From Scarcity To An Abundance Mindset

May 31, 2018 By Nick

From Scarcity To An Abundance Mindset

One of the most powerful tools you can have in your box, one of the key ingredients to an Alpha lifestyle, is an abundance mindset.


You might have heard the words, but not thoroughly grasped the concept. So let’s cover the basics.


There are really only two attitudes we have to deal with here. You can be somewhere along the scale, but let’s just separate them out.


  1. Scarcity/Poverty Mentality – That’s bad.
  2. Abundance Mentality – That’s awesome.


A poverty mindset assumes that everything in the world is finite. It assumes you’re going to run out of everything one day and you have to protect what you have. Somewhere deep inside that psychological framework is the debilitating thought that there is not enough money, happiness, food and even kindness to go around.


A poverty mindset: self preservation in overdrive


So you have to protect what you have. It’s a mentality that puts up walls and yes, it does serve a purpose. It’s the internal risk assessment that stops you jumping off cliffs and walking into traffic, it’s saving you from danger.


But let it rule you and it will also stop you achieving anything like your full potential. Worse, it will make you anxious, needy and a bit of a turn off. You’re too worried about losing something, and it shows.


It’s a conservative approach to life and here’s the weird part. Most people have it. Even rich people can have a poverty mindset.


If any of the following are even a little bit true, you have this going on:

  1. You hate your job, but you don’t leave because you might not find anything else.
  2. Your relationship isn’t great, but the alternative could be worse.
  3. You agonise over choices or missed opportunities.
  4. You are paralysed by fear on the big decisions, because if you screw it up then the world will literally end.
  5. If that girl isn’t in to you then well you might just jump off a bridge.


We all have bad programming


I got a lot of my bad programming, the stuff I’ve had to dig deep to get rid of, from my mum. She would literally have a breakdown and call herself a stupid woman, out loud, if she couldn’t find her keys in her oversized handbag. Treat yourself like this all the time and you’ll start to believe it. Limiting beliefs start out like this. Believe me, it took a lot to get rid of an education like that.


Now the good news, you can fix this shit. Like many of the things I talk about, there is no magic switch for an abundance mindset. You have to focus on getting a little better every day, shutting down the negative thoughts in your head and focusing on building a better you.


That’s the key to this, consciously becoming aware of the negative thoughts as they crop up, refusing to indulge them and making a real choice to focus on the positive side of life. That’s how to get an abundance mindset.


Don’t disregard The Law of Attraction, it’s the essence of an abundance mindset


The Law of Attraction keeps cropping up, and you might think it’s hokey bullshit, but honestly if you do then that’s another red flag of a poverty mindset.


Overt cynicism about everything you don’t understand is another way of closing yourself off to possibilities, which is another way your mind can keep you trapped at its current level. The healthy approach to something, even if you don’t 100% buy it, is why not try a different approach?


You really do attract what you focus on, too. So stop the negative self talk, focus on opportunities and don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t quite work out. Why? Because another opportunity is just round the corner. That’s an abundance mindset in action.


Solutions are sexy, victims are not


Always look for the solution, not the problem. The problem isn’t going anywhere, it is what it is. You can only think creatively to get round it. Do this and you’ll start to hear other people’s negativity and realise just how weak it sounds.


Appreciate the good things, be thankful for what is there and don’t mourn what isn’t. Even if your house burns down, stop and ponder the fact that there are people far worse off than you.


If you have internet access, you can read and you have electricity to do so, you’re better off than about 60% of people in this world right now.


Digest that fact for a moment.


I used to shout and curse at my laptop if it crashed in the middle of something important, work not porn…


Now? not even an issue, stuff happens, nobody died… That’s the difference!


Socialise with positive people, negativity is infectious


Hang around with happy people, too, seriously we’re going to talk about the company you keep in another post.


But you know that crowd that are too clever for everything? The ones that look down on the world and everything in it? The materialistic brand snobs who think nobody quite gets them? That is almost the end game of a poverty mindset.


I used to think some of those people were oh so cool.


They’re not. They’re toxic, deeply unhappy people and they will bring you down to their broken level.


The fact you’ve read this far suggests you’re looking for answers. That’s one. Get a good crowd who is happy for the small things.


Work the positivity muscles


This is a habit you will have to get into, like the gym these are muscles you need to exercise and you will slip. So keep a conscious eye on your attitude, only entertain the good and hit the pause button on the bad.


If you’re feeling down, call someone who is just infectiously amazing. If you can’t do that, listen to the recordings at the bottom of this piece.


In fact take two from guided meditation legend Michael Sealey. One is the abundance mindset, the other is removing negativity. Try them both and see how you go. Listen to them regularly and see if you notice a subtle transformation.


I did.


Make this your life


Above all else, though, practice this way of life. A positive outlook treats setbacks as blips, because there is more good news just round the corner. Adopt this as a mantra and you start to believe it. Start to believe it and you’ll start to live it. You’ll make it into your own reality.


You know what? Really achieve this, live it and you’ll become sexy as fuck.


Lose your attachment and results will follow


Why? Because you lose that needy attachment to the outcome. It doesn’t matter if a girl wants you, because there will be 10 more behind her and one will dig you. If you don’t get the job? Who gives a fuck? It wasn’t the right fit and the right one will come along soon. Wife just left you? Ok that one is more difficult, but if you can deal with that then you’re a Zen master…


You’re not a machine, you’ll still have nerves and it will still matter. But the closer you get to that peak performance, the better you will do in life.


Imagine going in with that attitude? You know it puts you in a position of strength, which is what most of this stuff is all about.


That’s how to do it. Now the rest is up to you! Stick with us, we’re a positive crowd and we can nail this shit together!




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