Does The Red Pill Always End in MGTOW?

June 4, 2018 By Nick

Does The Red Pill Always End in MGTOW?

At some point, after one bad relationship too many, after witnessing the same, tragic pattern behavior play out again and again, men are forcibly fed the red pill. Hardly anybody chooses to take it, but the red pill comes when you least expect it.


Popular red pill moments include:

  • Catching your wife cheating.
  • Getting savagely divorce raped.
  • Getting friendzoned and used.


That’s just a few. There are so many red pill moments in life that it’s pointless listing them all. The point is that you rarely meet a red pill man from birth. Most of us were sucked into the Hollywood lies about a beautiful relationship, about female validation being pure, and good, and a sign that you’re making it in life.


We were simps, once. Another way of saying that is that we were the good men in: ‘Where have all the good men gone?’


Is Success A Social Construct?


Looking back, I firmly believe that ‘success’ is a social construct, designed to keep every man working and producing. It might have been a happy coincidence, but that part was important. Men worked hard to build a nest and show their worth so a woman would marry them.


Look now, as men give up on women. They’re simply withdrawing. They’re going their own way in droves. I have and I’ll likely never deposit another tax dime into the system. The red pill, on a national scale, is really bad for business.


But there are levels of red pill, too. And when I got past my red pill rage I went on the game and PUA journey that everyone tries for a while.


It works. Women fall for that bullshit and it’s easy. Dress with panache, act like you don’t give a shit and knickers snap, it’s really that simple. But it’s hardly fulfilling.


In fact, it can be downright depressing watching yet another girl get sucked in by the bullshit. It saps your respect for women generally. It’s also no way to live your life if you’re a halfway decent person.


So then, having created the man that women will knock each other down for, you find yourself in a weird place. You don’t want them anymore.


It’s more important to be consistent with your values, to be who you are. And if that isn’t enough, so be it.


Game And PUA Gets Dull


The last site I started was called Alpha Reboot. I was going to show that even nerds could drown in pussy if they just learned to swim. It was going to be fairly straightforward PUA stuff in a shiny package, which is all any of them are.


But honestly, I couldn’t do it after a while. I couldn’t do the field reports, the game techniques, the lies you should tell and the ways to control a room. It just seemed so, well, pointless.


The only noble goal of game and PUA is to climb a level or two and find a great girl with all the attributes to make a great partner. And they’re just not there anymore.


Probably there are some, but they’re a minority. They’re a needle in a haystack and even if they start out that way, the modern gynocentric system can corrupt a good girl in no time.


So you’re playing against a stacked deck. You win a few hands along the way, but you’re meant to lose the game. That’s a feature, not a bug, and modern marriage is basically the shittiest business deal a man could ever entertain.


That was a crushing realisation. It really was, and it was one of the final great red pill truths before I ran into the only logical solution: MGTOW.


So there will be some basic game on the site. It’s useful to know some tricks, but it is not going to be the main thrust of what we do here.


That’s because…


Paying For Sex is Simpler


So I changed my life totally. I moved out to the Dominican Republic. Sex is on tap here, but everybody pays. It works, in its own fucked up way.┬áNone of these girls are my girlfriends, I don’t have to put up with their bullshit and I don’t have to worry about holding frame bruh.


I even stopped lifting. That will change, but I’ll go back to the gym for me, not THOTs.


Now I pay $40 and an 8 or a 9 comes over and rides me until I can’t move. Then she leaves and I get on with my life. I’m friends with one or two as well and they can stay over, do it again and then leave in the morning. All good.


This is the great secret. Go abroad and bang the stupid right out your system in one fun-fuelled week in Sosua in the Dominican Republic, or see local escorts. It’s cheaper, it’s more effective and it gives you all your time back. If I could save the time I wasted on women who didn’t deserve it and instead spend that time servicing myself with a hooker and building my business, I’d be rich by now.


Feminism has pushed the rhetoric that women don’t owe men anything and to hold your girlfriend or wife to any kind of standard is mee-soggy-knees. Mens Rights Activists and TradCons can argue against that. MGTOW pretty much accept the landscape for what it is and build a life around that.


Since I voiced this heinous opinion, that women really aren’t all that and modern woman, and the laws that surround her, really aren’t worth the effort, I found a lot of kindred spirits.


Is MGTOW The Future?


I don’t fully identify as a MGTOW, because I don’t like some of the fringe loons that I think are actually InCels in disguise. But the basic principles are just so sound that it’s hard to argue with the logic.


Most of them have had more than enough to see the patterns and just noped out of the game. They are not sexless losers, check that, we are not sexless losers. Some of us still get laid, some of us still do short term relationships. But there’s no fucking way we will live with a girl, marry her or have kids. Not in this world, not with these laws.


Whether you did the game journey or not, whether you fell in love with a girl who divorce raped you to hell or not, whether you orbit women hopelessly and then get angry, the result is the same.


Once you start on that red pill road, you’re going to end up at MGTOW. The route may change, but the destination is set in stone.


I kind of think MGTOW is the much belated counter to feminism. The Yang to the Yin, in a way? But looking at it that way tells you something too. Feminists are all about the spectacle, the validation and the attention. SCREECH, SISTERS.

MGTOW men just look at the wasteland before them, snort in derision and move to better pastures all while the people living in the wasteland screech at them. Emotional vs Rational. Huh.

Yeah that’s pretty much it. There’s no logical counter argument, just shaming and anger, or the unicorn fallacy that there really is a great girl out there, we just have to work harder and find them. Ummmm, nope.

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