Sosua: Live Well On $20 A Day

May 28, 2018 By Nick

Sosua: Live Well On $20 A Day

It wasn’t my plan to stay this long. I wanted to chill out at the beach, get my head straight after a tough time in life, learn some basic Spanish and then head into South America.


But Sosua is life on easy mode and I’m struggling to think of a place I would rather be.


This is one of the cheapest, civilized places in the world to live. Yeah, civilized is up for debate, but this is a place with internet, good food, hospitals and the best beaches you’ll see.


Where Can You Live on $20 A Day?


And you can live here for about $20 a day if you really need to.


Yes, you can do that elsewhere. But you don’t have to follow the herd and live in Chiang Mai. There are so many other places you can live for the same money and Asia just doesn’t do it for me.


So, after months of messing round with maps, Airbnb and Skyscanner, I realized that the Dominican Republic is one of the cheapest places on Earth to live.


People are seriously living on $1000 a month here. So it’s perfect for:


  1. Divorced men looking to make their pension stretch.
  2. Anybody who likes a minimalist life.
  3. A Widower who wants to have some fun in the twilight years.
  4. MGTOW who work online and aren’t looking for a relationship.
  5. Online workers who want a cheap place to live while they establish themselves.
  6. Internet entrepreneurs who want to keep the costs down and avoid having to take on other work while they focus purely on their business.


My apartment is $10 a day, including water, WiFi and electric. It isn’t the Ritz and I could spend more, easily, but why?


I Started In A Hotel


I actually moved down in the world, from a three-star hotel to a pretty standard apartment with a cold shower. But it does have awesome internet and a massive TV I can watch in bed.


Still, if you are looking to move, then don’t screw around with accommodation. Airbnb is a awesome way to start, especially as you get massive discounts when you book for a month.



So take some of the pressure off, book a month and then look around while you’re there. It means you’re not chasing dead ends and you can actually just walk around and get your bearings without needing to find a place right away..


I will even help you. Here’s a voucher for $40 off your first stay with Airbnb. Just sign up here to secure your discount and you have a year to use it!


You can spend more than $10 a night. You probably will. But the basic cost of living in Sosua is about $20, including a perfectly acceptable apartment, food and drinks.


A car would be an inconvenience. You can walk anywhere you need to go and there’s a constant minibus service to Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo.



Paradise is 200 Meters Away


The beach is 200 meters from my house and the coffee shop I work at is 200 meters the other way. This is the easiest life you can imagine and there is a lot to be said for keeping it simple.


I can go out for food for $3, if I want to eat rice and beans like a Dominican. Normally, these days, I do.


You can get fresh fruit from the side of the road, for $1 a plate. A coffee costs $1 and I can get blasted drunk on Rum and Coke for less than $10.


There’s a big expat community, so there’s always someone to talk to. These are largely single-serving friends, but there are a few that you can actually trust.


Then there are the girls.


Yeah, Sosua is different. At any time of the day you can go out and meet a local girl, and take her home, for 1500 Pesos ($30). You can lowball them for 1000 pesos, especially around breakfast time, but rest assured that if you stick around for a while then the girls have a spreadsheet on you.


They know if you’re cheaping out on them, which is probably all the justification they need to steal something. Don’t think that has to be money. It can be your sunglasses, your fancy toiletries. Really, they’ll steal toothpaste if that’s all there is.


But the girls are still kind of an awesome addition to the town. Yes, you get over the novelty factor and you stop doing it every other day in the end. But it’s kind of nice to know you can get laid on demand.


You can even meet them before you get here. Sign up free for Dominican Cupid and see who could be waiting for you!



That’s what makes Sosua one of the best destinations for a single guy vacation. If you want to get sex abroad, then yeah this place was set up for you and you can go back home and get on with your shit for a few months before booking your next sex vacation.


Or you can move here to one of the sex capitals of the world…


This Is Life On Easy Mode For Men


You can also have a harem, tell a regular girl that you want something different and she needs to wait for a week and more. It’s really a buyer’s market and unless you willfully hand over the reins, you’re totally in control of your own life out here.


The girls will boost the budget you need and guys get into real expensive trouble when they think they’re in a relationship out here. These girls are looking for a way in, not just $30. If they think you’re lonely, you’re easy pickings.


So give up on all idea of a relationship and Sosua might be one of the best places on Earth to live.


It is for me. It’s life on easy mode and although I know I want to see more of South America, it’s easy to slip into a routine here.



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