Anti-Theft Backpack With Power – Slick!

May 14, 2018 By Nick

Anti-Theft Backpack With Power – Slick!

Safety Backpack

Anti Theft Backpack

Price: 99.99

Bang Good Rating: 4 Stars



We carry thousands  of dollars in electronics on us as a matter of course these days, but the bags that hold our stuff haven’t got any more secure.


Until now…



This is a bag that comes with a full TSA lock, as well as a USB port for the fashionable recharge on the go.


You get an anti-cut flex cable that means you can tie your stuff to a tree and it’s even resistant to knives.


Bag Good is offering 21% off this backpack right now. So the price is subject to change, but if it stays at this price then it’s a seriously tempting proposition.


It’s 15.6” across, so it can take a 15” laptop, tablet and just about anything else you want to take with it in its 17.3-liter capacity.


Double Locking Zips Cannot Be Broken


The zips are all double-locking and can’t be broken open without an awful lot of work. Just unlock the bag and then you can open it with a simple click, which frees the zippers from the sturdy cage.


The manufacturer reckons the material is twice as tough as carbon-fiber and that means that you simply cannot cut the bag.


It’s a popular technique among thieves to follow close behind and slice your bag. That’s not going to happen with this one. Even if they get through the first layer, there are four to get through before they can get access to your things.


Safety backpack


This Bag Is Waterproof


There’s another layer of protection that is often overlooked too. This bag is totally waterproof  and the fabric is actually hydrophobic. So it repels water and won’t soak up anything.


That matters, because modern devices are pretty good at dealing with water, but we’ve all had one go down when it got too wet.


So this pack won’t just keep your stuff safe from thieves, it will protect it from the elements too.


You get a complete organizer insider the bag, with all the usual compartments and additional bags for toiletries and another dry bag for USB cables and computer peripherals.


It’s a slick backpack that should also keep your gear safe and could mean the difference between waking up to find everything is safe and, well, not…




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