What Dominican Hookers Taught Me About Dating

May 30, 2018 By Nick

What Dominican Hookers Taught Me About Dating

A while ago, I hit the road in search of a total life reboot. My first location, Sosua in the Dominican Republic, was actually an inspired choice.

Well, it must have been. I’m still here almost two years later…


Of course, any red-blooded male with a passport knows that Sosua is a whore town. But that looked like a pretty sweet deal to me as I left the cold climes of England for a Caribbean paradise where girls would drop their knickers for the price of a steak and then I could get on with my life. It’s a no compromise world, but only with a rock solid frame.


That’s because the modern Dominican or Haitian hooker is pretty much the distilled essence of the worst kinds of girl you’ll meet on the dating scene in Los Angeles or London.


Of course they look better


Yes they’re wrapped in a much better package and you can find some stunning looking girls here that will give you a mind-blowing night. But they are in it purely for the money and they’re looking for much more than a quick payout. They’re trying to get their hooks in to milk your wallet. Lose sight of that for one second and you’ll be fucked in a whole different way.


Latin America, especially the Dominican Republic, is a serious Papi society. It’s pretty much a given that an early 20s girl will have an older man or a husband to look after the bills, provide the home for someone else’s kids and provide that much needed security. He’ll get what he wants in return, but he might have to turn a blind eye to a series of ‘friends’.


Their fantasy man is a wealthy, insecure old beta that would give his kingdom for a ride.  He’d come to the Dominican twice a year, they’d fuck him just enough to keep him interested and he’d pay for an apartment that they’d use as a knocking shop and send them money every time they had a fictional medical problem. It sounds absurd, but it happens. That’s the lottery ticket for these girls.

She’s an entitled princess


She wants to be kept, to be swept out of her life like a Princess. It’s an infantilized, Disney-style dream where they get treated like royalty and they get to behave exactly as they please. It’s basically entitled Princess syndrome, the flakey chick phenomenon, or the true spirit of Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s a sociopathic approach to love that dooms it to fail, because only a guy they could never respect would go along with it.


Sounds pretty much like a post wall, cock carousel veteran settling for a poor beta after she’s been left wilting in a New York bar once too often doesn’t it? It pretty much is, the only big difference is the Dominican girls are on that mission from their teens. The wall comes faster and hits harder in these parts.


The game runs on fast forward


Because there’s another girl round every corner and tourists don’t tend to stick around long, they have to put the whole female game into fast forward as well. They can’t play the truly intricate long game, they simply don’t have time to foster the level of emotional dependence they need to pull this shit on an even semi well-adjusted person and they have to bust their moves quick.


That’s why I’ve had two girls try to move in after one night of fun, both of whom found themselves blocked. Others have declared undying love, tried to wife themselves off to me by calling me their boyfriend and other quaint, kinda painful, tactics. It’s easy to just write it all off as ‘bitches be crazy’, but it’s more than that. Anybody that wants to figure out women could learn a lot from these girls.


Probably the most entertaining was the one who ‘caught me cheating’ when she saw me in the street with another girl. She lost her shit and threatened to stab me but, when she caught me, she was on her way to work as a hooker…


You cannot make this stuff up.


I’ve seen this stuff before, but never so condensed


It’s all the same tricks and rituals in the developed world. It’s the push and pull, the subtle shit tests to see if you’re into her and then trying to make you prove it with presents and long term commitments. Then, when they think they’ve got you, the manipulation flows thick and fast.


But it’s months crammed into the space of weeks or even days. It’s so beautifully transparent and it’s like zooming out and seeing the normal dating process from afar. It has taught me so much and strengthened both my frame and my game.


I just don’t fall for it, but then it’s a game they have to play with me too. I’m not a good host to feed on, I won’t be wifed up, so they need to filter me out fast. They have limited time and they need move on to weaker prey who will leap at the chance to have a young, exotic Latina prancing half naked round their house and asking for new clothes every week.


In essence, we’re not on the same side. We’re in this for totally different reasons. We both know it and at some point in this ridiculous dance we pretty much share a glance that says we can both see each other’s working. That is the cue for us to go our separate ways.


And then she makes a space, and the next one slots in, and the whole dance begins again.


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