Questions To Ask A Girl To Keep The Conversation Flowing

May 29, 2018 By Nick

Questions To Ask A Girl To Keep The Conversation Flowing

If you have ever run out of things to say, then you know just how painful that silence can be. That’s because it’s more than silence, it’s the audible sound of her vagina drying up and the green shoots of sexual attraction withering and turning to ash.


It’s the sound of time, money and sexual anticipation falling down the drain and it really doesn’t have to be that way. All you need to do is a have a few fallback questions to ask a girl that will get you through that quiet spell and spark the conversation back into life.


Truthfully, when a girl says you’re really great to talk to, it actually means that she felt comfortable talking to you and you know how to listen, look interested and just say enough to stoke the fire.


It’s no great secret that girls talk more than boys, they just do. If you’re talking more than 30% of the time then you’re probably just babbling and killing the sexual vibe in your own special way. Knowing a few questions to ask a girl is the best fallback, because they let a girl do what she wants to do. She wants to talk.


It also means you get to maintain an element of mystery and present yourself as the strong type that isn’t talking at 100mph to fill a silence that doesn’t need to be there. Keep her talking, don’t babble yourself. If there’s even a 50% attraction, this will give her the tingles.


Do yourself a favor. Memorize these basic questions and pull them out when the time is right.They will get you out of jail at least once in your life.


Even if you don’t want to fuck her, then these still work. But to be honest, if you’re taking the time to ask them, you might as well get the reward…


Questions to ask a girl on a date to keep the conversation flowing, as well as her juices.


1. What are your dreams, take all the limits away and what would you do with your life?


It’s a big, open-ended question that gives you lots of tangents and branches of a conversation.


It will also reveal a lot about her and that will help you decide whether this is a girl you want to invest time in.


Don’t sit back and listen to a one-hour monologue. Interrupt her, in fact you should do that sometimes anyway. Ask for details, go with the conversation, take it off her at times and lead the way with more questions and ideas.


Beware, she’s going to ask your dreams in return. All you need to do is have a big goal, preferably one you’re working towards right now. Show drive, determination and ambition. This is officially sexy as fuck for any woman.


2. Tell me about your friends


Every girl thinks her friends are the most amazing people in the world. She has to, because they’re a reflection of her. So this will get her animated, it puts her into a happy place because she’s thinking about people she loves and it shows you give the faintest shit about her life.


She will also give you a lot of information about herself. Like attracts like and if her girlfriends are all high achieving women in serious relationships then she probably isn’t a goodtime girl. That can be good or bad, depending on your point of view.


Conversely, if all her friends are seeing ex-cons and are basically broken, you can bet your last dollar that she’s a mess too. Again, it kind of depends on what you’re looking for…


3. How do you know when you’ve met a great guy? What qualities did they have?


This is a risky one, but if you know what you’re doing then it will snap knicker elastic. She’ll literally tell you what was amazing about the person that sticks out in her mind and what she wants in a man.


Store this away, it’s useful.


Don’t talk about failed relationships, just the good points. And don’t turn into an approval seeking bitch by telling her: “That sounds just like me.”


If she’s really lost in the moment and you can see her eyes swimming, don’t get uncomfortable. She could even use this as a shit test. Keep your frame, show you’re not intimidated by this magical other guy and just smile and listen.


Then switch it on her totally.


When she’s really into the discussion, make a subtle, yet deliberate physical action.


Bring your hand to your leg, put your phone down, lean back in your chair, do something clear. Don’t cover your throat, scratch or do anything that looks like nerves, but make a confident, clear move. You can come back to this later.


Essentially you’ve just laid down an NLP anchor, a very subtle one. So later, when you’re trying to seal the deal, you can make this movement again, you’ll reignite those feelings and your odds just went up.


4. What are your guilty pleasures?


You might have to go first to make her open up. So get ready to admit to binge watching Family Guy, or eating peanut butter cups until you throw up while looking at cute cat videos on Youtube. Actually, don’t do that…


Mine is Family Guy and pretty abstract things like The Littlest Hobo, as well as vaping with an ecigarette and occasionally farting and giving it a score.


This is going to achieve a few things. It might get your bad habits out in the open and you might find out she’s trailer trash you just cannot handle. It will also show her that you don’t take yourself too seriously and, critically, you’re prepared to both defend yourself and call her out on her crazy shit.


DO NOT, under any circumstances, meekly go along with her if she criticizes you. Stand up for yourself and your weird eccentricities. Be funny, but don’t back down. Conversely, when she tells you her weird habits then unless you can really get into the conversation and take it to another level then don’t say: “Yeah I like that too.”


Call her out, it’s the ideal chance. Keep it lighthearted, but don’t give her the easiest ride.


And if she doesn’t come up with anything interesting, call her out on that too. Don’t be afraid to tell her she’s full of shit and she’s holding back.


5. What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?


Ask this and just sit back and watch the hormones fly. You’re literally taking an emotional being back to the time when her emotions were absolutely at their peak.


You just boosted your chances of getting laid about 1000% and you can also lay down another NLP anchor when she’s at the top of her story. Pull it out the bag later on, when you’re escalating and about to go for the kiss. She can so easily mistake her own mental programming for ‘tingles’. Job done…


6. What are you most proud of in your life?


First, this will reveal if she has pride, if she’s conceited, if she’s actually achieved anything and if she has her priorities straight. If she’s proud of her 1st place in the local beauty pageant 10 years ago, you should walk.


If she’s proud of working with the less fortunate, or graduating college and holding a job at the same time, or getting a promotion at work that she had to work for, she might be a keeper.


You’re showing you have an interest in real things that matter to her, and just remember this question will probably come back at you, so have something ready.


7. Let’s say we could go to the airport right now and leave for anywhere in the world, where would you want to wake up tomorrow?


It allows her to get lost in the magical fairytale of running away together with the prince she’s just met. Listen to where she takes you, embellish her vision with an infinity pool, a magical cave, cocktails or a hot air balloon.


Show her you’re invested in the vision, but that’s all it is. Don’t offer to go home and get your passport, that’s taking it too far, but let her get lost in the dream.


It naturally leads into a conversation about travel, all the places you’d like to see and the experiences you want to go and do.


If you haven’t already, this is a good time to escalate the physical contact, too. Especially if she’s showing the signs that she’s into you.


8. Is there any crazy thing you want to do, but haven’t?


It might be bungee jumping, diving with sharks, learning to ride a motorbike or it might be something much more sedate. One, it will tell you her limits and fears, and if you’ve done things that scare her then you automatically go up a few notches in her estimation.


Enjoy the moment, tell her about the emotions coarsing through your veins, tell her about the raw adrenaline and capture her mind. Watch for the signs that her interest is growing. If you’re telling your story right then it will.


Don’t promise to take her and do these things by the way. That takes away any element of dread as you’ve already promised her a second, third or seventh date. Strangely, that could hurt her attraction. So just leave it open ended. If she asks if you’ll take her, just say: “Let’s see.”


9. What’s the most fun thing you’ve ever done?


You’ll learn a lot about her, she’ll open up to you and again you’re stirring up the right kind of emotions. Lean in, be conspiratorial, let her say that she can’t believe she’s telling you this, but…


Listen, smile, escalate and be ready with a fun story of your own. If you can conjure up something with a sexual element, as long as it doesn’t cross the line to pure crass, then it’s good. Again, watch her reaction, if you can see the subtle signs she likes you then it’s time to fire off the second NLP anchor and move in for the kiss.


10. Do you have a special skill that would shock or surprise me?


Watch her eyes when you ask. If there’s a mischievous flash then she has something, but you might have to press her for it. If she puts up faux resistance, push through it and get the answer.


If it’s something sexual, then she’s both a slut and in the bag. Take advantage and take her home. Just don’t plan anything long-term, she’s not that kind of girl..


If it isn’t, it’s still a great way to get her to open up and get her talking again.


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