What Is Your SMV?

May 29, 2018 By Nick

What Is Your SMV?


You’ll hear about SMV all the time on the PUA and game sites and it’s one of the cornerstones of getting laid.


But a lot of sites are just spouting the same old shit and a lot of it is just wrong.


So, what is SMV?


Plain and simple, it’s your Sexual Market Value. It’s a combination of your looks, your height, your wealth, your genetics, your potential, your attitude and your class.


They all count, but lots of one can overcome a lack of the other. A short guy with money will find a way. A poor guy with confidence will still get laid too.


But the one thing that even the game community, which focuses its whole life on this shit, doesn’t get.


There are two types of SMV and you really should only focus on one of them for this particular equation.


There are guys that girls want to bang and guys that could be ‘relationship material.’


There is fun, and there is the provider.


Never set out to be the provider.


This goes against so much ingrained education. It’s the polar opposite of what our parents tried to teach us as children.


But it’s the modern sexual market, not theirs.


You don’t have to win a girl’s hand to get in her pants. In fact, it can count against you.


So do NOT, under any circumstances, start out by showing a girl what you can do for her. If anything, go the other way and tell her there’s nothing material for her.


Can the dinner dates. Don’t whisk them away to fancy hotels.


Cook at home. Keep it simple and she’ll fall into line.


Shower her with gifts and it can get weird, fast…


Providers Get Screwed, The  Wrong Way


If you cling steadfastly to that outdated belief that showing a girl you can and want to provide for her is the key to her heart then you’re going to get played like an old piano.


Even if you don’t, a girl judges a provider far more harshly than the fun guy who gives her the tingles.


The provider is the guy she’ll make wait. He’s the guy who will have to jump through all the hoops, go on the dinner dates and listen about her life.


A bad girl knows she can use a provider and dangle the pussy, just out of reach, and he’ll keep chasing like a donkey with a carrot on a stick, tied to its head.


Get into one of those situations and even a smart guy will get milked.


And not in a good way.


If you’re even here, reading this, you’ll probably cut that off before it gets out of hand.


But it’s still wasted time, effort and, somewhere deep down, a knock to your self-esteem.


They mount up.


Good Girls Test Providers


Even a good girl will keep the tests going until she’s sure. Any sign of weakness along the way, any screw up and you’ll end up in a friendzone prison of your own making.


The longer the game goes on, the more  chance  you have of  screwing up.  That’s just maths.


When you do, she will go off and bang Chad.


So, don’t sit at home bitching about Chad. Take lessons from him.


We’ll get in to the ways to raise your SMV in another post, but for now just focus on being fun and the best version of yourself you can be right now.


Some Simple Ways To Boost Your SMV


Don’t be the one that talks about relationships. Go the other way and just let them know you want to have fun.


Make the most of your appearance.


Get some new clothes if you need them.


Don’t leave the house looking like a slob and go join a gym.


Don’t focus on one girl. Adopt an abundance mentality and just move on if they’re hard work.


Ditch porn, just stop it. Hang around with you’re A-game friends, rather than losers who are comfortable with and start driving towards the best version of you.


You can fake SMV in the short-term, but the best way is to go out and become the man you want to present.


Then, don’t be the simp that tells a girl you want to grow old together.


Be the high SMV male that’s offering a ride on the carousel right now.


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