The Pence Rule Is Good Business

June 2, 2018 By Nick

The Pence Rule Is Good Business

I’m seeing a lot of whaling and gnashing of teeth from the likes of Arianna Huffington, complaining that #metoo seems to have turned men off women.


Who’d have thunk it huh?


Now men are about three times less comfortable when they’re alone with a female employee and the gender war has been ramped up to the point that men are openly discussing bodycams at work as the only way to insure totally against a false accusation.


Suddenly the Pence Rule, once a symbol of an outdated code of ethics, looks like a lifesaver.


The Pence Rule is simple. Vice President Mike Pence does not dine with a woman other than his wife and won’t attend functions with alcohol without her by his side. Men in the modern workplace have taken it one step further and don’t even want to be in a closed room with a woman.


That’s how tense it has got and it was pretty much the inevitable conclusion of the celebration of victimhood that was #metoo.


It has just driven a wedge between the genders and decent men have finally come round to the fact that the price of pussy just got too high. All the games, all the money and all the time we could live with, but now we’re being ruined after the fact as well.


Sexual misconduct seems to cover everything, including breathing the wrong way, and once that accusation is out there then things might never be the same again.


So men have retreated to a safe distance, much as we would with a snake that could bite us. Women are finding the doors closed in their face, some companies don’t even want to hire women at all and others are splitting up into smaller concerns to get round quotas.


Meanwhile, sales of sex dolls and sex tourism trips are through the roof as men finally throw in the towel with American women, British women and some Australians. We’re going to get our rocks off overseas instead now, in places where they’ve never heard of feminism.


In a few years, when the sex dolls are walking, talking and doing that thing you like, they will take over and we can finally stop pretending to be interested.


But right now, Huffington is squawking about mentoring women, like there’s any benefit in that. There is risk, but no reward, and that equation got thrown right of whack by the whole #metoo movement.


So yeah, that’s the backlash of that Twitter crusade. Men have simple gone their own way in record numbers and turned their back on the whole shit show that is the modern gender war.


But if you’re in corporate America, then the Pence Rule, or the closest you can come to it, is just good business.


If you’re single, then swerve as many of the social functions as you can without impacting your career. Do the minimum, but don’t put yourself in a weird place, don’t drink and leave early. Be the ghost at the Christmas Party…


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