How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

May 29, 2018 By Nick

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse


If the world is overrun with zombies, are you planning to head to the shopping mall and have a Dawn of the Dead-style siege? If you are, you’re doing the zombie apocalypse wrong…


So how to survive the zombie apocalypse? Thanks to the good folks at Cornell University, science has the answer.


Run for the hills.


Cornell University ran a mathematical simulation to determine your odds of surviving and found the simplest answer really is the best. You have to run away.


Is Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse crazy?


Now it sounds kind of crazy to prepare for a zombie apocalypse because, well, it is crazy.


It’s almost certainly never going to happen.


But then the protocol is basically the same for how to survive a zombie apocalypse, how to survive the collapse of society and how to survive an outbreak of disease.


So prepare for the zombies and you’re more or less covered for any SHTF situation.



You Need A Bug Out Bag


That means having a bug out bag, a SHTF bag, whatever you want to call it. It needs to be ready to go, because the zombies aren’t going to wait for you to get your shit delivered, even if you opt for Amazon Prime delivery…


That pack has everything you need to survive in the wilderness for weeks if need be.


The logic is simple, if you can get far away from danger then that gives the US government the chance to get a handle on the situation and come get you.


Zombie Infection Could Be Airborne Or Bite Based


Cornell University worked on the basic principle that the zombie apocalypse could result from a World War Z-style infection, but assumed it could also be spread by an infected zombie biting a healthy human being.


In less populated areas, the rate of infection obviously slows down. So you’re less likely to run in zombies the further into the mountains you go.


Conversely, a shopping mall is likely to be in a built-up area and that means it’s zombie central. So yes, you might be able to lock the doors. But you’re going to have to contend with way more of them than you would if you head to the peaks of the Rockies.


Here are the basics of how to survive a zombie apocalypse:


1. Be prepared

You need firearms, ammunition, food and water, communications, mobile power, camping and survival gear and a Hazmat suit. Even if you don’t need to kill zombies, society has broken down at this point and you might need to protect all your awesome supplies. Other people will want them.


So get this SHTF pack right now and keep it to hand.


2. Know where you’re going

The top of the Rockies might be awesome, but not if they’re thousands of miles away.  Know the most remote place within striking distance, within one tank of gas, that you can get to if the shit hits the fan.


A remote cabin is awesome shelter, but others might have the same idea and you’ll either need to share or fight for it. That might not be your choice.


Consider  caves, although your back is literally to the wall and you’ve bet the farm on it then it might give you the best cover and a convenient hiding place.


3. Know basic fishing/hunting techniques

My bug out bag includes a survival guide, a book not a website that will survive if the internet goes down. But basic survival techniques could be the difference between a comfortable stay in the wilderness and struggling to survive.


Consider going on a course, or at the very least study the basics and test out your new equipment.


4. Keep in touch

A wind-up power bank is all you need to keep your phone charged. One of the government’s first jobs will be to get communications up and running. When you have bars on your phone and Google loads, it’s a safe bet that the situation is under control.


5. Sit tight

It could be days, it could be weeks or it could be months. You need to be ready for that.


6. Have an escape route

No matter how good your base is, you might need to get out of there in a heartbeat. Always have your weapons to hand, have anything you’re not using packed up and  have a clear route in mind. Always have a plan B, and preferably a  plan C.


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