Should You Quit Your Job And Travel The World?

May 29, 2018 By Nick

Should You Quit Your Job And Travel The World?

So many people, including me, have quit their job and set off to travel the world.


It sounds pretty awesome, right? It is, yes.


I live in the Dominican Republic, because I had never been on holiday to the Caribbean before and I wanted to try something new.


I haven’t regretted it for a single second.


My Life As a Digital Nomad Is Awesome


There is a perfect beach two minutes’ walk away from my apartment, the town is full of Dominican and Haitian girls that want a gringo and it makes my old life look like a joke.


I can eat well for $4 a day and not cook a single thing. There’s a guy who cuts a plate of fresh fruit for less than $1 and I gorge on pineapple and mango for breakfast before heading to join friends for a coffee.


If it’s the weekend, I can head to the beach, go out for a drink and get a girl that would be seriously hard work back home.



Your Dreams Might Be Different


You don’t need to follow my path. I know digital nomads in Bali, the Ukraine, the depths of the Amazon. I have internet friends that live on islands that barely register on the map. I had to Google the places to know they exist.


Some people blaze through places like nervous houseflies, spending a few days at a time. Others, like me, prefer slow nomadding. I’ve been here almost a year and I’m in no rush to leave.


And that’s cool too.


It’s your story, not mine.

Hate Your Life? Change It!


So, if you’re getting up with a sense of dread every single day and you plain hate your life, then really you might want to do it.


You might be right for this. You might be ready to quit your job and travel the world. Or go and live off-grid and make shit from wood. Who knows?


Not everybody has to travel thousands of miles to find their dreams.

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But if your life isn’t making you happy.  If even the idea of ‘success’ doesn’t light a fire under your soul, then you’re chasing the wrong dreams right now and you need to do something about that.


Now I didn’t expect to stay in Sosua for so long and I’ve still got eyes on Colombia, Brazil and other South American playgrounds like Lima, Havana and more.


But then this is one of the cheapest places in the world to live. That has given me freedom.



I Got Off The Hamster Wheel


I don’t spend my whole life on a hamster wheel anymore. I don’t spend every hour chasing paid work because I need to cover the bills that were three times as high back in England.


You really can live on less than $20 a day here, including rent.


That has given me the most precious thing of all: time.


It gave me time to sit and think about this site, the direction I wanted to take it. It gave me time to experiment and learn, free from the consequence of going broke.


A Ring of Niche Websites Is The Result


It meant I could start up the sister site, Boy’s Toys, and several other niche sites besides that that I’ll introduce you to shortly.


Right now I have got four niche sites, all in the embryonic stages, and I’m building the perfect formula, through my own education.


Well, that and trial and error.


It’s one of the most enjoyable, satisfying things I’ve ever done.


I’m building something from the ground up.


It isn’t perfect, I’m learning as I go and I’m acquiring skills that have made my life 100% richer already.


This just couldn’t have happened any other way. And, as a byproduct, I get to live in paradise.



I Live In A Holiday Resort


Seriously, people sit in a soul crushing cubicle five days a week for the privilege of spending two weeks in the town I live in.


Yes I live in an apartment I wouldn’t have considered back home. Yes I had to sacrifice a car, but this town is tiny and I really don’t need one.


I stripped life back to the basics and I’ve never been happier. I’ve got a snorkel and flippers under my bed, a great internet connection, American TV, a bathroom and a kitchen.


If you have $10 in your pocket then you’re rich by local standards and white skin sends your SMV through the roof. Every girl here wants money, but every girl here wants me.


It’s pretty freaking perfect.


But back the point.


Are You Running Just To Stand Still?


If you are swimming like crazy just to keep your head above water, then you might want to consider your life.


If you don’t love your job and the money just isn’t enough reward for dragging yourself out of bed every day, then you might want a complete change of direction.


You could be the ideal candidate to just say ‘fuck it’ and go somewhere new.


How To Work Online


Of course, you’re going to need a way to pay for it, but most people could work online these days and make enough to survive.


We’re going to show you a lot of ways to make money online and you should sign up if you want a change of pace, because really the whole point of the site is self-improvement and living life on your terms.


Since I left England, so many people have told me I’m living the dream.


I’m starting to realise that’s true. And I want to show you how to do it too.


How To Live The Dream


If you’re wondering how to be a digital nomad, then I can help.


So, if you’ve stuck with this kinda rambling post this long then you’re at least curious.


Hand over your email, let’s keep in touch and I’m going to give you a blueprint for how to quit your job and travel the world.



You Want Cheap, Gorgeous And Fun


I’m going to show you what you want to know too. You don’t know it yet, but you want to know where is cheap, where is beautiful and where the girls are super easy.


There are plenty of these places in the world and it’s going to be a bigger part of the site.


If it really takes off, I’m going to try and visit most of them and recce them on your behalf.


Tough life eh?


Join me on this adventure, and it could just as easily be yours.




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