Get A Cheap Summer Vacation With Airbnb

July 7, 2018 By Nick

Get A Cheap Summer Vacation With Airbnb


Summer vacation time can be a nightmare, especially if you’re single. Hotels jack up their prices, flights get expensive and the resorts get packed. But everybody needs a vacation and you can get a real cheap and interesting break if you go with Airbnb.


Apartment rentals don’t come with a single person supplement and you’re dealing with individual owners, rather than vast corporate entities. That gives you some leverage to get an even better deal. But before I get into the best ways to score a cheap vacation with Airbnb, I’m going to give you the simplest way.


Sign up with my code and you get a $40 discount locked in. It doesn’t matter when you book your first stay, your discount will be automatically applied and you will save money.


Airbnb has some seriously cool properties, from treehouses in Georgia through to New York lofts. So, wherever you live, you can pretty much do the opposite of that for a week or two.


If you’ve heard a few horror stories and you’re nervous about Airbnb, well don’t be. I have used the throughout the Caribbean and never had a single problem. I did check feedback and do the basic due diligence with the reviews of the apartments, but that’s all.


Airbnb Plus is a Premium Service


Airbnb Plus is a new category, where the properties have been vetted, verified and the owners are the absolute best when it comes to customer service. So if you have lingering doubts then make sure you book the Airbnb Plus properties.


Not all of them are more expensive, by the way, there are cheap places that have simply earned a reputation for value, cleanliness and prompt service when you come to collect the key.


So, where do you go? Well there are new Airbnbs hitting the site each and every day, but I did this post on the coolest Airbnbs in North America a while ago and there are hundreds of thousands of places that will suit you.


You see, as a guy, you can go overseas, or you can probably find something quirky enough and interesting enough to keep you busy. Go hunting, even if it’s for the first time, head to the Rocky Mountains, Martha’s Vineyard, Manhattan. Just about whatever you want to do, there’s an apartment waiting for you that’s on budget.


Of course, if you’re in America, Sosua in the Dominican Republic is quiet this time of year and it’s a great place for a single man to come and vacation.


How To Save Money With Airbnb


Wherever you go, take advantage of at least one of my five tricks for saving money with Airbnb.


It’s always worth emailing the owner, especially if you want to take the place for a week or two, and asking for a special deal. Before you do that, check to see if the owner does big disounts for monthly rentals.


Some of them seriously have a 75% discount, so you might get a better deal booking for the whole month and then leaving when you want. It really can save you money to book a whole month, but not always…


If you’re prepared to leave it until the day before, roll the dice and book what’s available, you can score serious deals, too. Airbnb has so many properties that some are going to be empty, so if you email an owner the day before and put in a lowball offer, there’s every chance they’re going to say yes.


You can also message them, keep it vague and say the place is great, but a little too much for you. You will be amazed at the counter offers you get and that is built into the system, so it’s a normal thing and you’re missing out if you don’t do it.


So you can stay somewhere awesome, plan a road trip and even go to Wally World if that’s what you want to do. You can do it a little bit cheaper now, thanks to a few tricks I learned along the way with Airbnb.


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