How To Beat Communism Before It Begins

May 28, 2018 By Nick

How To Beat Communism Before It Begins

I never really planned on being a Conservative, I was kinda in the middle, a normal guy. But the whole world has taken a sharp Left these days and if you’re not a trans vegan then you’re basically a Nazi.


So, I’m a Nazi then, even though I’ve got dead relatives under Auschwitz.


Fuck it, I’ll take it.


The truth is, though, that Cultural Marxism is about to wipe out Western civilization. Really, it’s that dramatic and that obvious.


We are one or two elections away from socialism, which will precede Communism, which will precede famine, pestilence and death. It has never ended any other way. Cuba, Korea, Russia, yeah there really aren’t any exceptions to this rule. Cubans survive, but quite a few want out. They are prepared to brave shark infested waters on inflatable rafts they’re that serious about it.


So what is the one thing that will defeat the Left? We literally pick up our toys and go and play somewhere else.


I mean leave the US, leave the UK, leave everywhere that is turning into a Liberal cesspit? Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But it’s the one thing you can do to show your utter disdain for what the world is turning into.


Donald Trump was actually the last bastion of reason for the America and might be its only chance. If he loses out in the next elections then America is lost and will join the UK, Sweden, Germany and probably France already. These nations are basically already done, as a Brit it brings me no pleasure to say that, but these people should already be emigrating.


Many of them are, but they’re being lost in the numbers.


The truth is, though, that if the productive members of a socialist society aren’t there, all the feel-good slogans about helping everybody won’t mean a damn thing. If the producers just pack up their shit and go somewhere else, then the whole society comes crashing down. The books don’t balance, it’s really that simple.


So men, consider it an act of rebellion to go your own way, minimise your tax contribution and get out if you can. Literally bail out of society, while you still can.


This Communist ‘Utopia’ will almost certainly come with a travel ban, because the rich won’t come back if you let them leave. So eventually the doors will have to shut. The very Liberals that complain about open borders will be the ones to bring international travel to an end. Just don’t be there when the doors slam shut.


I’m watching the world burn from the Caribbean, I probably won’t pay any more tax and I have a dream life out in the sun.


You can do it, too, and you’ll be doing your part to overthrow Communism before it even gets a chance to take a hold.


They can take your land, but don’t ever let them take your freedom.


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