Airbnb Plus Launches. Now It’s Even Better

May 20, 2018 By Nick

Airbnb Plus Launches. Now It’s Even Better

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Anybody that hangs around this site knows I am a big fan of Airbnb. It helped me get started in the Dominican Republic and if you’re going traveling then you can get amazing rates and a totally different vibe to the old-school hotels.


Now Airbnb has launched an upper tier, with homes that have been verified and hosts with a stellar reputation. It’s a smart move.


The vetting process has been intense, there are less than 300 homes to rent in Los Angeles that have the Airbnb Plus seal of approval. Just 180 have been selected in London, England,  and 250 in Cape Town, South Africa.


Airbnb Plus Guarantees Value


So these homes are the best of the best, and they’re not all expensive. There is some seriously cheap accommodation, including a $30/night private room in Shanghai and you can search for homes with killer pools if you’re flexible about where you go.


You can waste a couple of hours of your life looking at Airbnb dream homes and adding them to your favorites, but you really should try an Airbnb weekend away if you’ve never done it.

I’ll even help you with a $40 discount. Just sign up now, and Airbnb will automatically apply the discount when you make your first booking.  

What this new Airbnb Plus category should do is allay any fears you might have about turning up to a strange place and being disappointed.
I have never had an issue with an Airbnb rental, because I take the basic precautions. I always look for lots of good feedback and a long track record, just like reading an eBay seller’s feedback.


Other travellers will tell you everything you need to know about the place and if a property has no reviews then I don’t book. It’s really that simple.


But Airbnb Plus basically makes the system idiot proof. Book one of them and you’ll get the best of the best and nothing will go wrong.


It’s a way cooler approach to travel and you can see cities and the world in a whole new light when you ditch the hotels, live like a local and get out there and explore the place.


You can even book some pretty extreme Airbnbs these days and were going to show you some of them too!


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