How Men Can Win The Gender War, Without Even Fighting

June 6, 2018 By Nick

How Men Can Win The Gender War, Without Even Fighting

I think we’re past the point of denying there’s a gender war going on right now and men, particularly white men, are going to be royally shafted for decades to come. You will get overlooked for promotions, you will struggle to get a job if you’re going against a woman and the system will happily grind you into the dirt in the name of equality.


This isn’t hyperbole, this is simple fact and it’s already happening. Men are being forced to pay for kids that aren’t even theirs, women are three times more likely to get a job than a man, if all other variables are equal, and affirmative action is deliberately hitting white men.


This is a Cold War, and it’s happening right now.


We are all looking forward to the next civil war, which will come about due to gun control (buy guns by the way, while you still can), a racial flare-up, something. But we, as men, can stop it before it gets to that point. We can take back this world.




Leave. Go on holiday for five years, work online, be an entrepreneur, get a job in a non-SJW country. Take your tax dollars away and sit and watch this whole system burn.


Join me in the Dominican Republic, where visa overstays really aren’t a big deal. Go to Thailand, where you can sit in the sun and bang girls, or boys, or donkeys, if that’s your thing. Go to Eastern Europe where the SJWs are kept firmly in check. There’s somewhere for us, whatever you want to do you will find it.


If you stay in the US, England, Australia, wherever, consider it your part of the war effort to reduce your tax bill to nothing. Work less, earn money online and send it offshore, do what you have to do to structure your tax affairs so it’s a big fat zero.


You see big government, feminist and left-wing politics all burn money like you would not believe. Immigration, welfare, they cost ridiculous money.


Someone has to pay for that. It’s the producers and that, whether they like it or not, is white men. Asians, too, nobody’s going to take their work ethic away from them and there’s no way I would criticise them.


None of this is racism snowflakes, it’s statistical fact.


Women are a net tax loss, and it will be interesting to see if that changes with their big push jobs in tech, rather than teaching. I suspect it won’t. The black community has way too many single mothers for the men to make a difference, forget the crime rates and other issues.


So, if we’re playing identity politics, the only real contributors are the people that everybody hates.


Right now, white men are dutifully going to work, paying their tax and waiting for the world to cave in. Every time we put in a tax return and pay money, we’re turkeys. And we’re not just voting for Christmas, we’re buying a new oven.


So don’t play. Leave, cut your bills to nothing and then sit back and watch this feminist world fall apart. It will be a mess, but we can pick up the pieces from this fairly easily. If it goes much further, we’re going to be back to living in the woods and building fires when the world finally breaks down.


This is something you can do, I can do, we all can do, to stop this madness from taking over.


Will we? Probably not, but we don’t all have to do it. If big government loses 10% of its proper taxpayers, this system will fail. If it loses 5% then it’s probably too many to make this ridiculous ‘utopia’ a reality.


So do your bit for the war effort. Pack up your shit, go live in paradise and bang whores for a while. Your country will thank you for your service in the end.


Thanks! I kind of wish it wasn’t true, but this is the world we live in today. We can at least try and make it as bearable as possible and figure out a way to avoid the main traps!

Western Europe is importing migrants by the boatload. There is absolutely no way this would end well with or without your tax contribution. The powers that be want the locals replaced and dead. If you’re killed by migrants, hang yourself or leave the country on your own accord is up to you really.

You have a point, but it still needs cash. If we starve the system, it collapses now, rather than this painful slow decline. But yeah, really I see the point. I left and I do worry for the people that are there, in the US and Europe. I keep telling people to leave, but I sound like the tinfoil hat brigade…

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