8 Best Smartwatches 2018: It’s Time To Get One

May 14, 2018 By Nick

8 Best Smartwatches 2018: It’s Time To Get One

Samsung Gear 3, one of the best smartwatches world




Smartwatches had a slow start and adoption really wasn’t as hot as the major players expected for the last few years.


Wearable tech is finally coming of age, though, and the watches themselves are starting to find their feet. It wasn’t enough to simply offer shortcuts for your phone and the watches had to evolve into fashion pieces and technological tour de forces before the public felt they just had to have one.


We’re getting there.


Now we have some seriously powerful smartwatches out there and they’re starting to get stylish, too.


Here are 7 of the best smartwatches for sale right now.



Samsung Gear S3 Classic

1. Samsung Gear S3 Classic



This is a seriously good-looking watch. In fact, you’ll struggle to tell it’s a smartwatch at all.


It comes with a simple metallic bevel, but apart from that you can choose from hundreds of classic watchfaces that look like the real thing without close inspection, or a pared down digital display.


It’s an unobtrusive watch that lets you know about any updates on your phone. Inevitably, it’s Android and that seems to be a better solution than Apple can offer right now.


There are thousands of apps to choose from. Some are great, some are pointless, but the Samsung Gear is finding its way and turning into a useful and elegant tool.


It has a built in microphone and speaker, so you can take calls on the watch. You can make payments with Samsung Pay, you get built-in GPS and you can cycle through your apps with the clever, functional bezel.


The watch monitors your heart rate and fitness, too, but that’s pretty standard at the top end.







Apple Watch Series 3, the best smartwatch

2. Apple Watch Series 3



Taken purely on its own merit, the Apple Watch is probably the best piece of hardware. But it comes with big caveats.


Go this route and you’re locked in to Apple. That means less apps and it also means you will spend more on tablets and laptops to complete the ecosystem when you just don’t have to.


If you already own a new iPhone, well you’ve done it now and the Apple Watch is the next step. If you haven’t committed to Apple, seriously think about getting out now.


Android is an open system, with constant competition and innovation. It’s a safe bet that Android will get solid AR and VR platforms in the year ahead and the system could leave Apple trailing in its wake. It’s more likely than the company that Steve Job built stealing an unassailable market share right now, we’d say.


So a Samsung S8, together with the Gear 3 Classic, is a better combo, but the Apple Watch is an incredible piece of kit.


You get a dual-core processor, it’s waterproof and you get a heart rate sensor, altimeter, accelerometer and more. That gives you a lot of information to work with when it comes to the dynamic apps and inevitably you get Apple Pay that means you can pretty much go cashless in a big city.


It’s everything you’d expect from Apple hardware. It’s slick, intuitive and just easy to use and take calls on. You can also customize it with thousands of different straps and frames that are available on Amazon and eBay.


so, it’s a great watch and if you’re an Apple fanboy or you just own enough of their stuff, you will love yours. If not, go Android.







Moto360 smart watch, one of the best


3. Moto 360 2nd Gen



This is a nice looking watch, which reslly doesn’t look like a smartwatch at first glance. You get a choice of clean, classic faces and this is actually my personal favorite on the design front.


I also own a Moto G 5th Gen, which I think is  brilliant phone for the money. So the want is strong with this one.


It tracks your steps, calories and general fitness. You can change the watch to suit your mood, with a vast array of straps and housings. It’s Android, so you access to thousands of apps and it will link up with your phone to pass on all the useful information.


You can take calls and go the Hello Google route and voice activate your phone, internet and most of your life. It takes some getting used to, but you can turn this into a real timesaver.


It gets 4GB of internal storage, 512mb of RAM and it’sa solid performer. Is it a match for the big names? Almost…


As with most of the big names, it’s a modular design and you can buy endless straps to turn that deep dish perfect circle from formal to sportswear.








Huawei Watch 2, an exceptional smartwatch and one of the best in the world



4. Huawei Watch 2


Huaweu used to make cheap electronics. Then it started making really good electronics and the world started to pay attention.;.


It’s still great value for money, but the Huawei is a match for most of the watches on this list when it comes to the looks. It isn’t quite as well served in terms of third-party add-ons, but you  can fit any strap you like and the main watch is a clean, classic design that goes with anything.


It comes with a real bezel, but you can order a cleaner design that combines the silver central fob with the strap of your choice.


Inevitably you get a choice of modern displays or classic faces and this truly is a stunning looking thing.


You get GPS and a fitness program, it’s Android Wear and you can store music offline if you don’t want to take your phone to the gym or beach.


This is a great watch that could go on to challenge the Apple and Samsung. Huawei is where Motorola was a few years ago and it is starting to make quality gear.




garmin fenix 5 smartwatch


5 Garmin Fenix 5



The first thing you need to know about the Garmin Fenix 5 is that is is seriously, hella expensive.


It’s aimed at fitness fanatics and it has advanced heart rate monitors, as well outdoor sensors that include GPS and GLONASS satellite reception and 3-axis compass with gyroscope and a barometric altimeter.


Is it that much better than an Apple Watch or the Samsung? I can’t see it, but it is getting rave reviews, especially from extreme sports fanatics that have taken this watch to their heart.







fossil smartwatch




6. Fossil Q Gen 3 Smartwatch



This really is a fashion first smartwatch, rather than a functional masterpiece. In fact, it’s some way behind the Samsung Gear and Apple Watch when it comes to functionality, but it is a simple watch that can provide notifications and take a call if you need to.


It’s Android based and again you can voice activate almost anything, together with the standard fitness and steps tracking.


You also get a stylish watch with a variety of old and new faces to choose from that looks good, first and foremost, and comes with the Fossil name.






Pebble 2 Smartwatch



7. Pebble Steel Smartwatch



It’s cheap and cheerful, but it will do most the things you want it to.


You can read emails, text messages and cycle through your other main apps. You leave voice replies for Gmail, SMS and a load of other things, too. So you can turn this simple watch  into a real timesaver if you use it right.


Again, there’s a huge custom culture and you can order a variety of different straps that give the Pebble a totally different look and feel.


It’s waterproof to 30 meters, it’s sturdy and the Kickstarter success story has evolved into a proper smartwatch manufacturer.


We’d be happy to wear one of these, even though it isn’t quite as sexy as the Samsung or Motorola.




Michael Kors Smartwatch, a solid effort and a fashion star

8. Michael Kors Access Touchscreen Bradshaw


This is a fashion watch, first and foremost, but the designer has come up with some clever ways to let his customers turn their own watch into a personal work of art.


With a few selections, you can have a classic watch face overlaying a sepia-toned version of your photo. Or you can go wild with the options and effects.


You can change it every hour and this will make a real personal connection with the customers. This is a good thing.


It hooks up seamlessly with Instagram, Facebook and your other social media. It’s a capable smartwatch in its own right, but it really comes alive as a bespoke fashion piece that can change its face to suit your needs.




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