Household Gadgets For Grown Up Men

May 14, 2018 By Nick

Household Gadgets For Grown Up Men

Gadgets for men are always exciting! Household appliances? Eh, not so much. However, when you combine the two you get some really incredible products.


Our favorites are:


1. The Steam Mop



This is just amazing and will change the way you clean hard floors, kitchens and bathrooms. You don’t clean anymore, you just mop. You can even do glass. It saves hours, days or even more of your life and it means you can keep most modern houses spotless.


It’s a revelation. Get one.


Robot vacuum cleaner


2. Robot Hoover



These automatic hoovers used to be expensive. Now they’re super cheap and you can just set it to work on a room or floor each and every day. It will lighten the load, if nothing else.


3. Nutribullet



Get on a health kick and you’ll be amazed at the difference. A nutribullet means you can suddenly find a way to stomach spinach, seeds and nuts. Mask it with lovely chocolate powder, fresh fruit, cream, milk, whatever you like. But get a regime going and you’ll find it’s easy to take in all your fruits and vegetables in drink form.


4. Alexa



It’s time to embrace Alexa and connect your home. Voice activation makes this easy to use and it does form the hub of a growing entertainment empire. Basically everything can go through your smart TV, which makes sense.

This is the start of the smart home, get used to it now.


5. Nest Thermostat



Let the power of AI take care of your heating and lighting. Nest will learn your routine and make sure you have hot water and heat when you need it, but it will trim your waste. It’s good for the environment and it will save you a fortune. It only takes half an hour to install and you can tick the box and get that done for you on Amazon.



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