How To Make Extra Money, Fast

May 29, 2018 By Nick

How To Make Extra Money, Fast

We’ve talked before about getting your side hustle on and spare money is just such a big deal when it comes to your feelings of self-worth that you almost need a sideline in the modern age. So knowing how to make extra money in 2017 is a life changing skill.


Wages are going down, in real terms, job security is so 1990s and you never know what’s just around the corner. Even if you are gainfully employed, most people are living paycheck to paycheck and just don’t have a slush fund for emergencies or a savings account for the finer things in life.


If you’ve got a successful side hustle then you’ll feel inches taller. Even if you’re working as a drone from 9-5 then your side business gives you a chance to shine, to express yourself and to get the money you want. It can even blossom over time and become your full-time income.


That’s why it’s important for me to show you how to start a sideline business with no capital, or as close to it as you can reasonably achieve. I’ve done my best to find things you can start with no money as that’s why most people are looking for a side hustle in the first place.


This is the first in a series of make money online pieces


I will follow up with more advanced, longer term plans to make money online. But I think it’s important to keep these separate and offer them as a strategy. You might have absolutely no capital, but you’re prepared to put the work in to bootstrap your life from nothing to $1 million dollars. Alternatively, you might have some capital or funds from a full-time job.


If you do have capital, you can probably skip this step. But if you’re starting again from rock bottom or you’re just starting out then these can help you bank extra dollars every month and develop your skillset.


Learning how to make extra money can help you:


  • Deal with your debts.
  • Buy your dream home.
  • Move overseas and live as a digital nomad.
  • Help you retire early.
  • Help you escape your job.
  • Help you live your dreams.


Plan your side hustle effectively and it can become the cornerstone of the life you want to live. Really think about that at the start, because if you’re happy to live in your current town then a physical business is fine. But if you want to move then you might want to think about how to make money online.


Do that and it gives you a chance to learn new skills and to motivate yourself each and every day. That will pay off in unexpected ways, because there is nothing sexier than a driven man with goals and girls will feed off your new vibe.


So stop worrying about the bills, or thinking how to get through to payday with one stale loaf of bread and some eggs that should probably be in the trash. Focus on how to make extra money in 2017 and start building a better life, one cent at a time.


Here are 16 possible ways to make fast extra money in 2017 and help launch a sideline business.

1. Drive for Uber/Lyft/Sidecar/Gett

This is a way you can start making money right away and the returns are pretty good if you’re prepared to put in the hours at peak times. There’s no real magic to this one, you use your car to  ferry complete strangers around.


Now this won’t make you rich and there’s a time limit on this job. The main companies are working on autonomous cars that will put you on the scrapheap in about two years. So if you want to go this route then hit every shift you can, stash money and start working on your next venture with the spare money that you’ve suddenly got in your pocket.


These companies are stepping stones to your future and can bankroll almost any business if you work hard enough.


Driving for Uber and Lyft will also pay off in surprising ways. You’ll have to deal with the public, so your communication skills and even your sales tactics will improve naturally. It can be intimidating to go out and meet the public, especially if you’re naturally shy. So, front-facing work like this can really boost your soft skills and help you develop natural confidence with new people.


Of course, you need a car. But if you have one then this can be a great way to earn extra money and plan your next step.


Sign up for all the big services, too. Don’t just be a slave to Uber or Lyft. Sign up as a driver with some of the fringe outfits that might pay double in real terms.


2. Do deliveries, too.


Sidecar has just started delivering weed in San Francisco and should roll out the program across the states where medical Marijuana is legal. Canary is doing something similar in Seattle.


So your passenger could be a few grams of high grade bud, which makes things easier all round. Weed is calmer than people.


Sign up for delivery sites, too, and see if you can get deliveries in the morning and switch to passengers at surge times. If you’re unemployed and have access to a car, you could even get yourself back on your feet with a dazzling combination of deliveries and ride hailing schemes. Some people have turned it into full-time self-employment and you can too.


Having worked as an Uber and delivery driver could even help you score a better job down the line, because you’ll develop customer service skills. So give it a go, get access to a car and  go for it.


If it starts to work out you can lease a Kia Soul EV, which comes with a 93-mile range, costs almost nothing to fuel and offers proper storage for bigger parcels. That costs $199 a month, with $999 dollars down, so make sure you can make this system pay before you invest.


But you could fund a car, the basic bills and enough spare money to launch your next big business, from ride hailing schemes and delivery networks.


Just some of the people you can work for include:



There are lots more, so do some digging, spend time on the forums and find out who you  want to work with. Then borrow a car if you’ve got a kindly relative that wants to help you get a leg up in the world.


If you find you enjoy the work then you can lease the right vehicle and step up to either a Kia, or even a Tesla Model S or X, which will cut your fuel bill to almost zero, or a van that can handle bigger deliveries. It’s the start of a business, if you want to go that way, or a cash cow to get you going.


So if you’re scraping by right now, or you just lost your job, this can work.


3. Test websites


This one is a much simpler way to get started making money online, it doesn’t take any capital or special skills and you can start earning money right away. Usertesting.com and Validately both pay people like you to test websites and provide reports.


It won’t make you rich, but it is quick and stable additional income that you can use for your next big plan.


It’s work anybody can do from home, which can be a useful way to get started.


4. Take online surveys to earn extra money


Online surveys are almost a cliché, but here’s always another customer feedback agency that needs your opinion on just about everything. You won’t get paid a lot, but it’s quick money that could help you pay the bills this month.


Sign up with Survey Junkie, Product Report Card, Survey Club, ProOpinion, Pinecone Research, Harris Poll Online and find your own as well. Don’t pay to join, that is an online scam. But these services are free to sign up to and you can actually make money with them.


Treat it like a business and see how many you can actually access and complete in the course of a working day. If  it works, keep doing it.


5. Telesales


Remote telesales jobs are more common than you think and they can be a way to start making money online right away. Take a look at Monster.com and Indeed.com for a selection of remote jobs that might suit you. It could be customer service, it could be any number of phone-based jobs that can give you some additional income.


A lot of  jobs these days are commission-based, so you have to decide if you believe in the product and can turn some of your evening hours into hard cash with that company.


Get creative with your keywords and you might find the perfect online job, so look for the  following:


  • Freelance writer jobs remote
  • Commission-based telesales jobs remote
  • Remote work
  • Work Online



View More Job Search Results on Monster.com


6. Replace your Google searches with Swagbucks


Ok this is a minor online revenue stream, but they all count. Swagbucks will encourage you to play games and take surveys in exchange for Amazon gift cards. But if you shop a lot on Amazon anyway, and most of us do, then it’s fair to call it income.


Give it a try and see if it works for you, or if you want to graduate to something more serious. It’s an easy way to get your head into outside work, though.


Learn more about Swagbucks and Sign up here.


7. Manage social media accounts


If you live on social media, have built up big personal accounts on the main platforms and can learn new tricks, the you could manage accounts for small businesses. Start out with a few low-paying gigs on PeoplePerHour, where the expectation shouldn’t be so intense. Build your skills, invest in some tools and you’re on your way to a self-employed career in Social Media.


For now, though, start small, get some jobs through the door and some solid feedback. If a company pays you a few hundred bucks for the month, then over deliver and get the next client on board. Don’t worry about the dollars per hour, if time is all you have then use it to do the best job you can.


8. Identify your specific skills and offer them out

Everybody has a unique skillset and there are things you can do that other people will pay for. Sites like PeoplePerHour.com can be good for nailing down things you can actually get paid for and getting some practice in. You will also get to polish your pitches, which is an art in itself.


There are a lot of lowball offers, there, though, so you might end up working for buttons your first month and living with it until you have established a reputation and solid feedback. The cheap jobs can be worth it in the end.


Some people really do make a full-time living from the likes of Upwork, Guru.com, Freelancers.com and more.


That will take time, but they can put food on the table right now.


It’s hard work and you’ll have to put in the hours to make a living wage, but this is something you can do right now, today, and start earning money. They are also location independent, which means you can focus on building a reputation on these sites and doing some kind of low-paid internship to make sure you get the good jobs later on.


You’ll find one platform works better for your particular skillset, so it’s good to experiment and find the best solution for you. Peopleperhour.com worked well for me, especially as I upsold a number of the cheaper clients and got them to agree to better deals. Others claim PPH.com is an absolute joke, but they’re largely the entitled types who think they should be paid $100 an hour and yet are somehow unemployed and poor…


9. Freelance copywriting


Now this is my main source of income now I have moved halfway across the world. I work for websites and private clients through my other site: www.epic-content.com


I have a track record, but when I really needed money and I didn’t care where it came from then I put in more than the odd shift on Copify.


You don’t need a glittering history to sign up for these sites and start writing. You need to pass a basic test and then you’re on a level playing field.


If you’re not good enough then they’ll either reject your test piece or kick you out fairly soon, but there is no harm in taking the tests and getting to work with the following companies that have freelance copywriting jobs online, all the time:



These sites aren’t for the long-term. You can get trapped on content mills and you need to put that money to one side and fund your own next steps as a copywriter. Alternatively, use the skills you’re learning to launch your own blogs and sell products.


10  Yardwork/Pool Cleaning


You can mow lawns, clear gutters, clean pools and take any of the tasks other people just don’t want to take on themselves. It can be additional weekend income or you can turn it into a full-time business if you work at.


Go old school, with flyers that you deliver round the neighborhood. Introduce yourself and let people know that you’re giving a good service for a fair price. You’ll be surprised how the jobs stack up and before long you’re doing the awful jobs for everybody and you’re actually getting reasonable money for doing it.


It’s hard and a lot of people will quit. But if you’re really determined, disciplined and reliable, you can make a good living in yardwork. If you want the outdoor lifestyle, too, then it’s a win-win.


11. Bartending

This can turn into a brutal regime of not enough sleep and failing to juggle two jobs, because bartending can turn you into a night owl.


But, if you can pick up a couple of shifts a week, or just work the weekends, then it’s a great way to have a social life without spending money. If you can get a place with great tips, then bartending can be surprisingly lucrative, too.


Even if it isn’t, you’ll meet new people, develop more negotiating skills than you ever thought possible and you’ll have fun earning a few extra bucks. It will also help you immeasurably with girls. You will get your pick of them, it will be good fun and you should get laid more than usual. If nothing else there’s a steady line and it will help you develop an abundance mentality.


12. Become a Virtual Assistant


The internet has thinned out the job market, but you can turn that to your advantage by helping someone sort and respond to incoming mails, take calls and set up appointments. If you speak native US English then that can be a huge plus and all the calls can be routed through Skype or another Virtual exchange these days.


So, all you need is a solid internet connection and time to do the work every day and you can get going right now. Again, sites like PeoplePerHour or Upwork can get you started.


13 Rent out a room


If you have the space to do it, then rent out a room and save serious money. If you commit to doing other work on top of your normal dayjob, or instead of it, you shouldn’t notice the inconvenience. Pick someone you’re comfortable with, but use this home invasion as a means of spurring you on to get the other work rolling.


14. Take control of your finances


If you’re looking to make some extra money, then make sure you get your current expenditure under control first. If you don’t, then you’ll always live to your means. Get a Smartphone App and let it tell you where all your money is going. Then make positive changes. Eat out less, make your morning coffee at home and watch those dollar bills pile up in your savings.


Simple awareness of where your money is going will mean you keep more of it. It will feel like you’re richer, even though you’re not.


15 Become a trader on eBay


There are more than a handful of millionaires that started out broke, hustling with a few items on eBay to get them started. If you work hard, you can make your fortune on eBay. You can start out with simply buying and selling and then move into Dropshipping and even White Label products when you’ve got a healthy following on eBay.


At first, focus on customer service and treat it like a business even though it’s turning over a few dollars a week. Negative feedback early on can kill you, so make sure you’re on top of every sale, email and query.


I used to dabble in buying and selling vintage camera lenses. Some of them you can pick up cheap and then sell for hundreds of pounds if you get a rare find. You can trade watches, antiques or even second hand clothes that you can source reliably and sell on the web for a big profit. If you have places you can buy lots at auction then you can really turn that into a moneyspinner.


You can start small, but in the end you could be buying your goods through Alibaba by the container load and sending them to a third party shipping company for smooth delivery. Find a niche that everybody else isn’t hitting hard, sell a good product and make sure you’re in constant touch with the client. Do that and you can still get rich on eBay.


It will take time, you’ll lose money sometimes and there will be tough times. But just make sure your customer is happy every single time, whatever it takes, and you can build up a powerful eBay store.


16. Become a Mechanical Turk


This is seriously low paid work and you should really explore the alternatives before you devote time to Amazon’s on-demand work platform. It’s pretty demeaning and soul sucking stuff, basically online drone work that the computers cannot quite handle yet.


I don’t think you’ll make a living wage. It’s really a little extra cash that you can earn in your spare time when you’ve got the willpower to go through with it.



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