How To Become A Digital Nomad

June 1, 2018 By Nick

How To Become A Digital Nomad

How To Ghost On Society And Become A Digital Nomad


You hear about men that have just turned their back and ghosted on society to become digital nomads. I am one of them. I’m one of the guys that just had enough of the First World and walked out the door.


There are plenty of reasons for a single man to simply leave and they include:


  • The war on men.
    SJW-infested society.
    The collapse of Western civilization.
    American women becoming obese, entitled and just no fun.
    Sexual assault becoming basically the women’s perogative. If she says it happened, you’re screwed.
    Divorce rape.
    Socialism on the horizon.
    The very real possibility that international travel will end at some point. If you’re there when the doors close, you’re stuck. You might as well be somewhere nice.


So, yeah, there are a lot of reasons to leave the First World behind and go take up residence somewhere amazing, where feminism isn’t a thing, and live a peaceful life.


If you are single and don’t have big responsibilities, it’s a simple way to live a much happier life.


But how do you become a digital nomad?


It’s really easy, honestly. You find a way to generate income, a place to live and then go and live there. There are places you can live comfortably on $20 a day, away from the madness that is modern America. Or, worse, the UK.


My office in the Dominican Republic


This is my office. I share an apartment in the Dominican Republic and my rent is less than $10 a day for a modern apartment with a 50-inch flatscreen, American cable TV and all the mod cons. I get to use all the facilities in the hotel next door and there are no guests, so that is pretty much my private pool.


You can live in a tropical paradise, too, and sit back and watch the First World burn. You can do exactly what I am doing in the Dominican Republic in Bali, the Philippines, Chiang Mai, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Belize and more.


Your SMV skyrockets when you move overseas and suddenly, in a lot of these places, women will actually compete for your affections. That’s pretty surreal until you get used to it.


Some places are more expensive than others and I’ll be deep diving into all of these places over time, and bringing you stories from the people that actually live there. I have a few tales to tell, that’s for sure…


But it doesn’t matter where you want to go. You have to get some basics in place first…

How Much Money Do I Need To Become A Digital Nomad?


The thing you need before you even book your first flight is a source of income. The amount you earn will determine where you can go and live, because if you can get a solid source of income then you’ll be blown away by the places you can live in overseas.


You can live cheap, but if you can fix your income then you can also live spectacularly.


So think about how you want to live, but also be prepared to start somewhere. You really can live on $20 a day in plenty of places. So start there, aim for that on a part-time basis, just with an hour or two of your time.

Live Cheap, Or Live Spectacularly, As a Digital Nomad


There really are levels in the Digital Nomad world. You can scrape by, earning just enough to live and leaving the headaches, the pressure and the expectation of the First World behind. It’s a Zen, Buddhist Monk-like existence that can be quite cathartic in its own way.


I have done this for a while and was just so happy, going down to the beach for a few hours every day and doing the self-care bullshit that you hear so much about.


It’s peaceful, it’s cleansing and you can do it for a while. But then you need to rediscover your mission. Every man needs one, and if you’re out as a digital nomad then you have the time to really find yours.


Think about it, $20 a day. That is your number one goal right now. Not the place, not the fantastical adventures you’l have. $20 a day as a sideline income.


That is the main obstacle between you and a life in the sun. So, do you think you can find a way past it?


I’m working on my own businesses that are starting to pay out and I’m going to teach you everything I have learned about affiliate marketing over the last two years. We may even open a Shopify store together as part of a masterclass with a few handpicked students.


What I Used To Do


Now, my own efforts are bearing fruit, but when I moved out here then copywriting and blogging paid the bills. It was work I would have laughed at when I was back in England, because the rates were so bad. But once I was in the Dominican Republic, my life was so cheap I could take on the work.


So take a fresh look at sites you may not have considered before.


If you’re covering rent in New York, then People Per Hour reads like a gut-punch in terms of the rates.


If you need to spend $10 to cover your studio apartment rental in Pattaya, or $20 for your room on the quay in Belize, then your math changes totally.


Before, you were competing with Third World providers and it wasn’t worth the trouble. Suddenly, you are the Third World provider.


You can make $50 a day without trying too hard if you have decent writing, social media skills or any marketable talent. If you have a job right now then try and get the company to pay for training, go on a coding camp, do anything you can.


Technical Writing is well paid and every single writer should become a qualified technical writer, or at least do a course and fake up a portfolio site. If you can build apps or do basic code, there’s work out there. If you know social media, and you can fake it to people that don’t know better, you can set yourself up as a consultant.


I’m going to show you a lot of different jobs and get stories from people doing them, but it’s down to you to find a niche that pays enough for you to live and have a little fun along the way. That could easily be crytocurrency investing, you could even play Blackjack online for one hour and clear this money if you follow some basic rules.


Think about that one. Professional online gambling, played absolutely by the numbers. We’ll show you how, but sign up for that one.


The main point, is that you have to stop focusing on all the lifestyle parts of becoming a Digital Nomad. You have to, instead, focus on this one number. Earn that, and you can go when and where you want…


Becoming an Online Entrepreneur


Yes, that’s the other thing you can do. You can become an entrepreneur and build your own sites. Just don’t have that as Plan A, because it will take time.


I’m still finding the perfect recipe after two years of stirring the pot. My sites are making money now and I’m one of the lucky few internet marketers and bloggers that is in profit. I’ll show you how to do that too, so sign up on the top bar for the secrets on how to become a digital nomad and internet entrepreneur.


Moving overseas, to a beautiful beach paradise or a mountain retreat, whatever floats your boat, is actually part of the plan. It slashes your living costs and that gives you the most precious commodity of all – free time.


The beauty of living cheap in paradise is that it will give you the time to launch your own businesses and we’ll get into that more in depth another time.


But the first thing you need when you head off on the road is a marketable skill, that you can exchange for money, and you can even do that with an established presence on an online platform like People-Per-Hour, Fiverr or Upwork.


It won’t be your long-term dream and it can be bad for your self-esteem in the long run if you get stuck on sites like that. But it can be your short-term lifeline.


You Need Online Bank Accounts Galore!


Nobody thinks about this one. But if you’re going overseas then you need as many online bank accounts and as many separate cards as you can get. You need internet banking, you need Paypal and you need to hook it all up before you leave.


Get a PO Box address, link everything to that address and you shouldn’t have any problems. Leave it until after you go and you can end up trying to convince your bank you are who you say you are as your card is declined and you’re stuck up shit creek.


Have as many different ways to get and move money as you possibly can. Then keep your cards separate, stash them securely and even if you get robbed, marooned or your ID is stolen, you’ll always have a way to get money.


I learned this the hard way when I had trouble with my main bank card. Now I have as many backups as I can get, because I know the added stress of struggling to get money out the wall can have a real impact on you. Thinking about that stuff stops you actually earning money.


I recommend the following:


Payoneer – Online banking that can accept native bank payments across the world. It’s cool, get it.
Paypal Credit Card – This will save you serious money if you get paid via Paypal. At some point, you will be.

Charles Schwab – A great account with superb customer service and they’re a favorite among American nomads.


You Also Need Global Medical Insurance


It might seem like overkill, but this is your health. Just get the most kickass health insurance you can find and make sure it’s paid, every month. You do not want to be stranded without insurance in a Third World nation. They won’t even treat you until you have handed over your credit card and this could financially break you.


Too many people have been forced to abandon their digital nomad lifestyle because of crappy medical insurance. Don’t be that guy, get one of the following:


World Nomad Insurance


Finally, You Need A destination


So, where are you going? I know some would-be digital nomads that spend years ‘deciding’ where to go. It’s just a way of putting it off, life gets in the way and they never make it in the end. Kinda like Up!


I arrived in the Dominican Republic knowing barely anything about the place. And if I didn’t like it, I’d have already moved on. That’s the point, this is an experiment, not your new home. Unless you really like it.


The best thing to do is list pros and cons for your favorite places. Let’s be honest, for most men it comes down to the climate you want and the girls you find attractive. In the Dominican Republic I have a rotation of Haitian girls that are amazing, and you can have that too with Filippinas, Thai girls, Brazilians and Colombians.


You still need a little money to wow these girls, but it’s much less. If you have $50 in your pocket then you’re rich and you’re worth dating. It’s a world away from the entitled six foot, six figures, six-pack demands of the modern American woman.


Then get on Airbnb and rental sites and look for apartments, then flights and do yourself a financial breakdown.


How much will it cost? Are you earning that money right now? Do you have a few months’ money in the bank as a buffer?


Then you’re ready to book your flight…


What About A Place To Stay?


Don’t burn too much time on the forums looking to save a few bucks before you go. It’s counterproductive and you’re probably going to move anyway. You can also get locked in to weird contracts or just get confused and end up spending money to get out of a tricky situation.


So just spend a little more for your first month and book an Airbnb. You will be amazed at the discounts when you book by the month and when you sign up with my code you get an additional $40 off when you book.


Negotiate with the owner, too, to get a little more off the price, and you might find you’ll spend $100 more to have a guaranteed host meet you and show you round. You’ll know where the apartment is, you’ll know you’ve got everything you need and you have at least a month to find the right apartment in the right place.


It takes a lot of pressure off and it means you hit the ground running in terms of getting into a working groove. That’s vital, get out of holiday mode asap, and get to work. An Airbnb with proper WiFi and all the mod-cons will help you more than you know.


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