Instant Confidence: EFT Tapping

May 31, 2018 By Nick

Instant Confidence: EFT Tapping

The first time I saw EFT Tapping, I thought it looked batshit crazy. It still does, but it works.


Now this isn’t something you do to lift yourself from a dead state to the life and soul of the party. It’s about quelling anxiety. So if you you feel those nerves in your stomach and the sweat on your brow, then EFT Tapping is a great way to get yourself back under control and get your equilibrium back.


It’s a simple technique to control stress and anxiety. It stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, which sounds all a bit group hug for my tastes. I don’t do fluffy and abstract, but this has a real physical impact, so fuck it.


EFT Tapping is a great pattern interrupt


As you practice the way of the Alpha Male then this stuff will fall by the wayside, but we all have weak moments now and again and it’s so cool to have a couple of things in your toolbox to stop old patterns slipping back in.


So if you go to the bathroom, do the EFT Tapping and then fire off the NLP anchor that you should have pre-installed and ready to go, then you’ll walk out of there on an ocean of calm.


Then you can go right in there and pull your sets, your pick up artist routines or just be a cool guy and get what you want.


These techniques are just for those moments you can feel your throat closing, your confidence falling through the floor and the whole situation getting away from you.


That’s going to happen sometimes by the way, so you can either cut your losses and run, which is what most PUA guys will do. Or you can face the nerves, accept the situation for what it is, get your center back and take control of things.

An Alpha Male has different tools


Now that is what an Alpha Male does. It’s deluded to think that every single situation will suddenly fall into your lap and every woman will fall into your arms, sometimes life is harder than that. If you have no plan B then you’re just a PUA, true Alpha Male characteristics include the flexibility to apply different approaches and the willingness to learn and use new things.


So add EFT tapping to your toolkit.


How does EFT Tapping work? Honestly I wish I knew, I think it might be a simple distraction technique that gives you something else to focus on for a minute. It’s a routine, and we all know they can be powerful when it comes to breaking a thought pattern.


There’s also a hypnotic quality to this, like you’re pushing youself towards a light trance that is strong enough to control the stress.


Serious NLP practitioners reckon there’s more to it, though, and tapping the pressure points and accessing certain nerves creates a state change. Whatever the reason, it works.

How to do EFT Tapping


You can do it right now. First, think of something that stresses you out. Either go back to a moment where you ended up with cotton mouth and pure fear or just conjure up a new one. Really put yourself there, feel the stress levels rise and your heart start to pound.


On a scale of 1-10, what is your stress level right now? Give it a number.


Now take two fingers like you’re about to pledge allegiance to the flag, the scounts, whatever it is. Close your eyes and tap gently in the following locations:

  • Above the eye
  • Beneath the opposite eye.
  • Collarbone.
  • Under the armpit.
  • Side of the opposing hand.
  • Top of the hand (keep tapping through this next bit)
  • Open your eyes.
  • Look down to your right.
  • Look down to your left.
  • Start again


Tap roughly 10 times each in every location. But don’t get caught up in the numbers.


Then do it again, and again if you have to.


Struggling to visualise it? Don’t worry, Paul McKenna has a version here. It’s for cravings, but it’s exactly the same thing.


Talk to yourself, but in your head


Come up with your own affirmations, you don’t have to use the crazy shit that is touted around the web. Say something to yourself internally, over and over again. But choose something you’re comfortable with, if you think you sound like a crazy bitch then this just won’t work.


So do it again, and again, and ask yourself, what’s your number now?


It’s lower isn’t it?


So EFT Tapping is a simple technique to control anxiety and stress. But it works.


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