Sarah Jeong: The ‘Right Kind’ of Racism

August 2, 2018 By Nick

Sarah Jeong: The ‘Right Kind’ of Racism

I learned something today.


It’s OK to be a racist.


Better than OK, in fact.


You can get promoted to the NY Times Editorial Board and be a complete proven racist, provided it’s the ‘right kind’ of racism.


Sarah Jeong is the hardcore SJW-type and a confirmed Leftist, which is all fine as long as they don’t bother anyone.


The thing is, Sarah has just taken a rather influential position on the editorial board of the New York Times and you’d like to think she’d be held to a pretty high standard.


Not so.


As her appointment to the flagging NYT was announced, a series of disturbing Tweets came to light. Sarah, it seems, hates white people.


Now we can’t honestly do justice to this bitch’s vitriol, so we’ll just print them here. Obviously she has cleaned up her Twitter, but the internet never forgets Sarah…



Sarah Jeong is a racist bitch


So, someone who will guide the NY Times editorial board is pretty convinced you can’t credit white people with inventing stuff, apart from probably the computer and smartphone she shares her dumbass ideas on.


She also believes that white people should grovel in caves like goblins. There are more, too, including white people smell like dogs. And graphs that show the whiterr people get, the bigger the ‘awful’ factor.


But she’s Asian, and she once had pink hair, and she tells everyone she’s progressive. So I guess that’s fine then. Really, she once had full ‘Can I see the manager?’ hair.


NY Times Claim She Was Fighting Harassment. No…


In a bid to control the damage, the NY Times today revealed they knew all about the Tweets and that of course Sarah was just defending herself against bigots that were arguing in bad faith.


Better, she was copying their style in some kind of performance art piece…


No. Just no.


Sarah Jeong’s Tweets Are Racist


These are standalone Tweets, by a racist. They’re not responses, they don’t even fit a discussion. They’re just spiteful bitch comments from, well, a spiteful bitch.


If you put any other race in those Tweets, she would have been kicked so hard out the door that she wouldn’t have landed yet. But I guess this is the ‘right kind of racism’.


She’s claiming to be the victim, which of course is the way of modern woman. Apparently she was attacked , so she responded ironically, many times. Then she came up with totally new ideas, drew graphs and took a picture. It was all a joke apparently.


No again.


It reminds me of sexist bitch Emily McCombs, who is still a Deputy Editor at Huffington Post after sharing that wankstain of a hashtag #killallmen. But of course, just a joke and why are we so threatened?


SJW Culture is Inconsistent


We’re threatened and we’re fighting because if PC culture didn’t have double standards, it wouldn’t have any standards at all.


We want one set of rules, consistent rules that apply to everybody.


And we know, for a fact, that if some old guy had said women are a bit shit, or that Asian girls can’t drive, it could be that basic, they would be out of a job.


Don’t believe me? TV debates took place after a 70-year-old scientist said women in the lab are a distraction. Milo crushed it by the way.


Time To Fight Dirty With The Left?


But Sarah Jeong feels free to be a total bitch on Twitter, with the full backing of her bosses.


Maybe it’s time for the right to fight Leftist style, and take this to the NY Times advertisers?


#boycottNYTimes might get their attention.




Your right era was not being trolled nor were her tweets being thrown back at somebody that said something mean to her. You hit the nail right on the head. Sarah is simply a racist bigot.

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