Has Feminism Killed Sex Now?

June 19, 2018 By Nick

Has Feminism Killed Sex Now?

Well done feminism. Total golf clap…


Not only have you destroyed marriage, now you’ve taken away one of the few pleasures in life. Millennials just aren’t having sex anymore.


Like at all.


A crazy amount of Millennials are virgins and they’re having less sex. This is the first time in 60 years that the sex is actually going down among young Americans. Seriously, is there anything feminism cannot royally fuck up?


Is Feminism Killing Sex? Yes…


Feminism used to be a good thing. Now it’s a fucking hateful ideology, championed by idiots, that has nothing to do with equality at all.


In fact, throughout history, the Feminist and Hedonist stage (looking at you LGBTQwhatever…) have always preceded total societal collapse. I’m sort of convinced it’s the goal, when you stitch the politics together with the media bullshit.


Men Are Responding, Not Leading


You see I think men, in the modern world, are responsive creatures. We’re not setting the agenda, which is where we really fucked up. We’re dealing with shit as it happens, and that’s never a good way to work.


We’re left with fallout, from shit decisions made by shit people. We wish we didn’t have to make these choices, but we’re left with very few realistic options.


It’s a game of chess, though, and the game never ends.


Feminism created shitty divorce laws and sexual liberation, removing the desire and the motivation to get married. So we stopped putting a ring on it and just fucked it silly before calling it an Uber home.


That was working fine, but then women had to figure out how they could still be the victim. Rape, sexual assault, it’s getting fucking boring and to be honest nobody believes you anymore. But still, the risk is there of getting Title IX’d out of college, fired from work and sent to prison.


#MeToo Is Great For Sex Tourism


So now men have two options, well three but we’ll get to the other one in a minute. They can go to places like Sosua in the Dominican Republic, or any of the other sex capitals of the world, and bang the stupid right out their system before they go back to monk mode in the US.


Don’t fancy Sosua? OK, we got options for the best sex vacations any man can take…


Increasingly, men are just going without. They’ve just had enough of a shitty system and shitty modern women.


That may explain why one in eight 26-year-old Millennials are still virgins. Well that and social anxiety, and maybe BO. There’s also the phenomenon where the bottom 80% of men are basically invisible and Chad Thundercock is fucking all the girls…


Modern American Woman Is Broken


More than half of them are obese, they all think their SMV is way higher than it is and they all come with a laundry list of demands that any self-respecting man should laugh at. They bring a wet hole to the table, and probably someone else’s kid. They can’t cook, they don’t clean, they’re lazy, covered in tattoos and they still think they’re a catch.


Ladies, and I use that term loosely, the potential cost of pussy has skyrocketed at a time when the quality is dropping through the floor. In essence, you’ve priced yourself out the market.


But now we’re in a lull. Like I say, men respond and make the best of a bad deal. And we’re going to do it again. You see as women turn into Jabba the Hut with a rape whistle, brilliant men are working behind the scenes.


Sexbots Will Change The Game


The sexbots are coming. And when they get here, oh wow it’s going to be a bad day for feminism.


You can see, they’re trying to ban them already with low-key campaigns about normalizing sexual violence, quoting false rape culture statistics and trying desperately to create fear.


Why? Because if women lose the sexual power over men, they got nothing…


Men Gave Up Everything To Get Laid


Literally men have laid down their lives since the dawn of time to get pussy. They have yoked themselves to the plough and worked themselves into the ground for pussy. They have committed the rest of their days, married a woman and agreed to look after when she’s old and fat for some pussy right now.


It was also about passing on your genes. There’s a prime directive going on there, too, but the basics are the same.


Now? We’re noping out the game, while the women are telling themselves they sent us away and we really don’t count. They then return to desperately trying to secure a Chad, who is playing them completely…


But don’t worry. Millennial men will be having sex again soon. But it won’t be with Millennial women. Those single mothers will be left to live in communes and hate men together. The Millennial men will be at home, fucking the shit out of their sex robots.


This will all correct in time. Women will have to be more reasonable, because they’ll get ignored. So they’ll realise they have to bring something to the table beyond their attitude and demands. We’ll go full circle, probably back to marriage and a stable society.


Until then, it’s going to be a fucking mess.


What a time to be alive…


Your articles are the best!! I am going to use your phrase “women turn into Jabba the Hut with a rape whistle” in selective audience in my regular life ….hilarious.

Keep up the good work!

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