whatever you want. Fruits, nuts, seeds, granola and porridge oats are a pretty good start.


Make the smoothie and fresh juices part of your life.


You can honestly throw a whole orange or two in with some water and you’ve got a liter of juice, which will save you money in the long run too.


It also ensures you’re hydrated without even thinking about it. You don’t need to force yourself to drink water.


Then get creative, with spinach, pineapple and watermelon cocktails that will boost your levels of pretty much everything.


There’s an old phrase with computers: “Garbage in, garbage out.”


It’s the same with your body. So make this one small tweak to your regime and you’ll feel 10 times better within a month.



5. Go for a walk


If you’re a shut in, or you just go to work and then come home, you’ll get depressed.


If you don’t do any exercise at all, the same thing will happen.


So I’m not going to tell you to join a gym on day one and start banging and clanking. You should, but this is not step one.


Step one is just setting some time aside every day to go for a walk in the park, on the beach or through the city if that’s what you’ve got to work with.


It isn’t just exercise, it’s taking the time to appreciate the world around you. You’re not rushing to an appointment. You’re not going anywhere.


You’re just enjoying the world you live in, you’re getting your muscles working and stimulating your brain.


You’ll also have to interact with people along the way, which means you will hold people’s gaze, hold yourself better and that will give you a confidence boost.



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