You Have The Power To Change Your Life

May 31, 2018 By Nick

You Have The Power To Change Your Life


One of the best things you can do for your own future is to face the fact that where you are right now is down to you. Ditch the victim mentality, realise that you hold the reins and you’ll instantly start to grab your life by the scruff of the neck.


I wrote a similar post not so long back and I make no apology for coming back to this point. I’m going to do it again and again. Because grasping this point is so key to taking control of your life.


How to beat a victim mentality?


A victim mentality keeps you trapped. It keeps you small and it means you’re helpless. That’s an awful place to be and it means you just drift from one fuck up to the next. Owning your mistakes means you can push yourself towards more success. It also means you can own your successes and start to repeat them.


So if you’re one of those people that thinks everything is happening to you, you’re a victim of circumstance and you’re a slave to the constant problems that life, other people and pure luck send your way, it’s time to grow a pair.


Know that your decisions put you here


Your decisions are the reason you are where you are. It can be as simple as deciding not to work hard at school, it can be as advanced as deciding to marry the wrong woman. It can also be good stuff, but whether it’s good or bad it’s a result of a decision you made somewhere along the line.


Nobody makes bad decisions deliberately. So if you’re a lottery winner or a heroin addict than at some point, for whatever reason, you made a choice that felt right.


Where you are right now is the end result of all your decisions in life.


So are you happy with where you are right now?


Make better decisions and your life will change


If not, even if you are, you can make better decisions and get to a better place.


It’s really that simple to change your mindset and take the reins. Of course, now we’ve got to figure out where we want to go. That’s a much more complex equation, but stick with me and we’ll get there.



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