Why Every Man Needs A Side Hustle

May 30, 2018 By Nick

Why Every Man Needs A Side Hustle

There’s pretty much one thing I agree with in the Uber advert and that’s when it says: “These days, everyone needs a side hustle.”


I really don’t think you should drive for Uber, is the only issue. The rates are constantly on the slide and as soon as autonomous cars come on stream then the whole thing is over. Uber really doesn’t want drivers, you’re a complication it could do without and it’s simply waiting for the robots to make you redundant.


So, if you’re driving for Uber, or thinking about it, then you should already be planning your next move. Hit every paying shift hard to stack paper and get ready for the next adventure. It’s a stepping stone, but it won’t be there forever.


A side gig represents hope


Every man should have a side gig, though, a completely separate side hustle that’s different to your day job or your main business. It should take you out of your comfort zone, it should force you to learn new skills and it should be a potential path to financial freedom that can liberate you from the 9-5 if it works out well.


It will give you hope and something to focus on, it will stretch you as a person and it will give you something to look forward to when the daily grind starts to hit your gears. A side hustle can keep you sane during the bad times, keep your drive intact and during the good times it will pay for the luxuries.


Single men have more time and idle hands make for the devil’s work, too, which is an olde world saying of fill your time with good shit, which can better yourself, or you’ll find yourself sliding towards bad shit.


There is no job security these days either, so another income stream could suddenly become your main gig if everything goes South.


Here’s the thing. If you try enough businesses, with the right level of commitment and the calm common sense to walk away and try something else if it just isn’t working, then one of them will work in the end.


This website is a side gig in action


This website is my side hustle, but I’ve got such great plans for it. I’m keeping the location independent day job alive and writing for clients, but Alpha Reboot is showing all the signs of becoming my main income stream and that is a wonderful feeling. If you like your job, then your side hustle can be the best insurance policy in the world. If you don’t, then one day it will give you the chance to walk out of there for the last time.


If you need more motivation, there are more fundamental issues at play.


What you do is up to you. You could buy and sell old cars, trade on eBay, make something in that epic workshop you have out back, use a 3D printer to design new products, dropship or you could start a blog like I did.


What businesses can you start with no capital?


I’ll be posting a selection of businesses you can start with no capital in the next couple of weeks and I’m going to try some of these ‘easy’ businesses and lay the figures bare. So sign up if you want to get inspired and get going.


The funny thing is that everybody has an idea for a side business, but if they think they have the time then there’s usually some other obstacle in the way. Normally it’s capital, which means you have to bootstrap another business to pay for your big idea.


It can also be a missing skillset and it can be something really specific. It can web design, book keeping or about a million other small stumbling blocks.


You can learn these things, easily, and you should. If that one thing is standing in your way this time, it will stand in the way of other businesses. You can outsource and sometimes that’s the most sensible thing to do, but if you have a zero budget then you’ve just got to get off your ass and learn some stuff.


What’s the best place to learn online?


Lynda.com used to be incredible, but Udemy.com is arguably better now that LinkedIn has bought Lynda. So whatever is standing in your way: Learn it, beat it and get over it.


I had to learn Photoshop, WordPress and more to make this site happen. I’m still suffering with SEO and Neil Patel is helping me through that. But the point is that nothing is unbeatable. Everything is just an obstacle and starting a side business, rather than dreaming about it, will help you find and overcome them.


So get your side hustle on. But if you want my advice, don’t make it driving for Uber.



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