What Physical Traits Turn Women On?

May 31, 2018 By Nick

What Physical Traits Turn Women On?

If you want to get more girls, then science says you need to hit the gym, get some muscles, grow a beard, lower your voice and slow down your movement. You also need to practice your smile.


These are just a few of the physical attributes that women look for in a man, but it’s amazing how many of these you can actually control. You can’t just blame genetics, you weren’t dealt a shitty hand. You got this.


A recent study by Rice University and the University of Northern Texas turned up this information you can use as part of a wide-reaching study into attraction. A number of other studies have since confirmed the findings.


The results kind of confirm what we already know, apart from the beard thing.


So here are 8 traits that women find attractive, and why.


1. Stubble helps

Women might complain that your two-day stubble gives them a rash but, like so many other things that women complain about, they love it really.


The University of New South Wales surveyed 350 women. A massive majority opted for the stubble.


Now hipster beards work too. In fact, a UK study showed it’s the best way to go even though a beard can age you by 10 years. 82% of women think a beard makes you look more masculine. It basically proves you’ve got the testosterone to grow one, I guess.


I prefer to shave every few days when it starts to annoy me and I have noticed the power of a little stubble. Logically it doesn’t make sense, we can all grow a beard and some of us choose not to.


But logic and attraction don’t always go together. This is a primal thing and the sight of a beard can give women the tingles. So if you’re going for the crisp, clean look, then you might want to change your plan.


2. Deepen your voice

We all have a natural speaking voice, but you can change that. I had to and I’m still working on a nasal delivery, especially when I’m under stress, that just isn’t sexy.


If you’re a fast and high talker, then slow it down. Speak from your belly, focus on it. You won’t have to forever, it will become a natural thing.


Again a deep and masculine voice is a simple trigger for something deep and primal inside a girl, it will turn her on and she won’t know why. But you will.


3. Hit the gym, hard

Women dig muscles, yeah it’s really just that straightforward. If you’re looking for a reason why then go back to caveman times where a strong man could mean the difference between surviving and getting bludgeoned to death by a neighbouring tribe.


Apply some modern psychology to it and a healthy body shows discipline, drive and the ability to set goals and hit them. But this is really primal.


If you just thought the gym wasn’t for you then change your mind, right now. We all go through stages where we get out of the gym. I injured my arm and should have trained around it, but didn’t. Now it feels like starting again. Get momentum, build slowly and you’ll be amazed how much more you can do in a short time.


Don’t check your reflection, look at the extra weight and reps you’re doing. Mix it up, add a machine or free weights exercise every week. Don’t do what dumbass here did and overload yourself, but keep pushing and the results will come.


4. Move slowly

A man who moves in a fast, jerky fashion is just plain nervous. Even if you are, consciously slow down your reactions, your speech, everything. You instantly gained the appearance of a man at peace with himself. You look more centred, assured and women feel more comfortable around you and with you.


So even if you’re jelly on the inside, just slow down, everything will be fine.


5. Posture

You can hide a multitude of sins with the way you stand. You notice something here? Basically your looks matter, only retards claim they don’t. But really, women can be sucked in with swagger.


They pick up on the way you feel about yourself and you can overcome all kinds of genetic cruelty with a healthy dose of confidence.


Stand up straight, lift your head up strong and rule the place. Just be strong. Women love that.


6. A strong jawline

This is much more closely related to number three than you’d think. OK you can’t really change the shape of your face, but a thicker neck does wonders for your overall structure. Work the shoulders, hard, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.


Again, a strong jawline is a sign of virility, authority and strength. Apart from a strong neck you cannot fake this one, it is what it is.


7. Your smile

Practice your smile, yeah it sounds weird but if you think you’re giving them the Clooney and you’re actually flashing them with the needy and desperate look of a loser then surely it’s better to spot that in a mirror?


Your smile can change everything, so be honest with yourself and analyse yours. Practice it if you need to.


A perfect smile comes up a little more on one side and make it a little cheeky, like you know something they don’t and it amuses you. That can so easily go towards creepy, though, and only you can draw the actual line. So don’t feel stupid, practice.


8. Height

Yes, this one is going to take some pretty major surgery, or platform shoes. Girls love a tall guy because it’s a sign of strength, good genes and more.


There’s a chance you can protect her and your children will be strong. Really, it’s that fucking primal. So when a girl tells you she’s sophisticated and evolved, don’t believe her…


If you’re short, you’re just going to have to develop super strong game and self-belief to overcome it. But it’s a disadvantage, don’t kid yourself it isn’t.


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