Quick Test To See If She Is Into You

May 10, 2018 By Nick

Quick Test To See If She Is Into You

Attraction is pretty much instantaneous in most cases, so when you approach a girl in a bar then there’s a real simple way to see if she’s interested. Just ask her name and don’t tell her yours.


It might sound crazy, but if you’ve set off even a whiff of a tingle in her lady parts then she’ll show interest. Acting mildly aloof, as in not giving her your name, address and social security number, will stimulate that more.
Now there’s a caveat here, as some girls will go through the motions just to be polite and in social settings, daytime events and normal circles then you just can’t rely on it.


This is a negative attraction test

So this is more of a negative test for a bar, as in if she doesn’t ask you your name then you might as well bin this one right now and don’t waste any more time and certainly any money on a girl that really isn’t interested.


You should never buy her a drink anyway, that’s the first of many shit tests that we’ll talk about shortly. But if you’re out for the night and you want to have some fun then you really don’t have time trying to warm up a girl that just isn’t into you.


A girl that doesn’t give enough of a shit to ask your name will probably be exhibiting other defensive behavior, too, so learn to look at the big picture and read all the signs.


This attraction test is the first rung on the ladder

If she does ask your name, then this is just step one, she’s worth investing a couple of minutes in to see if she exhibits more Indicators of Interest. If you’re not sure what those are, then check out my 11 subtle signs she likes you and memorize them.


But learn to spot the signs and pull the ripcord on a girl that just isn’t into you. It’s one of the unwritten rules of game, the ones that people don’t want to tell you because it might make you think that they can’t pull any girl in any city in any country.


Nobody can and believing that you have to convert an ice queen is only going to damage your confidence. Sometimes it just isn’t going to work, and removing yourself from that situation as soon as humanly possible means you’re more likely to meet someone who actually wants to bump uglies with you.


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