Sharpen Your Image With Second Hand Suits

May 29, 2018 By Nick

Sharpen Your Image With Second Hand Suits

Every man should own a quality suit for business meetings, job interviews or a date. But there’s a fashion secret that I picked up by accident: nobody knows if you’re the first to own it. So you can really sharpen your image with a second-hand suit that costs way less than $100, as long as you buy wisely on eBay.


If you’ve got that kind of budget then you can have cheap polyester from the store or pure wool from one of the world’s finest brands. Of course, I know, there’s something icky about second hand clothes. But get over it.


You can buy cheap designer suits online


Designer suits are different. They can sit in a wardrobe, basically unworn, while the owner slowly grows out of them. So that means there are vast numbers of Canali, Brioni, Cerruti, Ermenegildo Zegna, Yves Saint Laurent suits and more that need a good home. If you’re prepared to buy designer suits online, the bargains are frankly insane.


Not buying this? Have a look for yourself…


A great suit will boost your confidence


A good suit will make you look and feel different. Women will stroke the cloth and comment on how good you look and men that know about these things will make a mental note that you dress sharp. It really makes a difference and a well cut and tailored suit will really boost your confidence. Perversely, it’s even more satisfying when you know it cost you pennies on the dollar.


There are probably millions of designer suits for men in this world that have only seen the light of day a handful of times, they depreciate harder than a new car and you can fill your wardrobe with a collection of the world’s finest suits for the price of a cheap and nasty effort.


Get the right deal and you can literally get a perfect designer suit for less than $25. At least, I did…



Cheap suits just don’t fit


I found out how to buy suits online when I had to rebuild after a business failure. I came back to England and needed to rebuild, so I needed a suit to go for interviews and client meetings. The obvious solution was to spend the bare minimum $200, but cheap suits are the worst.


So I got creative, looked to buy suits online and was pretty much blown away by what I found. eBay might just be the world’s biggest designer suit sale outlet.


I put in a cheeky bid on what looked like a brand new Ted Baker suit and, for whatever reason, nobody outbid me. It was mine, for the insane price of £17 ($25). You can’t even get a decent belt for that and the retail on the suit was about 20 times more than I paid. So I really didn’t expect too much from my cheap designer suit online purchase.


It was perfect. I took it to be cleaned and pressed and it came back looking immaculate. I felt great in that suit and walked into client meetings feeling an inch taller.

Buying cheap suits online can get addictive


Of course, at that price, I was going to buy more. It can turn into a minor addiction and I love finding weird and offbeat bargains. I got a Mohair-blend evening suit from a traditional Saville Row tailor for £32 ($40) that retails for more than $900, a Paul Smith suit for (£26) $32 and a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent grey business suit that cost me the grand total of £19 ($27).


I would model them all for you, but I didn’t bring suits with me on my travels to the Caribbean and I think that was a wise choice. When I come back to the real world, they’ll be waiting for me, and so will eBay.


Search tips for finding designer suits at the right price


Along the way I’ve found a couple of ways to shortcut the search process, which can help you find a great suit for the right price.


Sometimes I’ll search on brand. But my favorite search is simply Merino Wool, which is generally considered the best wool you can find. Other times I’ll look for Cashmere blend suits or specific thread types, like 120S, 140S and more.


Have a look here:



I’ll never buy a new suit again


Now, even though my circumstances have improved and I’m not flat broke anymore, I couldn’t imagine buying new. I would always just let someone else take the hit and pick up a designer suit cheap. I just get better suits.


You won’t get a good Brioni for $100, for instance. But then these are suits that can cost up to $10,000. You’ll get them for hundreds, rather than thousands, and it’s fair to assume that someone who spent 10K on a suit has a few in his closet and didn’t wear it to the office every day. This is not thrift store stuff.


But I can have 10 suits for the price of one this way and that means I can give myself options. A decent selection of suits makes you look like a baller, too, and nobody needs to know how much they actually cost. Let the first owner spend the money.


Of course, nothing is perfect and I did run into some issues along the way. That helped me come up with some basic rules for buying cheap suits online:


1. Never buy HUGO BOSS or Armani.

There are way too many fakes. Look for lesser known brands and center your search around the materials.


2. It’s safer to buy from a big dealer with lots of feedback.

You might pay a little more, but you’ll probably have an easier time of it. Save buying from individuals for super cheap punts where you can take the loss with a smile if it doesn’t work out.


3. Read their returns policy

Also, check the feedback for how they deal with returns. Some suits turn out to be duds or fakes and you’re totally within your rights to send them back. You will get stung for the postage fees, but in the grand scheme of things that’s a small price to pay.


4. Go out in the real world and try a few suits first.

First, it means you have your size right. It also means you know what 120S Merino Wool feels like. If you’re looking to bid on a specific brand then go to a local store and check how the lining, stitching and label actually look like on a retail item. Then when your suit arrives, you’ll instinctively know if you’re looking at the real deal.


5. Sign up for Auction Sniper or another last second bidding service.

With these services, you can just name your price and walk away from the auction. It will bid for you in the last few seconds, up to your maximum. At that point, forget it. Don’t develop some weird emotional attachment that could get you sucked into a last minute bidding war. Just bid and leave it.


Chances are you won’t win if you’re lowballing, but sometimes you will. So be prepared to lose more often than you win. If you really, really want a specific suit, then bid high and hope you get it at sensible money. Auction Sniper will put in the lowest possible bid to win the item, so you still might get it cheap.


6. Even if you don’t love the suit, sometimes the jacket can work.

Some suits simply don’t hang well on you or you won’t like it for some obscure reason. If it’s an expensive suit it can be worth having it altered. Or you might find the jacket pairs well with jeans for a smart casual look and you can wear the trousers separately. If you got it cheap enough, that’s fine too.


7. Read about the condition carefully.

Reputable dealers will tell you the details. A small repair, professionally done, is no big deal, but get a feel for the condition reports and the sellers before you start bidding.


8. If it looks worn out, walk away.

A tired Brioni won’t look much better than a cheap suit from your local store. So if you see signs of wear and tear in pictures, then pass. Another suit will be along soon and you don’t need to rush in to a purchase.


9. Don’t obsess over specific brands

If you do need to buy a suit fast for a wedding, or even a funeral, then lose your emotional attachment to a specific brand and get the best one that’s available. The label should be a distant second. Also, some of the best suits I have owned have been obscure brands. Go for the materials and the look and you won’t go too far wrong.


Keep these rules in mind and eBay is an awesome place to pick up cheap designer suits online. So if you need to revamp your wardrobe, but you always thought that suits were an expensive purchase, then get bidding and prepare to be amazed.


And if you really want to boost your image, pair your new suits with a vintage watch that will really raise your sartorial game. Have a look here for a selection of watches under $500 that will make a real impact.


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