How Long Should Sex Last?

May 29, 2018 By Nick

How Long Should Sex Last?

A recent study has shown that the absolute optimal time for sex for the woman is 7-13 minutes, which means porn has been lying to us.


You might think that you have to go for an hour and you both have to be a trembling, exhausted, sweating wreck. But it simply isn’t true.


Guys just don’t talk about this stuff either. If we do, you never really know if you’re getting the truth or a rough copy of a letter they read in Penthouse Forum. So there really is a lot of mystery behind this ever so simple question: How long should sex last?


The average is just over five minutes


In fact, the average sexual experience lasts 5.4 minutes, according to Dr Brendan Zietsch, a psychologist at the University of Queensland in Australia, and the most satisfying sex for the woman lasts somewhere between 7-13 minutes.


Beyond that point, the female lubrication can often give out and that means you’re basically chafing and making her sore. It has to last a while, apparently because the head is shaped like a scoop that can remove the sperm of any other man that has blown his load inside her previously.


Yeah, that’s pretty grim, especially in the age of showers and girls that might not get banged multiple times in a day. But it’s just the way it is, biologically speaking.


Zietsch published his findings in The Conversation and used a number of other studies on which to base his assessment. A survey of 500 couples in 2008 by the United States and Canadian sex therapists found that adequate sex, for both parties, lasts 3-7 minutes. That’s from the moment you dip your tip in to the moment you blow your load.


One guy lasted less than a minute


It’s fair enough that sex lasts 1-2 minutes was judged to be too short and one of the respondents saying 44s must have known something was wrong. Nobody can really argue with that. The interesting part was that sex that lasts from 10-30 minutes was generally considered to be ‘too long’.


So, some women don’t even like 12 minutes of hot, sweaty action and performing like a porn star really isn’t going to do you too many favors after all.


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