A Response To #MeToo

May 21, 2018 By Nick

A Response To #MeToo

Sex can land you in jail these days
Well the #MeToo hashtag has swept the world in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood ‘scandal’, which seems a new way to reframe the casting couch that is such a common phenomenon it has a name.


And we have no problem with women raising awareness of sexual assault. It’s a shitty crime, perpetrated by shitty people.


But it’s not about sex, at all. And women have their own version of this vile crime, false allegations, which is essentially the female way to rape men.


Maybe we need a hashtag of our own. I’m thinking #Youtoo.


You see sexual assault, rape, all of these crimes, are about power. If it was just a sexual urge, well that’s what hookers are for.


Rape Is Enforcing Sexual Slavery


No, these crimes are about subjugating and defiling another human being against their will. It’s what makes the whole thing so disgusting when it actually happens.


It’s sexual slavery.


Yet there’s a flipside to this coin that women around the world have learned to play like a fucking piano.


They know they only need to cry rape, or grope, sexual intimidation or domestic violence, and they have an army of White Knights in blue at their disposal.


A man can be removed from his own home, sent to jail and have the rest of his life ruined by a despicable woman who just wants him gone.


When my borderline thought she was  in charge, she used to love sending me random messages. When I sent one to her with her husband’s Facebook page, she went to the ‘I’m reporting you to the police,’ stage as naturally as breathing.


The shittiest women in the world think that the police are their personal bouncers, to just call upon when they don’t get their wicked way. And you know what? Often, they’re right.


If a woman feels offended, rejected or just simply feels like doing it then she can pull the rape or violence card. The man’s name will be dragged through the mud, he will be finished in the community and he will only get a job if his new employers don’t Google him first.


It almost doesn’t matter how ludicrous the charges are.


You Want Examples? No Problem


Witness the Game of Thrones actress who didn’t even make physical contact with the man in a crowded train station who was then forced to go to court and defend his good name.


Witness the taxi driver in England who faced totally fraudulent sexual assault claims and spent a month thinking he could go to jail because a rude, drunk, bitch student decided he had disrespected her.


Witness another woman who made 15 separate rape allegations before she was finally branded an attention seeking whore and sent to jail. One man fled the country, another went to jail for seven years based on her ridiculous claims.


She ruined lives for the feeling of power.


We know about these cases only because the police involved kept an open mind, the evidence totally backed up the men’s story and the officers didn’t automatically jump into White Knight mode. These men were lucky, and these cases are just the tip of the iceberg.


Almost Half Rape Claims Are False


1994 study revealed that 41% of rape claims were demonstrably false and were conjured up for revenge, to cover up wrongdoing or simply for sympathy and attention.


Women themselves are devaluing the impact of sexual assault and it’s a growing trend to cry rape.


Candice Jackson, the Head of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, was forced to climb down from an illuminating statement.


She said: “There is not even an accusation that the accused students overrode the will of a young woman. Rather the accusations, 90% of them, fall into the category of ‘we were both drunk, we broke up and six months later I found myself under investigation because our last time sleeping together was not quite right.”


She was lambasted for this statement, but it rings true for so many college kids that have sworn off women completely because of the risks involved.


Now, Third Wave Feminists have sought to broaden the definition of rape and there is even a school of thought that says you can withdraw consent after the fact and simply regretting a romantic tryst turns the man into a rapist.


Regret rape is fucking insane, but it’s a weird issue that just refuses to go away and cat-loving RadFems seem to have embraced it as something that actually makes sense.


Then there is sexual assault and sexual misconduct, which are so broad it seems down to the woman to decide if you’re guilty or not.


Men Are Physically Stronger, Women Have ‘The System’


There are simple truths in the world and while men, by and large, are physically stronger than women, women have found a way to abuse the system that was put in place to protect them.


You see, it’s not about sex at all. It’s about power.


And there are just as many women that are as keen to abuse that power as men.


It’s a convenient argument that men are always the aggressors and women are the innocent victims each and every time. But it just isn’t true.


Male and female aggression takes very different forms, but it’s just as devastating.


I would suggest it’s also just as prevalent.


Women, You Too


For every Harvey Weinstein, looking to abuse his power for sexual privilege, there’s a women using the threat of arrest to get her own way.


For every male rapist there’s a woman who has filed false charges and for every park flasher there’s a woman that wonders out loud what would happen if she called the cops with a domestic violence allegation.


Maybe we need to stop looking at this as a gender problem, and instead look at it as a shitty people problem. Because that’s what it is.


Maybe we do need a hashtag of our own, that deals with the perverse and horrendous problem of false allegations.


#Youtoo seems to cover it quite nicely.


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