Even Superman is Scared of a Rape Charge…

July 13, 2018 By Nick

Even Superman is Scared of a Rape Charge…

Henry Cavill, the Man of Steel, is catching some flack right now for saying what everybody thinks in an interview with GQ. He simply said he was wary of new relationships, because it’s so easy for a woman to slap a rape or sexual misconduct charge on a man these days that they are not worth the risk.


Of course shrieking feminists have attacked him so hard that he had to back down and issue a form of apology. But all he did was speak the truth.


The feminists and angry Leftists that went after him did the usual tired cliche:


‘If you don’t want to be accused, don’t rape anybody. It’s simple.’


But it’s not is it?


Title 9 Culture Is A Thing


It’s so easy to find yourself on a charge these days and the women in the world right now have been brought up in a Title 9 culture where they can go to the police if they feel a bit icky afterwards. Or you don’t call them again. Or they just regret what happened.


One woman even falsely accused a man of sexual assault for refusing to drive her home after a bad date. Oh yes, it happened…


Why Do Women Lie About Sexual Assault?


Honestly the stories of lies are starting to stack up and they really do look bad for women. Revenge, attention seeking and trying to elicit sympathy are actual reasons for trying to ruin a man’s life. It’s just shit, and we’ve talked about this before.


A Response to #Metoo


False accusations are going to become a big deal as the girls that enjoyed their orgy of victimhood have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Court cases are already happening and I suspect we’re going to see a lot of women in court for libel as the backlash against #metoo and toxic feminism continues to gather pace.


Women Need Proper Sentences For Lying


We need a change in the law, too, because false accusations are more common than anybody would like to admit to. That 3-10% statistic? I think it’s bullshit and it’s much closer to the 50% I heard mentioned in the 90s.


In fact, as eye rape and basically breathing wrong in the presence of a woman have been turned into sexual assault, the number is probably even worse.


Women need to drop that bullshit about protecting women and making sure they come forward. If they lied, they need to do hard time. Not a few days, not a few months. They need to go down properly, just like the guy would have for her sordid fantasies.


The Threat of a #MeToo Is Bad Enough


Celebrities have another layer of complication to deal with, because women know that simply hitting the #metoo hashtag is enough to do all kinds of damage to their professional lives. So the threat of it should be enough to secure a big payday, or maybe an ongoing relationship if they’re seriously fucked in the head.


I’m coming to the conclusion that’s the case with a lot more women than the world would like to own up to.


Is MGTOW The Only Answer?


Men see this, we all see this. MGTOW isn’t a movement, it isn’t even a group, really. It’s a life choice and more and more men are seeing it as the only rational solution to a totally fucked up world.


Even Superman is noping out of the dating game. Even the Man of Steel himself can’t take this shit anymore.


Ladies, if there are any ladies left, it’s time to get your shit together and deal with this #metoo bullshit. Because honestly, you’re the ones that will suffer more in the long run.


Maybe not from me, or from any of the other ‘neckbeard losers’ or whatever other shit insult you can come up with to explain why men are actually ignoring their biological imperative and walking away.


But now Superman has told you to go fuck yourselves. Maybe it’s time for a look in the mirror for the cause of all your problems?



Well Written! The more men that actually talk about this stuff the more they will walk away. I have and my circle of single guys are following me. I am 6 feet tall, fit, full head of hair, 6 figures and closing in on my second Million. Be dammed if I will put all it all at risk for a moody, entitled being that has but one tool in her toolbox.

Keep up the good work

Thanks fella! I will continue to talk about it and spread the word far and wide. The world needs a total reset, because it’s going in a very dark direction.

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