Men’s Business Casual For $150

June 23, 2018 By Nick

Men’s Business Casual For $150

When I was young and stupid, I spent fortunes on clothes. I was a total fool.


You see, when I tanked a business into the ground and was really poor, I learned how to live cheap and find some neat tricks.


One of them was finding a slick designer suit for job interviews for just $17. Really, it happened.


If you work in corporate America and have to look the part, this won’t just save you money. Read on, you can get Brioni, Zegna, more or less anything you want and really stand out. We got some serious tricks like this and this is a real great way to get yourself beyond suited and booted for the office, without breaking the bank.


But right now we’re doing this cheap.


Don’t Buy New Suits For $100


You see if you just go shopping, with $100, you’re going to get a shiny nylon suit and some plastic shoes. Don’t do that.


My cheat code for designer clothes for men is eBay. You can get a near perfect, Merino wool suit for $100-$150.


That’s the magic search term for you and I have already done it for you.


Check Merino Wool Suits on eBay Now!


Seriously, you can pick up a barely used Corneliani Super 120S for just the wrong side of $100.


You thought I slipped that lightly used past you didn’t you? Yes, these suits had one previous owner, but read the descriptions and look at the pictures and you’ll find one that looks basically new.


Now you can take a punt on a cheaper suit if it looks the business, and sometimes it’s worth putting in a cheeky bid on one you quite like if it isn’t getting any interest. I picked up an Yves St Laurent suit for $16 and it looked great.


You can also spend $300 on a suit and get a Brioni, Zegna or Kiton suit. These suits have barely been worn, and might have sat in a wardrobe their whole lives. So you can get some ridiculous bargains and turn up to meet a date in what was a $3000 suit.


You can find:

$500 Brioni suits on eBay

$400 Kiton suits on eBay

$300 Canali suits on eBay

$300 Oxxford suits on eBay


It makes a difference to turn out for a girl, a client or a job interview in one of these suits and some of them look absolutely new. By the time it gets to your house, under plain covers, you can say it is.


Make up some bullshit about every man should have at least one fine suit. Or get more than one, it’s your life.


My favorite response to polite enquiries about the cut of your suit in the business world is:


“They always say, dress for the job you want. Not the job you have.”


Dress Like A Baller With A Suit Closet


That’s the beauty with this system, you don’t have one work suit. You can build up a wardrobe, as they crop up. Use Auction Sniper, put in lowball bids and see what you get.


So the suit costs as little as $100 and you can get a decent pair of shoes for $30-40 from eBay too.


Check eBay’s men’s shoes right now!


A Watch As Well, Seriously?


I’m going to assume you’ve got some shirts to mix and match, and I’m going to use the remaining $20 to buy you a watch. Seriously, you can pick up a great old-school watch for $20.


$20 Vintage Watches on eBay


You can even go cheaper. Look at the available range of mechanical vintage watches for $10 on eBay right now.


$10 Mechanical Watches On eBay



They don’t need to tell the time well. They’re an accent piece to go with your wicked bad suits. Polish it, put a modern strap on it and you’ve got a real unusual piece of jewelry that looks expensive than it is.


So you can do the same, have a collection of cheap watches. You can even put cheeky bids on watches under $5 that are in the live auctions. You never know…


$5 watches on eBay right now


That’s the way to do business casual for just $150, including a vintage watch for men.


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