Love Driving? Get A Simulator, Not A Car

May 29, 2018 By Nick

Love Driving? Get A Simulator, Not A Car

I firmly believe that the days of the sportscar are numbered.


So, if you really love driving and want to cut loose at properly illegal speeds, then you should forget buying a Ferrari.


Get yourself a simulator set-up at home for less than $1500 instead.


With a fully immersive headset, a proper chair and force feedback wheel, you can drive pretty much every iconic racing, rally and supercar, flat out, on any road or track in the world from the comfort of your home.


They’re leagues ahead of anything you might have seen even a few years ago and much more fun than the drive to work.


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This is Project Cars in VR, and it looks amazing:



This is Driveclub:



Here is the trailer for the new Gran Turismo Sport game:



These Are Simulators, Not Games


They have gone beyond simple games. These are now driving simulators that are arguably better fun than you could ever have on a public road.


With VR headsets, you are now immersed in the action and it feels like you’re driving the car. It’s safe, it’s socially acceptable and it’s the future of fast driving.


We’ll do it at home and we’ll race for the pink slips of the virtual cars we spent hours perfecting. It could actually be pretty cool.


You can take anything from a Pagani Zonda through to a 1980s Audi S1 WRC car out for a spin without bothering anybody. You get 1200 cars to choose from in Gran Turismo 6 alone and iRacing offers serious championships in 70 contemporary racers.


Enter Global Competitions Or Do The Indy 500


You can actually enter the NASCAR Championship, or F1, or take a Ferrari F50 round the Nurburgring. You can tackle Pike’s Peak, Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Indianapolis. Whatever floats your boat really.


This guy wanted a Lamborghini Veneno one-make series, in the wet:



If you want to drift a 1960s Elenor through the city streets then you can. If you want to take a rallycross car and do a Ken Block-style Gymkhana run without going to jail, you can.


If you get it wrong, nobody crashes to their fiery death. You just press reset and start again.


So you can push it to the limit on the old Nordschleife. Trust me, you cannot do that in the real world.



This  Is The Underground Racing Club Of Tomorrow


You’ll be able to compete in championships around the world, on platforms including Gran Turismo, Forza, F1, Project Cars and iRacing.


And, tragically, this is the only real opportunity you’re going to have to drive fast in the future.


Speed limits are getting lower and the traps are getting sneakier, but that’s not the issue that’s going to drive sportscars out of existence.



Self-Driving Cars Will Drive Sportscars Off The Road


Self-driving technology will be the final nail in sportscars’ coffins.


It’s coming faster than you think.


When traffic is controlled by algorithms, then there just isn’t space for a maverick out for a Sunday morning blast in their Porsche or on their motorbike.


You’ll be the anomaly in the system and you’ll be driven off the road on safety grounds.


Our fun will just become an unacceptably risk and high-powered cars will be confined to tracks.


Supercars Don’t Work On Track


There’s only one problem: modern day supercars don’t really belong on a circuit either.


Ferraris, McLarens Lamborghinis and Porsches chew up their very expensive tires and other consumables on track.


If you go through the gravel then you can do a $10,000 injury to the paintwork. So it makes sense to use a ratty old Formula Car, or a Caterham, if you want to drive on a circuit.


They’re cheap, lots of fun and quick enough. A Bugatti Chiron would be less fun and a set of tires to get home will set you back $30,000.


So, then, supercars are done at some point soon. They’re little more than an ostentatious display of wealth right now and the likes of  the LaFerrari and McLaren P1 are so far beyond the public road they just can’t really justify their presence anywhere.


We can either cry about that, or embrace the next generation of realistic simulators that means you can effectively drive any car in the world.


What Do You Need?


It’s pretty simple really. You need a PC, or console set-up.


The PC will open up more opportunities and you can use it to run your business, too. But you can spend a massive amount on a modern gaming PC and if money is a factor then get a PS4 kit.


If you want to do other things with your VR set-up, then this high-powered PC and Oculus Rift bundle can be had for $2,114.95 and that’s a solid start. 



Don’t think your ageing laptop will cut it, though. It doesn’t have the graphics processing power and you’ll almost certainly need a purpose-built gaming rig.


The PS4 Is The Cheapest Driving Game VR Rig


If you’re setting up from scratch, the Playstation VR is the cheapest way to go.


Although you won’t be able to play every game there should be a great selection. PS4 gamers rarely complain about  a lack of selection.


So you’ll need a PS4 and VR Kit.


Get the Driveclub bundle and you can get out on the road right away.


It costs $649.99, on top of the basic PS4 at $269.99, but this will open up a new world of games that is only going to get more intense.



Then you’ll need a gaming chair and Amazon’s buyers recommend this one at $379



Now you’re almost there, you just need the steering wheel, pedals and gear selector.


At $267.00, this force feedback wheel and pedal set bundle has got rave reviews and it’s the Amazon number one best seller for a reason. 



For the gearstick, there’s a much cheaper plastic option, but I’m drawn to this old-school Ferrari-style metal shifter.



It’s expensive, at $193.64, but it looks like a work of art and I’m sure it will add another dimension to the game. It has a 4.5-star rating and 405 near rabid fans on Amazon.


So, this might be the best gaming chair set-up you can get right now without getting nuts and spending tens of thousands on a force feedback seat.


In the future, haptic feedback pads, a combination of airbags and vibrators, really, should contribute to a completely immersive experience that means we can have a complete simulator.


Until then, this is a pretty good start and it’s way cheaper than an actual sportscar.


Don’t Advertise This Set-Up To Your Dates


Just one word of caution. This shouldn’t be the first thing a girl sees when she comes to your place. If you have a spare room, that’s where this needs to go.


If you don’t have the space, pack this away and get it out only when you ‘go for a drive’.


It will be awesome fun and it will make you a seriously good driver if you really learn the ropes. But this is a hobby you might want to keep to yourself…



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