9 Better First Date Ideas

May 29, 2018 By Nick

9 Better First Date Ideas

If you always take your dates to a restaurant, or the cinema, then you’re doing dating wrong. It’s so tired and predictable that you’re putting yourself into a bracket with all the other guys she’s ever been with right from the start.


Why is that a bad thing? Well she’s dating you, which means she’s still available, which means they pretty much all failed.


Even though you haven’t been to dinner with her, everybody else has…


Try a different first date


So why not be the curveball? Why not try something a little left-field that will make an impression and mark you apart? The simple fact that you’re prepared to be different can really make an impact.


Now you need to know the daytime dates come with a built-in cockblock and you really need to know what you’re doing to transition smoothly into an evening date and actually make something happen. If you’re new to this then you can find yourself getting a peck on the cheek and a new friend as she excuses herself. That’s bad…


You can even tire yourself out trying to keep your game tight and lose your composure, ending in awkward silences that are death for sexual attraction. When you can do it well, these kinds of dates are incredible, because in her mind it really will become two separate dates and you will get a high strike rate, in PUA terms. But if you’re not ready for them then these dates can be a painful crash and burn.


So honestly, if you’re not quite there yet, keep it simple and stick to the first option. Take first dates to a cocktail bar, in the evening.


As you get your shit together, you can ratchet up the complexity, though, and you’ll actually enjoy yourself more. So here are some ideas for a better first date…



1. Cocktail bar


This is a safe option that really isn’t that radical, but pretty much every girl likes drinking spectacular cocktails. Find somewhere classy, or even a little underground, do your research and find that one great bar.


Cocktails are a luxury, they’re a special occasion drink and that means it will trigger emotional flashbacks to happy times, holidays and more. That’s a good thing, it puts her in the right mood.


This is my go-to first date idea, it skirts the awkward question of paying etiquette and I’ve got the methodology to back it up. Try it, trust me you’ll like it.


2. Be a tourist in your home town

Pretty much everywhere has some kind of tourist attraction that you know about, but you simply haven’t done the tourist day out. That’s the case for pretty much everyone and if you live in a major city then one of those open top bus tours can be a great way to get to know each other.


You’ll show her the city she lives in from a different angle, it’s a creative date and it’s a fun thing to do. Of course you can do a helicopter tour, but if it’s expensive then that’s a little try-hard.


Also bear in mind this is a daytime date, which means you have to spend a lot of time together, which might be a bit much if you’re not on top of your game, and navigate the tricky situation of dinner. That’s a minefield of who is paying and how much money you’re spending on a girl who hasn’t put out yet.


So the only really cool way to deal with it is to buy street food, hot dogs or burgers, and slum it with style. If you take her to a restaurant, you’re trying too hard and that, strangely, could put you in the friendzone.



3. A pool hall can be a cool first date

Of course, you can do the cheesy physical contact, but pool tends to take us all back to simpler, happier times. It doesn’t really matter if you’re good and you definitely should not blow her off the table and then celebrate with a clenched fist. Just have fun, laugh about the missed shots and yeah, have some physical contact.


Don’t take her to a dive bar, but a decent pool hall can be a winner for a first date.


4. Take her to a zoo, but make sure it’s a good one

Zoos are weird, so you have to get this one right. We used to love them, then everybody hated them. More recently, zoos have reinvented themselves into hubs of conservation that focus on the animal’s welfare.


Make sure you get the good zoos, there’s nothing worse than a bear rocking side to side and having a visible nervous breakdown while you’re trying to cuddle up to a girl.



5. Head to a theme park for a fun-filled date

Rollercoasters are awesome, adrenaline-fuelled and fun. That controlled fear will get her juices flowing and you can look like the calm protector without really taking any risk. It’s goofy, it’s fun and it shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.


A fairground is even better than a theme park, because it’s more homely and you won’t have to travel too far if its in town. You can eat cotton candy, win her a teddy bear (or not) and you’ll find it really helps to break the ice.


With a theme park, you have to bleed into an evening date if you’re going to get some action, which is a problem. If you get it right, though, it’s awesome. If she goes on two dates in one day then you can still go and seal the deal at the end of the night.


6. Take a Salsa class

This one is a bit left field and it wouldn’t be my personal favorite. But it does show you’re not scared to try new things, you’re happy to make an ass of yourself and you can keep your sense of shame in check. These are good things and you’ll definitely impress the girl.


You’re guaranteed that physical contact, too, so make full use of it.


7. Take a boat trip

It doesn’t matter if it’s on the ocean or just on a local lake, you can get on a boat almost anywhere. Evening river cruises should be relatively cheap, romantic and again you’ll see the place you know so well from a different angle. Alternatively, you can get a rowing boat and do the manly stuff while she reclines and sips a drink. Don’t be her bitch, but let her know that you’re the man.


8. Walk her/your dog

Now obviously one of you needs to have a dog for this one to work, but I think every man should seriously consider getting one if you’re staying in one place.


A girl that doesn’t like animals is more or less guaranteed to be a shitty human being in the first place. So your dog is a built-in bitch filter. If your dog doesn’t like them then you need to get rid of them, too, it’s just the way it is. Animals are much better tuned in to terrible people than we are because they follow their instincts.


So say she has a dog, or you do, just take them for a walk. It will show the girl you’re not trying too hard to impress her, it’s always a chilled vibe if you go somewhere scenic, you can take a picnic and you’ll always end up back at someone’s house when you’re done. If you bond with her dog, as well, then this woman will sleep with you.


9. A first date at the gym?

This one doesn’t work for me, at all, but if you’re a total gym rat and she is too then why not just do the thing you both love? Go in the evening, show off your best assets if you’re a hulking muscleman and use what you’ve got. If she’s into that, she’ll be into you. Go for a drink afterwards, never dinner, and see if you can escalate.


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