Guest Post Opportunities at Single Man Magazine

June 1, 2018 By Nick

Guest Post Opportunities at Single Man Magazine

We would love to hear your stories and we want to connect men all around the world that are living the life, planning for early retirement or travelling the world right now and enjoying it to the fullest.


You can be MGTOW for life, you can be divorced, you can be anything you want to be. If you have a tale that you think will interest, educate and help other men, then this is the place for it.


This is where we stop ragging on women, they are what they are, and start to embrace a better life. We’re free from the shackles of marriage and kids. We don’t have society breathing down our necks and forcing us to get married.


We can be and do whatever we want.


So here is the time to truly inspire your fellow man with your own tale. It can be a comeback, it can be a way to earn enough to live in 15 minutes a day, it can be the story of your new life or business. I want to hear how people turned sidelines into their life’s passion. I want to hear about fantastical journeys overseas and I want to hear how you found your place in this world as a single man.


Not going to lie, I quite like stories of harems of third world women, too, and the best places to live for the easy life.


One day we might pay, but we’re not there yet. For now, I can give you a backlink to your site and if there’s a way we can help each other with social media etc then I am all ears!


So if you have something to add and a story that needs to be told, feel free to contact me at guestpost@singleman-mag.com


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