Woman Crashes Rental Ferrari in Seconds

June 23, 2018 By Nick

Woman Crashes Rental Ferrari in Seconds

Now we’re not saying women cannot drive, that would be sexist and we just don’t do that here. What we will say, though, is that one woman in particular managed to smash this Ferrari 458 into oblivion within seconds of leaving the dealership.


We’re also smiling slightly to ourselves…



It happened in China and the car was a rental. As she drove out of the dealership, she proudly filmed herself saying: “This is an amazing feeling.”


And then it wasn’t.


I used to test high-powered sportscars for a living and the 458 Italia is a pussycat with so much traction control that a club-footed rhino should be able to drive it without any major issues. It is wet and it does look like she aquaplaned, but yeah this is still bad driving and a seriously expensive accident when you look how many cars and barriers get involved in this shit.


She smashed it straight through a barrier, ripped the front corner off a BMW X3 and then landed in a pile of expensive carbon-fiber shards in the middle of the road.


This was not a good day for that dealership and it really wasn’t an amazing feeling in the end.


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