Save Your Small Change And Set A Big Goal

May 29, 2018 By Nick

Save Your Small Change And Set A Big Goal

Cents can stack up into dollars before you know it.


So if you’re one of those people that doesn’t save your small change then prepare to learn how much you could be losing.


I used to put everything, up to and including the biggest coins, into my savings, which was just a massive jug.


I would just throw coins in and forget them, but there’s a more scientific method available now.


This giant moneybox counts the coins as they go in, which should give you even more motivation to keep your coins heading into the box.


It’s a powerful way to instil a saver’s mindset and it’s less than $10.




Of course, you can go old school and just get a decent looking vase, then throw all your coins in there.


Start Out With A Goal


Find the price of a trip you always wanted to take.


Eye up that latest piece of tech.


Do whatever it takes to get you sweaty.


Then start saving.


Are you trying to quit smoking?


Put the money you would spend on cigarettes in the box before you leave the house.


If you buy a cake every day, then do the same.


Make it a ritual.


See how much you’re saving each and every day and keep your motivation going.


I used to save almost $1000 a year without trying too hard and it was always enough to pay for something really cool when the time came.


Stop Wasting Money, Start Saving It


For me, this was the money I would waste on small and pointless things. It was the money that I could dip into if I needed a train fare, but it was also the pile of money that inevitably I would have wasted.


You’re basically catching the drops of your financial life and dropping them into a reservoir that slowly grows with time.


It will make a big difference to you and it shows the power of saving.


It’s a small, visual way to help focus your brain on saving, rather than spending.


And it’s a small step you can put in place right now that will definitely have a positive impact and help you change your relationship with money.


And it works.


So you’ll get the short term gain of a small-time savings fund and the long-term gains of a change of mindset.


If you can start to stash the cents away now, then hopefully you can do the same with dollars later.


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