Why I Don’t Call Myself MGTOW

May 24, 2018 By Nick

Why I Don’t Call Myself MGTOW

It’s a simple fact that most of my philosophies tie quite neatly in with Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and it would have been easy to steal the name and ride on the coat tails of a growing movement.


I spend time on the Reddit forum, I talk to other people who definitely do say they are MGTOW and we’re definitely on the same team.


So why didn’t I go the full www.mgtow4life.com route with the website?


I almost did, but I think MGTOW has the same problem as feminism. It has attracted enough total assholes that aren’t really in line with the basic idea to color the public’s perception. That’s not its fault. It’s the very nature of a growing cause, or sub-Reddit, or religion, or concept. You can’t control who supports you.


Just look at feminism…


The Basis of Feminism Was Fine Too


For instance, I think the basic foundations of feminism are great. We all do. Equality for women is absolutely grand, knock yourself out and we’ll support you 100%. But feminism isn’t about equality anymore. It’s about man-hating, #killallmen hashtags and fat, horrible bitches filling Tumblr blogs with female supremacy fantasies and rape accusations.


You can draw the same conclusions about MGTOW if you go looking and people do.


Pretty much everybody that has gone after MGTOW has fucked it up massively. They have lumped them in with Incels and normally go the shaming route of ‘you can’t get a girlfriend’.


That is bullshit. It’s lazy, it’s poorly thought out and it’s dumb.


The founding principles of Men Going Their Own Way are absolutely, 100% spot on. Marriage is a rigged game, modern woman has been broken by female privilege (yes, really) and you’d have to be a fucking idiot to marry someone else’s washed-up leftovers and pay for their child. The social contract was broken long ago and MGTOW is a reaction that makes perfect sense.


MGOW is Just A Choice


MGTOW is not a movement. It is not a cause. There will be no rallies or marches. It’s just a lifestyle choice. It’s a decision not to marry or commit to a woman that almost certainly won’t be worth the pain she inflicts both financially and emotionally as she gets your kids to call another man dad while simultaneously chasing your child support.


The modern system is shit, and MGTOW is the only real answer.


But just as feminism has attracted some of the worst women on this Earth, so MGTOW has drawn in some really weird people.


That’s why I cringe when I look at Reddit and see terms like ‘biocunt’ and some desperate loser responding to almost every thread with: “Ignore females, acquire currency.”


You have got to be some sort of weapons-grade autist to write that out and hit publish. And therein lies the problem. Just like feminism was invaded by awful people, MGTOW has some oddballs too.


Some MGTOW Are Very Wise Men


There are some great guys on that sub-Reddit. Some of them have seen and experienced the worst of modern woman and they know exactly what they’re talking about.


I like their commitment to themselves. I like they’re trying to better themselves just for their own entertainment and I love the fact they don’t want to get validation from women anymore.


Those guys are gold, and they’re really my target audience. I would love them to join me on this adventure.


If I could connect with them, life would be sweet. I think they’ve got some great tales to tell and I love some of the positivity and the journeys of self-discovery.


And Some Aren’t…


But just as I am disgusted by the most vocal feminists. Just as I believe these are just fucking terrible people that don’t deserve the time of day, then I have to be honest about the other side. In the face of feminism, we have to maintain logical consistency and integrity.


Some MGTOW men are just shitty people. They’re either so damaged by what they’ve been through that they just can’t relate or they’re really Incels in disguise. I suspect the latter.


That’s why I will use the term MGTOW and I love the founding principles, I basically am MGTOW, but I can never truly call myself one. I love the idea and some of the individuals, but I don’t like all of the crowd.


I’ll be a single man, that will do me…


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