Hypnosis Works, I’ll Prove It…

May 31, 2018 By Nick

Hypnosis Works, I’ll Prove It…


I am not the kind of person you’d expect to recommend hypnosis therapy. I don’t own a single crystal or tie-dye T shirt and I have only ever made a peace sign laden with irony and sarcasm. But I like things that make a difference and hypnosis seriously works.


You don’t have to take my word for it, I’m going to prove it.


Just put some headphones in and listen to this. Really go with it, embrace the process. If you can feel anything at all, then hypnosis works. You just need to do more of it. This is a show aimed at women, but get over it. We can talk about drinking beer and tits in the next post.


This is also really simple hypnosis, you don’t have to go on a big magical journey and think about elves and unicorns. It’s straightforward, beginner stuff. It will still feel a bit flakey if you’ve never done this before. But give it a chance and you could be surprised by how well guided meditation works.



Grace Smith is one of the easiest to get started with. She’s brilliant at the induction and this is a quick session that will just show you what real, good hypnosis is all about. Michael Sealey is at the bottom of this post, he’s more heavyweight and it’s longer, but his stuff is awesome.


Guided meditation is not like stage hypnosis


Don’t worry if this is your first time. We’re not talking about bullshit stage hypnosis. You won’t forget your life, you won’t think you’re a chicken. It’s just relaxation followed by gentle suggestions and thought patterns to slowly alter yours.


You can’t just go to a hypnotherapist, do one session and your life turns around, though. If you think about it, even for a second, that concept is retarded. That’s a magic pill and they don’t exist.


Hypnosis therapy is like a gym for your brain


If you think about hypnotherapy like the gym for your brain, though, then it starts to make sense.


We are all the product of a fucked up world and most of us have a lot of jumbled, messed up beliefs going on in our head.


That means it’s going to take time to get your brain in the kind of shape you’re dreaming about. You don’t go to the gym once and emerge a rippling mass of muscle. It takes time and repetition.


It’s the same with your brain. You have to get a little bit better each and every day, which means you should make time every day if you can. That actually rules out a real hypnotherapist.


Recorded hypnotherapy is better than a live session


I should say at this point I went to see one and spent almost £1000 before I worked something out. It definitely helped, but there were times when the hypnosis just didn’t ‘catch’. I ended up lying there with a man whispering sweet nothings in my ear and it all felt a bit weird.


That’s when I went looking for an alternative and it is pretty obvious when you think about it. Recordings work just as well as somebody doing it live, in fact it’s better. Now when I’m not feeling it, I can restart the recording or just leave it until later when I’m in the mood. I can also do a session a day, which would cost a fortune with a real professional.


The galling thing? I think the recordings are more effective. You can lose yourself, there’s none of the self-conscious feelings, it just works better and Youtube is available any time of the day or night.


Most Youtube hypnotherapy is terrible


Stuff on Youtube is free and most of it still isn’t worth it, that’s the sad truth. It took me months to find these gems. But Grace and Michael are masters of their art and they can change your life if you let them.


Even if you don’t buy the full theory of hypnosis, the breathing exercises alone will reduce your stress levels and give you 30 minutes of peace. Treat it like a massage for your mind. So if you’re suffering with stress then this is just an amazing thing to work into your daily routine.


If you can’t make a special time for it then put headphones in when you go to bed. You’ll get to sleep faster and you’ll feel better. Do it regularly and you’ll start to love hypnosis, you’ll use it all the time and you’ll find your outlook slowly changing. You’ll just find your attitude altering, the negativity and anger levels dropping and your positivity slowly increasing.


There’s more to it, this is part of a system and, once again, there is no magic pill. But truly adopt hypnosis therapy as part of your life and prepare to be amazed.


Here’s one of Michael Sealey’s most popular recordings. So if you like hypnosis then sign up, I got lots more wisdom for you!




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